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227The Beginning of the Beginning
Talks given from 25/2/69 pm to 27/2/69 pm, Original in Hindi, 5 Chapters, Year Published : 1969
Content : Enchanted by the song of a bird singing happily on the branch of a tree, a king had it caught and kept in a cage. Even singing is wrong in the presence of wrong people. The poor bird could not have imagined that his song would get him behind bars! The bird that flew in abandon in the free skies and flitted from one branch to another as he wished, now found himself in a golden cage, inlaid with precious stones to one who has tasted the freedom of the skies? A cage is a cage, whether of gold or iron…
228Beware of Socialism
Talks given from 13/4/70 to 17/4/70, Original in Hindi, 5 Chapters, Year Published : 1978
Content : I would like to begin my talk today with an anecdote. In a great city, one day, the streets were crowded with tens of thousands of people. They were waiting with great expectation for the arrival of the king. A little later the royal procession came, and everybody in that huge crowd started talking admiringly about the king’s celestial garments. But strangely enough, the king was completely naked; he had not a shred of clothes on him…