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259202 (Jokes of Mulla Nasrudin)
Miscellaneous, 1 Chapters, Year Published : May 1974
Content : This is worth considering. It is significant. The first thing to understand is that except for man, no animal is capable of laughter. So laughter shows a very high peak in the evolution of life. If you go out on the street and see a buffalo laughing, you will be scared to death. And if you report it, then nobody will believe that it can happen. It is impossible. Why don’t animals laugh? Why can’t trees laugh?
260A Cup of Tea
Letters written from 1962 to 1971, Miscellaneous, 350 Chapters, Year Published : May 1983
Content : I received your letter. How lovingly you insist on my writing something, and here am I, drowned in a deep silence! I speak, I work, but I am steeped in emptiness within. There, there is no movement. Thus I seem to be living two lives at one time. What a drama! But perh’ all of life is a drama and becoming aware of this opens the door to a unique freedom…
261Books I Have Loved
Talks given from 1982, Miscellaneous, 16 Chapters
Content : But silence speaks in its own way, sings its own song of joy, of peace, of beauty and blessings; otherwise there would not have been a TAO TE CHING, nor would there have been a SERMON ON THE MOUNT. I consider these to be the real poetries although they are not compiled in any poetic way. They are outsiders. They are kept out. This is true in a way: they don’t belong to the norm, to the standard, they don’t belong to any measurements; they are beyond all of them, hence they are brushed over…
262Early Talks
Miscellaneous talks from the early days, Miscellaneous, 12 Chapters
Content : OSHO : As far as my mission in life is concerned, there is no such thing as my mission. Neither is there any my, nor is there any mission. I am not teaching something to others — there is no message to be given to the world. Messages are many, missions are enough — and there is no lack of missionaries, nor is there any lack of thoughts, ideologies, isms. On the contrary, the mind of the world is much too burdened with these things. To me it seems that if the mind of man can be unburdened, only then is there any possibility of living the truth, or of feeling life in its totality. Ideologies, thoughts, isms, missions, they all add to the burden of the mind…
Letters written from 1964 to 1965 and 1970/71, Miscellaneous, 2 Chapters

Content : Beloved Sohan, Choosing between truth and oneself, the one who chooses truth finds truth and his own being. And the one who chooses himself loses both. Man has to lose himself before he becomes the truth. No one moves into truth without I paying this price. One’s very existing is the barrier. One’s very self veils the truth…
264The Earthen Lamps
59 Letters written from 1967, Miscellaneous, 1 Chapters, Year Published : 1968

Content : I have heard a story. Thousands of years ago, a town with temples of gods got submerged in the sea. The bells of those drowned temples are still ringing. It is possible that the stroke of water makes them ring. Or, they keep ringing on account of the fish running here and there striking them. Be it as it may, the bells ring even today; and even today, their sweet music can be heard on the sea-shore…
265Silent Period
Talks given from the Silent Period of the Ranch, Miscellaneous, 7 Chapters
Content : Osho : There is not God, hence the question does not arise. “Bhagwan” does not mean God, it simply means “The Blessed One.” The very idea of God is non-democratic. Either everything is God or nothing is God…
266Glimpses of a Golden Childhood
Talks given from 1984, Miscellaneous, 51 Chapters, Year Published : 1985
Content : It is a beautiful morning. Again and again the sun rises and it is always new. It never grows old. Scientists say it is millions of years old; nonsense! Every day I see it. It is always new. Nothing is old. But scientists are grave-diggers, that’s why I say they look so grave, serious. This morning, again the miracle of existence. Each moment it is happening, but only very few, very, very few ever encounter it…
267The Great Challenge
Talks given from 1970 to 1971, Miscellaneous, 13 Chapters, Year Published : 1982

Content : The first thing to be remembered about meditation is that it is not something that can be done. Throughout the world people have the notion that meditation means doing something. It is not a doing, it is not an act, it is something that happens. It is not that YOU go to it; it comes to you and penetrates you. It destroys you in one way and recreates you in another. It is something so vital and so infinite that it cannot be a part of your doing…
268Lead Kindly Light
Some Enlightened Moments with Osho, Talks given from 1972, Miscellaneous, 1 Chapters, Year Published : 1972
Content : Words are impotent to express Truth. Truth can be expressed only in silence. The moment we enter silence, the mystery of Truth is revealed. Man’s misfortune is that he has forgotten to be silent; and therefore his entire relationship with Nature has been vitiated. Nature knows only the language of silence. He who knows not that language, ipso facto, loses touch with Nature. And mankind’s misery is due to man’s distance from nature…
269Meet Mulla Nasruddin
Selection of Mulla Nasruddin Jokes, Miscellaneous, 1 Chapters, Year Published : 1974

Content : “Do you love me, Mulla?” whispered the girl. “Of course I do,” Mulla Nasrudin whispered back. “Will you marry me then?” she asked. “LET’S NOT CHANGE THE SUBJECT?” said Nasrudin…
270Notes of a Madman
Talks given from 1984, Miscellaneous, 2 Chapters, Year Published : 1984
Content : Never act out of fear. Don’t be worried about my body, it is okay. Don’t listen to my body but to me. My body is always a little strange… it’s bound to be. Once you are aware, the body starts losing its grip over the consciousness. Once you are aware, you are no more of this world. That is why the awakened one dies and is not born again. He cannot be born, it is impossible. He cannot have another body. This is my last body…
271Seeds of Wisdom
Letters written from 1966 – 1969, Miscellaneous, 120 Chapters, Year Published : 1994
Content : I too am a farmer and I sowed some seeds. They sprouted and now flowers have come to them. My whole life is filled with the fragrance of these flowers and because of this fragrance now I am in a different world. This fragrance has given me a new birth, and now I am no longer that which is seen by ordinary eyes…
272Thus Spake Mulla Nasruddin
225 Mulla Nasruddin Stories That Never Happened, Miscellaneous, 225 Chapters, Year Published : 1972

Content : The mother told her little boy, Nasrudin, that if he stayed home and behaved himself, she would bring him something from the store. When she returned home, she asked him: “Well, were you a good little boy, Nasrudin?” “Oh,” said Nasrudin, “I was gooder than good. Why, I was so good I could hardly stand myself.”
273Thy Will Be Done
Talks given from 1970, Original in Hindi, 1 Chapters, Year Published : 1970

Content : LIVING IS LOVE when gladness glides in the deep lake of silence, warm breath of love hums an unheard song…
274Wisdom of Folly
Dedication given 21/7/71, Miscellaneous, 200 Chapters, Year Published : 1971

Content : A rich farmer had been trying desperately to marry off his daughters. One day he met Mulla Nasrudin. “I have several daughters,” the farmer told the Mulla. “I would like to see them comfortably fixed. And I will say this, they won’t go to their husbands without a little bit in the bank, either. The youngest one is twenty-three and she will take Rupees 25,000 with her. The next one is thirty-two, and she will take Rupees 50,000 with her. Another is forty-three and she will take Rupees 75,000 with her.”

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