Ma Anand Madhu

Left her body on May 18, 2021

Ma Anand Madhu, Osho’s first sannyasin left her body today at 6.00 am in Rishikesh. With acceptance and total awareness!

Osho says “I gave that watch to the first of my sannyasins. The name of my first sannyasin is Ma Anand Madhu  —  a woman of course, because that’s what I wanted. Nobody has initiated women into sannyas like me. Not only that, I wanted to initiate a woman as my first sannyasin, just to put things in balance and in order…Anand Madhu is still a sannyasin. She lives in the Himalayas, silently, without speaking. Since then, my effort has always been to bring women to the front as much as possible. Sometimes I may even look unfair to men. I’m not, I am just putting things in order.”

– Glimpses of a Golden Childhood
Chapter #3, 1984 in Lao Tzu House, Rajneeshpuram, USA

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