Ma Prem Krishna

September 2, 1951
Left her body April 22, 2021

Ma Prem Krishna was The Most Loved Sannyasin in Bhopal, because she was the most loving sannyasin who continued living a regular family life, yet remained above all the mundane affairs, like a real lotus. One could always find her cheerful and at ease with life. Nothing seemed to be so serious to make her worried. And if there was, she would find a way out–and her way out was the way within: Meditation.

She took sannyas initiation from Osho on September 19, 1979, at Shree Rajneesh Ashram, and ever since she had been participating in meditation camps and occasionally coming to Pune whenever she could manage. And at her home in Bhopal, she started organizing weekly or daily meditation for Osho lovers. She is a perfect example of one’s home as the ashram, Osho often says: The house of each of my sannyasin should become the ashram. In Bhopal and in Pachmarhi, she organized several meditation camps, and she always had created a loving team to support her.

A couple of years after the beginning of millennium, she opened a bookshop, named Osho World, in the market area for books and an adjoining shop for daily meditations. our beloved Swami Film Star Vinod Khanna visited that shop on Osho’s birthday and it became even more known to local people.

Ma Prem Krishna Bharti was such an amazing and graceful person, very ordinary yet very special, being in the world yet not living in the world, being at ease with herself and everybody else who lived with her. Caring for everybody, yet remaining playful and care-free at the same time! ( Very energetic in her work, yet so centered as if there is no hurry–everything happens by itself. Always propelled by Osho’s love, she was a mother to all–even to those who may have been older than her.

Her son Swami Ashish has been living in Atlanta, USA, and she visited her son a few times. A couple of years ago, she and her husband came to Osho Sadhana Meditation in New York, where I was facilitating a meditation retreat, and 3 years ago, I met her in Atlanta. A few months after her return from USA, she organised 3-days meditation retreat– Rising in Love– in Bhopal and invited me to facilitate it. She had wonderful organising skills, taking all the team members along. As Swami Pulak says: Her charming presence will be fondly remembered by all friends. Swami Rajendra Anuragi, Osho’s childhood friend and renowned poet once referred to her as–“She is the Queen Bee amongst us, the Osho people of Bhopal.”

Her loving contribution to Osho’s work in Madhya Pradesh will be remembered for a long time and will keep inspiring younger sannyasins to carry on the work where she left. That would be a befitting tribute to this noble soul.

– Swami Chaitanya Keerti


Ma Yoga Neelam pays tribute to her:
A thoroughly beautiful
Inside outside
Showering unconditional love
A mother a Ma
Our beloved Ma Krishna…
You are in peace
All our life
love n best wishes for your journey beyond
You lived in Peace

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