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081The 99 Names of Nothingness
Talks given from 1/5/78 to 31/5/78, Darshan Diary, 27 Chapters, Year Published : 1979
Content : Khabira. It is a sufi name, a name of God. Literally it means: one who sees all, the cognizant one, the seer of all. And that is hidden in everybody — the witness. What we see may be true, may not be true, but the seer is always true. The seen may be, may not be. In the night you see a dream, in the morning you find it was not true, but the one who saw the dream is still true. In the morning, in the night, all the time he is true. You see a rope and you think, in the darkness of the evening, that it is a snake. But when you come close you know that it is false, it is not so. But the seer was not false. Even in seeing something hallucinatory, the seer remains true; the seer is never false…
082A Rose is a Rose is a Rose
Talks given from 28/6/76 to 27/7/76, Darshan Diary, 28 Chapters, Year Published : 1978
Content : [A sannyasin leaving for the West says: I feel deep gratitude for all that has happened to me since I’ve been here.] I know…. Much will be happening, much more, and gratitude prepares the way. Feel as grateful to existence as possible — for small things, not only for great things… just for sheer breathing. We don’t have any claim on existence, so whatsoever is given is a gift. If it is not given we don’t have any court for appeal…
083Above All Don’t Wobble
Talks given from 16/1/76 to 12/2/76, Darshan Diary, 28 Chapters, Year Published : 1977
Content : [A sannyasin says: I’m changing all the time… Since the group, I don’t know… I don’t like talking, I don’t like laughing… I feel like crying… ] Whatsoever happens, accept and enjoy, and don’t force anything. If you feel like talking, talk. If you feel like being silent, be silent — just move with the feeling. Don’t force in any way, not even for a single moment, because once you force anything you are divided in two — and that creates the problem, then your whole life becomes split…


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