Probe demanded for Osho Ashram in Pune

Osho Ashram in Pune now known as the Osho International Resort is the iconic landmark for Osho sannyasins. This resort is currently controlled by three trustees called Michael Bryan, Darcy O’Brien and John Andrews. They have planned to sell the resort on the pretext of running in losses. Osho lovers from around the world are protesting the sale of the resort. It is a place of significance for many as Osho has lived there for a long time. These trustees named above are accused of faking the loss by siphoning 1800 crores (USD 240,231,603) into their private companies.

In view of this, an event was organized by Osho lovers to appeal to the Government of India to institute an inquiry into the working of Osho Resort Pune. This event was held on Friday, October 29th, 2021 at Osho Dham. It commenced with meditation & celebration followed by an appeal to the Honourable Union Minister of India. The distinguished personalities present at the occasion included Shri Ramdas Athawale (Union Minister of Social justice and Empowerment of India) and Shri Krishna Milan Shukla (National Vice-President, Republican Party of India). Shri Athawale emphasized the significance of Osho teachings and assured his complete support in establishing an audit of the Pune resort accounts.

Present at the event, Swami Prem Geet (Mr. Yogesh Thakkar) from Osho Friends Foundation stated, “Osho is a Guru for millions of people around the world. He has spoken on every subject and aspect of life in 9000 hours of audio and 2000 hours of video discourses. His books are transcribed into 650 titles and translated into 75 languages. There is credible evidence that the current trustees have siphoned off properties and funds of the resort valuing rupees 1800 crores in their private companies in and outside of India.”

Whether these allegations are true or not is yet to be seen. It is, however, interesting to see how Osho lovers from around the world have come together to stop the sale of the Osho resort in Pune.