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150Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind
Responses to Disciples Questions, Talks given from 01/01/78 am to 10/01/78 am, English Discourse series, 10 Chapters, Year Published : 1979
Content : In this powerful meeting between Osho, his disciples and other seekers, Osho speaks on parents and children, trust and surrender, love and jealousy, sex and pornography; play and creativity, desirelessness, enlightenment and belief in God.
151Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen
Zen Stories, Talks given from 05/03/80 am to 10/05/80 am, English Discourse series, 16 Chapters, Year Published : 1982
Content : In an especially lighthearted series of discourses Osho talks on the rare Zen master, Yoko, and explains why meditation is not just a daily discipline but a lifetime love-affair. He also answers questions from seekers on chaos, sex and spiritual awakening.
152When the Shoe Fits
Talks on the Stories of Chuang Tzu, Talks given from 11/10/74 am to 20/10/74 am, English Discourse series, 10 Chapters, Year Published : 1978
Content : Osho is unique amongst commentators in that he does not offer yet another intellectual treatise on principles, but rather relates the situations of a few thousand years ago to our situation here and now. His great affinity with Chuang Tzu is obvious as he talks on Zen as a religious system only in so far as it is a practical means by which we may understand the conditionings of the mind, and in so doing, transcend. And then the shoe will always fit!
153The White Lotus
Discourses on the Zen Master Bodhidharma, Talks given from 31/10/79 am to 10/11/79 am, English Discourse series, 11 Chapters, Year Published : 1981
Content : Bodhidharma, a disciple of Buddha, was the first patriarch of Zen. The notes collected by his disciples from Bodhidharma’s discourses, contain the essential core of Buddha’s message. Buddha and Bodhidharma are vastly different in their expression of truth. Osho sees Buddha as the silence of a breeze, Bodhidharma he likens to a storm. This discourse series alternates the eminently readable interchanges between Bodhidharma and his disciples, and Osho’s response to questions from his own disciples and other seekers. In the words of one journalist : “Just by reading these discourses there is a risk you may be pulverized by their inspiration.”
154The Wild Geese and the Water
Responses to Disciples Questions, Talks given from 11/02/81 am to 24/02/81 am, English Discourse series, 14 Chapters, Year Published : 1985
Content : Osho describes the pillars of his vision of sannyas, or disciplehood: life-affirmation, meditation, love and “the fourth,” that which cannot be expressed through words. In his characteristically up-front way, he slots so-called saints into three special categories – Idiots, Average IQs, and Intellectuals. In addition, he allocates places to such well-known personalities as Satya Sai Baba, Mother Teresa, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Krishnamurti, and also speaks on Kahlil Gibran, Gurdjieff, Lama Trungpa and the Antichrist.
155The Wisdom of the Sands, Vol 1
Discourses on Sufism, Talks given from 21/02/78 am to 01/03/78 am, English Discourse series, 9 Chapters
Content : Osho indicates the significance of this series of discourses on Sufism by saying that it has no explanation for existence, rather, it is a way into the mysteries of existence. Hence, the stories that he comments on in this volume do not carry a philosophical message, but are a gesture towards a world beyond philosophy.
156The Wisdom of the Sands, Vol 2
Discourses on Sufism, Talks given from 02/03/78 am to 10/03/78 am, English Discourse series, 9 Chapters
Content : Osho describes one of the stories within this collection of his commentaries on Sufi stories as belonging to the “very foundation of religious consciousness.” Deceptively simple, these tales have a deeper, underlying significance, as Osho makes manifest. They are not for those who want entertainment, but for those who seek illumination.

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