Ma Patra’s journey to the other shore

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In the serene hour of twilight, Ma Patra left her body on December 28. She was a disciple immersed in Osho’s teachings and her essence lingers on in the whispers of her work dedicated to the Master.

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-02 at 8.26.05 AM (1)She along with her husband, Swami Satya Tirth, devoted to His work both in India and Japan. In 1989, they co-founded a meditation centre in Tokyo, Osho Sakshin( It has been and continues to be an active and prominent Osho centre in Japan. They opened a publishing house in Japan and published many books of Osho in Japanese. Osho Times and Osho Darshan magazine were published and circulated in Japanese through their loving efforts. In 1997, they purchased Osho’s birth house in Kuchwada, India and turned it into Osho Tirth Centre. They bought 11 acres of land near His house and built Osho Tirth centre for seekers in the same year. Since then the centre has beeWhatsApp Image 2024-01-02 at 8.26.05 AMn dedicated to spreading His vision and meditations.

In 2004 they opened a book shop for making Osho books, pictures and discourses available to His lovers. Their gratitude for the Master got expressed in many ways.

Ma Patra came to India on 24th November 2023 to celebrate Osho’s birthday in Kuchwada. She got hit by cold/pneumonia. She was hospitalized and after 20 days or so, she left her body on 28th December. Her body was cremated beside her husband on 30th December. Swami Satya Tirth (her husband) left his body in 2020. They are survived by daughter, Julie who is swaying to the music in the attached video.


Ma Patra’s departure has left behind much love and gratitude amongst her fellow seekers. With reverence, friends gathered at her funeral and celebration.

“Live so totally that when death comes to you, let it find you alive. Let it find you ready, enjoying, celebrating, with a smile on your face.” – Osho

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