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218This Is It
Talks given from 01/05/77 pm to 31/05/77 pm, Darshan Diary, 31 Chapters, Year Published : 1979
Content : Deva means divine and gupta means secret — divine secret. And the divine secret is that there is no secret in it! The divine secret is the open secret. It is very obvious — it is not far away, it is not distant. It is close-by, it is within, it is you… it is your very core. We go on missing god because we go on looking far away. We are searching for god with a telescope, hence we go on missing. A telescope is good to see things which are far away, but if you start looking for things through the telescope which are not far away, which are very close by, you will miss them…
219The Tongue-Tip Taste of Tao
Talks given from 1/10/78 to 31/10/78, Darshan Diary, 31 Chapters, Year Published : 1981
Content : Tao Devam. Tao means the way — not the way to any goal, but the way things are. Tao has nothing to do with goals; it has no future-orientation. It is the present moment and the things that are in the herenow. It is the totality of existence in the present and the law that holds it…
220Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot
Talks given from 1/12/78 to 31/12/78, Darshan Diary, 30 Chapters, Year Published : 1980
Content : Samvad means communion. Man is living as an island, and that’s from where all misery arises. Down the centuries man has been trying to live independently from existence. That is not possible in the very nature of things. Man can neither be independent nor dependent. Existence is a state of interdependence: everything depends on everything else. There is no hierarchy, nobody is lower and nobody is higher. Existence is a communion, an eternal love affair…

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