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209Only Losers Can Win in This Game
Talks given from 1/10/77 to 31/10/77, Darshan Diary, 28 Chapters, Year Published : 1981
Content : [Osho tells a new sannyasin that the possibility is great and not to miss the opportunity… one can miss it very easily…. ] The door opens once in a while, so don’t hesitate. Right now the door is open for you. If you can gather courage to go into it, nothing is impossible in this moment…
210The Open Door
Talks given from 1/12/77 to 31/12/77, Darshan Diary, 28 Chapters, Year Published : 1980
Content : [A visitor says she lives at Esalen Institute, a pioneer growth centre in california.] Mm mm, good! That is going to become my institute! It will become! Become a sannyasin — that will help you to come close to me, because to come close something has to change inside you. Something that is a kind of no has to become yes; only then can you come to me. Physically you can be close; that won’t help. A different kind of participation is needed, and that is the whole purpose of sannyas, so that you are in an attitude of yes. That is the greatest secret there is — to say yes. Then things start immediately opening and there is contact…
211The Open Secret
Talks given from 1/11/77 to 30/11/77, Darshan Diary, 29 Chapters, Year Published : 1980
Content : Anand means bliss, and avid means one who knows — one who knows blissfully, one who knows through bliss, a knowing blissfulness. And God can only be known that way; God cannot be known through suffering. Everybody tends to remember God when they suffer. But the real lovers are those who remember him when they are happy, because it is only in happiness that we are open to him. Happiness really means that we are very close to him, because happiness is possible only when we are close to him. So remember when you are happy… make it a point, whenever there is happiness, to turn it into prayer. Whenever you are joyous bow down, and that will bring you closer and closer to God every day. And God is not far away: he is just around the corner!

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