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031Ecstasy – The Forgotten Language
Talks on Kabir, Talks given from 11/12/76 am to 20/12/76 am, English Discourse series, 10 Chapters, Year published : 1976
Content : Osho speaks on the exuberant poems of Kabir, as translated by India’s Nobel Prize-winning poet, Rabindranath Tagore. He also responds to questions as diverse as the difference between relationship and aloneness, mind and society, self and enlightenment, and explains the difference between a crystallized self and a strong ego.

032The Empty Boat
Talks on the Stories of Chuang Tzu, Talks given from 10/07/74 am to 20/07/74 am, English Discourse series, 11 Chapters, Year published : 1976
Content : Osho revitalizes the 3000-year-old Taoist message of self-realization through the stories of the Chinese mystic, Chuang Tzu. He speaks about the state of egolessness, “the empty boat”; spontaneity, dreams and wholeness; living life choicelessly and meeting death with the same equanimity. This beautiful edition overflows with the wisdom of one who has realized that state of egolessness himself.

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