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195Far Beyond the Stars
Talks given from 1/7/77 to 31/7/77, Darshan Diary, 30 Chapters, Year Published: 1979
Content : [Rama prem. It means love for god, and create that love more…. ] It is there, it is just like a small drop; it can become an ocean, it can become bigger than you. And when it is bigger than you and when you are drowned in it, you have arrived. It is there just like a small drop trickling but it can grow: all great rivers arise out of a small drop trickling. The ocean is nothing but drops and drops and drops. Right now it is a small drop like a small seed but it can become a big tree. One just has to be a little more careful about it, more conscious of it, more protective of it. It can be destroyed by carelessness; many people’s love for god is destroyed by carelessness…
196For Madmen Only (Price of Admission : Your Mind)
Talks given from 1/4/77 to 30/4/77, Darshan Diary, 30 Chapters, Year Published: 1979
Content : Prem kutera. It means a small shrine of love, a small hut of love, a small space for love. Prem means love and kutera means a small place. And that’s all that a man needs to be fulfilled: if one can become a small shrine, nothing is lacking. The very phenomenon of love integrates you, and when love is missing, you start falling apart — it is the glue that keeps you together. In fact it is the glue that keeps the whole existence together; otherwise stars will fall apart, the trees will fall down, the earth will not care and no child will grow in a womb…
197The Further Shore
Talks given from 1/6/77 to 30/6/77, Darshan Diary, 28 Chapters, Year Published : 1980
Content : [A sannyasin says: Just that I hope to make more progress with myself. I’ve been working on myself, and I hope I get somewhere with it…. It’s so joyous being here.] You will grow every day. Just relax and meditate and sing and dance and forget the whole world! This community is to forget the whole world. Now this community is your world and nothing else exists, so get lost in it, utterly lost…