Ma Yog Shukla

Ma Yoga Shukla was born in Amritsar and came in contact with Osho during her days as a lecturer. She first heard about Him in 1969 in her college and without losing a single day she invited Him to her college (modern college). His fiery and revolutionary speech left her in doubt whether He was to be her guru. In October 1973, she had the privilege to attend a meditation camp and subsequently had a few meetings with Him in Osho commune, Pune. She then went on to work in the ashram for a number of years. She shifted to Chandigarh in 2001 and opened the Naman Dhyan Kendra. Her endeavour is to live Osho and spread Osho. She regularly conducts and organises meditation camps in and around Chandigarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and at Oshodham, New Delhi.