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064Jesus Crucified Again
Talks given from 6/11/87, Miscellaneous, 1 Chapters, Year Published : 1988
Content : This special selection of discourses reveals the amazing details behind the demise of Osho’s commune in America and his persecution by the US government. Here is a city under siege, innocent people not being tolerated because of the success of a lifestyle that threatens the status quo, and a plot to destroy a living enlightened master. Substantiated with chapters by attorneys, doctors, and law enforcement officers, this book is a passionate indictment of the hypocrisy of American “democracy.” “I want that man right back in India, never to be seen or heard of again.” US Attorney General, Edwin Meese III
065Joshu : The Lion’s Roar
Talks on Zen, Talks given from 15/10/88 pm to 22/10/88 pm, English Discourse series, 8 Chapters, Year Published : 1988
Content : “A hair’s breadth of difference, and what happens?” Joshu is asked. There is no intellectual answer to the Koans of Zen, no approximate answer and no amount of intellect to be applied: “Heaven and earth are far away.” Only by authenticity can we rise in consciousness. And as this Lion’s Roar of Joshu resounds through almost twelve centuries, so is its message more urgent. Through these symbolic Zen dialogues and the existential language of Haikus, Osho urges his reader not to be lukewarm, but single-pointed in the search for our authenticity. This book is full of clues…hints and pointers how to “begin” as Osho puts it, how to bring this search into our everyday lives, and in very simple ways how to begin meditating.
066Just Like That
Talks on Sufi Stories, Talks given from 01/05/75 am to 10/05/75 am, English Discourse series, 10 Chapters, Year Published : 1975
Content : With humor and sensitivity Osho brings traditional Sufi stories into the 20th century, revealing the hidden dimensions of Sufism. He distinguishes between need and desire, expertise and existential experience, and talks on the nature of the ego, the importance of trust and the stages of growth in one’s evolution. Set out in poetic format, each discourse features beautiful photographs of the Sufi meditation technique of whirling.

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