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207The No Book (No Buddha, No Teaching, No Discipline)
Talks given from 1/8/77 to 31/8/77, Darshan Diary, 31 Chapters, Year Published : 1981
Content : Anand means bliss, blissfulness, and buddha means the awakened state of consciousness — the utterly awakened state when there is no more any unconscious desire, when there is no dark corner left, when all is consciousness within… when the conscious goes on spreading, spreading, and takes over the whole territory of the unconscious…
208Nothing to Lose But Your Head, No Discipline)
Talks given from 13/2/76 to 12/3/76, Darshan Diary, 22 Chapters, Year Published : 1977
Content : [A visitor asked what the agreement of sannyas meant.] That you are no more. It is a total surrender. No agreement — because in an agreement there are two parties. You simply surrender. Much courage is needed…

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