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190Dance Your Way to God
Talks given from 28/7/76 to 20/8/76, Darshan Diary, 24 Chapters, Year Published : 1978
Content : [A sannyasin says: I’m not sure which direction to take — whether to go out more to people or to go inside myself more. I’m not sure which is best for my growth. Osho checks his energy.] Good, come back. The energy is really good. You have to do both. Choosing won’t be good. These are not alternatives — whether one should go out, meet, mix with people, or should go in. Both are needed together. If you move towards one, you will become lopsided. So sometimes go out, mix with people, forget yourself. Then really go out…
191Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing
Talks given from 1/3/78 to 31/3/78, Darshan Diary, 29 Chapters, Year Published : 1982
Content : [Osho initiates the new baby of a sannyasin.] Deva means divine, sangam means meeting. Each child is a meeting of the sky and the earth. Each child is a miracle. Something happens that should not ordinarily happen: the meeting of matter and consciousness, the meeting of the visible and the invisible. So think of him as a miracle. Respect, revere him; don’t take him for granted. The moment the child is taken for granted, we start murdering him. And each child is murdered; that’s what is happening all over the world and has happened down the ages: it is a great massacre…
192Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There
Talks given from 1/9/77 to 30/9/77, Darshan Diary, 28 Chapters, Year Published : 1980
Content : Prem means love and patanga is a special moth that is very much attracted to fire, flame, and whenever there is flame the moth will come and jump into it. Its only love is fire. And hence the name ‘patanga’ has become a metaphor in the east — a metaphor for the lover. A lover has to be like the moth — ready to jump into fire, ready to die, ready to disappear. God is the flame and the seeker has to be the moth…
193Don’t Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself
Talks given from 01/8/79 to 30/9/79, Darshan Diary, 60 Chapters, Year Published : 1985
Content : Prem Birgitta. Prem means love; birgitta means strength, power, energy. Love makes you strong, makes you powerful, because love transforms your possibilities into actualities. It transforms the seed into a sprout, it transforms the potential into the real. Without love one is empty, with love one is overflowing. Without love one is a beggar, with love one is an emperor…
194Don’t Look Before You Leap
Talks given from 01/7/78 to 31/7/78, Darshan Diary, 30 Chapters, Year Published: 1983

Content : Prem means love, renu means dust — love dust. But once dust is of love it is divine. Love transforms it: then it is no more dust; it is dust only if love is missing. If love is missing then man is nothing but dust. Once love enters into life, dust becomes aflame with the divine. The only transforming force is love…

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