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144Unio Mystica, Vol 1
Discourses on the Sufi Mystic, Hakim Sanai, Talks given from 01/11/78 am to 10/11/78 am, English Discourse series, 18 Chapters
Content : Osho says that if he were to select only two books from the whole world, The Hadiqa: The Walled Garden of Truth, on the 12th-century Persian Hakim Sanai, would be one of them. Hadiqa is the essence of the path of love. Hakim Sanai was the prime minister of a powerful king who dropped everything to walk the path of love. And in Osho’s understanding, Hakim Sanai catches the very soul of Sufism. This volume features ten discourses in which Osho speaks on these exquisite verses. In alternate discourses Osho answers questions from seekers including: Why is it so difficult to be silent? How is one to know if sannyas is good? Why do we need a master? How to move from sexuality to love? What is creativity?
145Unio Mystica, Vol 2
Discourses on the Sufi Mystic, Hakim Sanai, Talks given from 11/12/78 am to 20/12/78 am, English Discourse series, 18 Chapters
Content : In his commentary on Hakim Sanai’s verses, Osho invites the reader to participate in an experience that could be life transforming. He alternates discourses on these verses with his responses to questions from disciples and other seekers about asceticism, love, intelligence, aloneness and living in a community, and the theory of relativity.
146Until You Die
Discourses on the Sufi Way, Talks given from 11/04/75 am to 20/04/75 am, English Discourse series, 10 Chapters, Year Published : 1976
Content : Osho revitalizes the well-known Sufi stories of Idries Shah in an enjoyable introduction to both Sufism and Osho’s vision. In this new journey, towards the heart, Osho speaks of the need to “die to the ego” – the only the barrier to being oneself and to eternal life.

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