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Talks given from 1/8/78 to 31/8/78, Darshan Diary, 31 Chapters, Year Published : 1981
Content : Just be there and be totally there. It is not a question of where you are; the question is always of being total or partial. Whenever you are partial, something goes on missing. But my feeling is that you will be partial there too — because you could not be total here, so how can you be total there?
203Hammer on the Rock
Talks given from 10/12/75 to 15/1/75, Darshan Diary, 31 Chapters, Year Published : 1976
Content : [To the leader of the Tathata group (Unconditional Acceptance Seminar)] It has to be remembered that the leader is not, in fact, a manipulator. He should not be. If you manipulate, then it is something from the mind, and that which comes from the mind cannot go deeper than the mind. So the leader has to be open to the beyond…

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