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212The Passion for the Impossible
Talks given from 21/8/76 to 18/9/76, Darshan Diary, 28 Chapters, Year Published : 1978
Content : [A sannyasin says: When I’m in London working, I am very involved in my work and I feel how could I possibly leave it? So I’m really finding things difficult.] Your work is good. You are doing good work there, but your own growth is far more important than your work. It is good work; if you continue, there is nothing wrong in it. But for your own growth, if you can stay a little longer, it will be helpful. And it will be helpful for the work also in the end, because you can help people only to the extent you yourself can go — never beyond it. You can take people only so far. How can you take them beyond you? That’s impossible‚Ķ