Meera became enlightened, and danced and danced. Her whole life she danced from one village to another, singing songs of God, of love. And Buddha became enlightened and became utterly silent, quiet, still. It is not an accident that the first marble statues made were of Buddha — he looked like a marble statue, he sat like a marble statue. Now, you cannot make a marble statue of Meera; it is impossible. She is so volatile. She is more like a river than like a marble rock. You cannot make a statue of Meera — it will be a falsification because the statue will not be able to dance. And without dance, there is no Meera. Meera’s statues can only be made by fountains, not by marble rocks. Yes, in a fountain it is possible to make a statue of Meera, but it has to be dynamic, it has to be a dance.
Meera is crazy in her own way. And these people are never repeated. All enlightened people are simply unique.
– The Fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty, Chapter #2

MEERA LOVED GOD IN THE FORM OF KRISHNA, STILL SHE ATTAINED. Yes, she loved God in the form of Krishna, but Meera’s love is the love of a perfect human being. She has no need, she does not want anything from Krishna; she simply goes on giving. She has a song to sing, she sings. She has a dance to dance, she dances. She has nothing to get, she only gives. And she gets a thousandfold — that is another thing, but she has nothing to get.
– Sufis: The People of the Path, Vol 2, Chapter #3

A Meera dancing: she is not aware that she is dancing — she has become the dance. There is no gap. She has surrendered her ego completely. There is dancing — she is not aware; she is completely lost in it. When you are absorbed totally then you are in surrender — absorbed totally. But only the ego can be absorbed — only the ego! And when the ego is absorbed, the Self is there in its total purity.
But that is not the concern. On the path of surrender that is not the concern! Meera is not concerned with awareness, with consciousness — no. She is concerned with being completely unconscious in the Divine dance or in the Divine song — with being lost totally in it.
– The Ultimate Alchemy, Vol 1, Chapter #16
Meera’s SONGS; they are the most beautiful ever sung by any man or any woman. It is impossible to translate them.
Meera says: “main to prem divani — I am madly in love, so madly loved that I am mad, mad, mad!” Perhaps this may give you a little hint what kind of songs she sang. She was a princess, a queen, but she renounced the palace to be a beggar on the streets. Playing her veena she danced in the marketplace, from village to village, town to town, city to city, singing her heart out, pouring herself totally. I have spoken of Meera in Hindi; someday some madman may translate what I have said.
– Books I Have Loved, Chapter #5

Meera herself IS devotion. You won’t find systematic argument. Fixed logic is not found there. There lightning has struck the heart.
In Meera, found nowhere else, is a natural expression of love. There have been other devotees, but they all pale before Meera; they become the background. Meera’s star is a very bright, shining star.
So don’t listen to Meera logically, intellectually. Meera has nothing to do with logic and intellect. Listen to Meera with feeling, with devotion. Look with the eye of trust. Push aside logic, leave it to crawl along the bank. For a little while, let yourself go completely mad with Meera. This is the world of the mad. This is the world of lovers. Only then can you understand, otherwise you will miss.
– Early Talks, Chapter #9