Ma Bodhi Shashi

Ma Bodhi Shashi had attended her first Osho Meditation camp facilitated by Swami Om Prakash Saraswati ji at Osho Rajyoga Meditation Centre in 1978.

Thereafter she was regularly guided by Swami Om Prakash Saraswati ji for her inner journey and every aspect of life

. She was initiated into Osho's neo sannyas in 1979. She has been associated with Osho Rajyoga Meditation Centre and Oshodham since their inception.

She is M.Phil in Sanskrit from the University of Delhi and was a teacher in Delhi for several years.

She took voluntry retirement from her job to devote time on the path of Osho.

She has been facilitating Osho Meditation Camps and Groups at Oshodham and other Osho Meditation Centers in India.

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