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214The Sacred Yes
Talks given from 1/11/78 to 30/11/78, Darshan Diary, 30 Chapters, Year Published : 1983
Content : Veet means beyond, nastiko means no — beyond no-saying. The religions in the past have been teaching people a kind of negative attitude. The old religions depend on the don’t: don’t do this, don’t do that. Their whole approach is: How to negate life? They think that by negating life they will be a coming closer to god, and that is just absurd. Life is god — to negate it is to negate god himself…
215The Shadow of the Bamboo
Talks given from 1/4/79 to 30/4/79, Darshan Diary, 30 Chapters, Year Published : 1984

Content : Anand means bliss and pragita means a song; a song of bliss. And I would like you to sing, to dance. Create a life around celebration — that should become the most fundamental thing; everything else should be secondary. So whenever anything happens, delight in it, accept it as a gift of God. It is through singing and music and dance that you will grow…
216Snap Your Fingers, Slap Your Face and Wake Up!
Talks given from 1/6/79 to 30/6/79, Darshan Diary, 24 Chapters, Year Published : 1984

Content : Satyo Dorothee. Satyo means truth; Dorothee means a gift of God. Truth is never an achievement; one cannot seek and search it. Seeking is a sure way of not finding it. Search and you will miss, because the very idea of searching, seeking, is rooted in desire, and desire is the barrier…
217The Sun Behind the Sun Behind the Sun
Talks given from 1/1/78 to 31/1/78 , Darshan Diary, 30 Chapters, Year Published : 1980

Content : Sat means truth, being, existence, rahasya means mystery, mysteriousness. Truth is mysterious. It cannot be known, it is unknowable… not unknown but unknowable, because the unknown can be known some day, will be known some day, but truth can never be known. That’s its intrinsic quality. Remove one veil and you find another. Remove another and you find still more, and it goes on ad infinitum. There comes no point where you can say that the journey is finished; there comes no point where you can say that the boundary has been achieved. It is infinite…

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