Osho Day : January 19


Osho left His body on 19th January, 1990. This day is celebrated as Osho Mahaparinirvana Day. The term “Mahaparinirvana” is derived from the Buddhist term “Nirvana”. Nirvana means enlightenment. Nirvana means a Buddha is in the body. He has attained to illumination, he has become a knower, but he is still in the body, the body of imperfection. He is still in the world of imperfect parts. Then when he leaves the body, when he simply disappears into the ultimate emptiness, it is MAHAPARINIRVANA. Now imperfection disappears, now there is no individuality, now he is whole.

Osho says, “One day, one golden day, you will disappear and only the buddha will remain in place of you. That will be the greatest height of your blossoming, the greatest golden moment of your thousands of lives. Beyond that is only the cosmos. First, become the buddha. This is called NIRVANA. Then take a jump into the cosmos, and disappear into the blue sky. This is called MAHAPARINIRVANA – the great enlightenment. The first is called Enlightenment, the second is called The Great Enlightenment. Then you are not, even the buddha is not. Only the existence is, with all its glory, with all its majesty, with all its flowers blossoming, its beauty, its truth, its divineness spread all over the cosmos. Then you will become one with the whole, not part of the whole. To become one with the whole is the only holiness.”

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