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Osho on Listening


It is a little complicated. First, there are many types. There is a sort of doziness which comes if you listen to me very attentively. Then it is not like a sleep, it is more like hypnosis. You are in such deep tune with me that your mind starts non-functioning. You simply listen to me, and just listening to me becomes like a lullaby. A certain doziness is there if this is the case, but this will come only when you listen to me very attentively. Then it is not a sleep. It is beautiful and you should not feel guilty about it. If it is created by listening to me then there is no problem. In fact, this should be the case, because then you are listening deeper and deeper. Then I am penetrating you very, very deep, and you are feeling like a doze; because the mind is not functioning. You are relaxed. It is a state of let-go.

You are allowing me to penetrate you deeper and deeper. This is good; nothing is wrong in it. You feel it like dozy because it is a passivity; you are not active, and there is no need. While you are listening to me, there is no need to be active, because if you are active your mind will go on interpreting. This is beautiful and no need to feel guilty – allow it – and no need to make any effort to disturb it. I will be planted deep inside you. This is helpful.

In India we have a special term for it. Patanjali calls it “yoga tandra” – sleep that comes by yoga. In anything, if you do it very totally, you feel very relaxed, and that relaxation feels like sleep. It is not sleep; it is more akin to hypnosis. The word hypnosis also means sleep, but a different type of sleep in which two persons are in such a deep tune… If I hypnotize you, you will be able to listen to me, not to anything else. The hypnotized person listens to the hypnotizer only, nobody else. Exclusively he is focused. In this exclusive focused-ness, the conscious drops and the unconscious functions. Your depth listens to my depth; it is a communication from depth to depth. The mind is not needed. But the point to remember is that you should be listening to me very attentively; then only will it happen.

Then there is a second type of sleep: you are not listening to me, and just by sitting here for so long you feel sleepy, not listening to me, or whatsoever I am saying is too much for you; you feel a little bored. Or whatsoever I am saying feels so monotonous – it is, because whatsoever I say is a single note. I am singing the single note in millions of ways: Patanjali, Buddha, Jesus are just excuses. I am singing a single note. It is monotonous. If you feel that it is monotonous and you feel a little bored or you cannot understand it, it is too much for you, or it goes above your head, then too you can feel sleepy, but that sleep is not good. Then there is no need to come to listen to me because in fact you are not listening, you are asleep. So why be physically here? There is no need.

There is a third type also. The second type you must really feel guilty and make more effort to be aware and listening to me. Then it is possible the first type may happen. Then there is a third type that is not related either with listening or your being in a state of monotony. It comes from your physiology. You may not be sleeping well in the night. Very few people are sleeping well, so when you have not slept well in the night you are a little tired. You are hungry for sleep, and sitting here in one posture with the same man again and again, listening to the same voice again and again, your body starts feeling sleepy. That comes from your body. If that is the case, then do something with your sleep. It should be made deeper. Time is not much of a question. You can sleep for eight hours, and if it is not deep you will feel hungry for sleep, starved. Depth is the question.

Every night before you go to sleep do a small technique, and that will help tremendously. Put the lights off, sit in your bed ready to sleep, but sit for fifteen minutes. Close your eyes and then start any monotonous nonsense sound, for example: la, la, la — and wait for the mind to supply new sounds. The only thing to be remembered is those sounds or words should not be of any language that you know. If you know English, German, Italian, then they should not be of Italian, German, English. Any other language is allowed that you don’t know — Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese. But if you know Japanese then it is not allowed, then Italian is wonderful. Speak any language that you don’t know. You will be in a difficulty for few seconds only for the first day, because how do you speak a language you don’t know? It can be spoken, and once it starts, any sounds, nonsense words, just to put the conscious off and allow the unconscious to speak…

When the unconscious speaks, the unconscious knows no language. It is a very, very old method. It comes from the Old Testament. It was called in those days – glossolalia, and few churches in America still use it. They call it “talking in tongues“. And it is a wonderful method, one of the most deep; and penetrating into the unconscious. You start by la, la, la, and then anything that comes you go on. Just for the first day you will feel a little difficult. Once it comes, you know the knack of it. Then for fifteen minutes, use the language that is coming to you, and use it as a language; infact you are talking in it. This will relax the conscious so deeply; fifteen minutes and you then just simply lie down and go to sleep. Your sleep will become deeper. Within weeks you will feel a depth in your sleep, and in the morning, you will feel completely fresh. Then, even if I try, I cannot put you to sleep.

The first type is beautiful; the third type is a sort of physiological starvation – it is ill. The third type has to be treated; the first type has to be allowed. The second type you must feel guilty about it and make every effort to get out of it.


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Discourse series: Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 3 Chapter #6

Chapter title: Mind in a hurry

6 March 1975 am in Buddha Hall


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