Light on the Path 25

TwentyFifth Discourse from the series of 38 discourses - Light on the Path by Osho.
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How can I find out which of the many voices inside me is the one which comes from the real self to guide me? How can I be sure it doesn't come from the unconscious?
It is very simple: none of the voices come from the inner self. All voices come from the mind. When all voices are absent, the inner self inspires you in silence towards a certain action, direction. It does not come in words – it is just a silent indication. Otherwise it would have been absolutely impossible to find out which one is the voice of the inner self.
It is easy because no voice is of the inner self. So when all voices have died down and there is utter silence, the inner self is capable of taking your hand and moving you. That is the moment to be in a let-go, and allow it to take you wherever it takes you.
In language we have to use words which do not apply to the inner reality – for example, the “inner voice.” There is no voice – it is simply the inner silence. But if we use the words “inner silence,” you will not get the idea that there is some inspiration or some direction which is being pointed to. Hence the words, “inner voice” have been used. But these are not the right words.

In Europe today there is a disintegration of traditional values and an ideological void. The younger generation is called the “no-future generation.” Can you help?
I am certainly helping – helping the older generation to disappear as quickly as possible, helping the old generation to be finished fast.
And when they call, in an abusive way, the younger generation the “no-future generation,” to me it is not a condemnation. It is man coming of age.
To live without future is the greatest courage. Only cowards live in the future.
Man’s past has been very cowardly. It was living, not in the present, but in the future: all that has to happen is to happen tomorrow. And in that hope they lived, and they died. And what they were waiting for never turned up. It proved to be waiting for Godot.
The younger generation will have to pass through a very painful experience, because for centuries man has lived either in the past or in the future – never in the present.
The present has remained unexplored, unlived.
And that is the only reality there is.
The younger generation will find it a little difficult to detach itself completely from the old hang-up, and not to be worried that there is no future. On the contrary, rejoice that now there is no future, and we can live in the present. Nobody can live in the future. Future is only a word to keep you going, dragging on. Future does not exist.
So it is a maturity. The disintegration of the past traditions and traditional values is a blessing. They need not be restored. And the younger generation facing a “no future” is a tremendous revolution in consciousness.
Individually we have been talking about meditation as living in the present – and a few people have lived in the present and reached to the optimum consciousness. But it has happened to only very few individuals. And the greater humanity may have worshipped these people, but it has never believed in them, because it was not their experience – and they were millions against one man. He may be cheating them. He may be himself delusioned, living in a hallucinatory world.
But because this type of man had certain beautiful qualities which were lacking in the ordinary man, it created a suspicion in their minds: “Perhaps he is not mad – perhaps he is right.” But there was no other proof except those few attributes of love and compassion, of no anger, of no greed.
If a whole generation faces “no future,” it is immensely important, because there is no other way for it to live other than meditatively – because to live in the present, meditation is the only way.
So first there will be pain and anguish. The old safety is gone, the old security is gone, the old hope is gone; the new generation is being uprooted from the past. But soon it will feel tremendous freedom, a great unburdening; and a realization that the future had never existed – it was just a mind game.
And we have been befooled by the mind for centuries.
Now the present is there – whatever you want to make of it you can. And the present is so fleeting. You don’t get two points together; just one single point, one single second, and when it has gone, then the second second…. The time is very small. You have to be very intensive and very total to use it. When time is vast, you need not be total, you need not be intensive. You can spread yourself all over time. There is no urgency, there is always future.
But when there is no future, you have only one moment. You cannot afford to waste it in thinking, in planning, in memories, in imagination. You cannot afford it. You have such a small time that you would like to live it. And the smallness gives you intensity and totality.
So the “no future” generation is going to be the beginning of the new humanity I have been talking about.
The new man is not going to have any future – but the present is more than enough.

I have done so many therapy groups in order to deprogram myself; and above all I have the greatest fortune in existence to be so close to you. Still, sometimes I feel like having moved miles from where I was stuck a few years ago, and sometimes I feel I haven't moved one inch. Then I feel so desperate that everything seems to be futile. I can watch this happening but still there is suffering.
Please give your advice.
It happens to everybody, because both the experiences are still of the mind. The beautiful space and the despair, the suffering – they are not opposite to each other. They are part of the same mind, because mind exists in duality.
It is just like a bullock cart: two wheels are needed. You cannot have a bullock cart with one wheel. The mind is even older than a bullock cart – it is the mind that invented the bullock cart.
The trouble arises when you start identifying yourself with the beautiful moments, then you are getting ready for trouble. Then soon the other thing is going to happen: you will be suffering, you will be desperate.
So the first thing to be understood is that both things are of the mind. That will give you a little distance from both the experiences. And secondly, don’t bother about the suffering and the despair. Concentrate when you are feeling beautiful, when you are feeling that you have moved miles from where you were stuck. That is the moment to remember, “It is a mind game, and I am not going to participate. I am going to remain simply a witness.”
Not identifying with the beautiful moment will automatically destroy the other part: the suffering, the despair.
People always do vice-versa; and that is not possible in the nature of things, because the second part is the other side of the coin. When you are feeling beautiful, you get identified; you feel, “It is me, this is my real self.”
Now you are preparing the ground – digging the ditch to fall into it. And when you are in despair and suffering, then how can you say, “I will be simply a witness”? You cannot be a witness.
Nobody wants despair or pain, all those negative feelings; everybody wants to get rid of them. But the way to get rid of them is to get rid of them through the beautiful spaces that you come across.
So whenever you are again feeling in a silent, peaceful, blissful state, remind yourself – don’t fall asleep – remind yourself, “This is not me. I am just seeing something far away there on the screen. I am just consciousness, awareness. I am taking note of it, what is happening there.”
Keep aloof. It will be a little difficult – one wants to jump into it, it is so beautiful – but if you can keep aloof from the beautiful moments, you have won a great victory, because the person who is capable of keeping himself just a witness of beautiful moments and does not get identified…. It will be child’s play for him to witness depression when it comes.
Both the extremes, witnessed, start disappearing.
Witnessing is almost the finest fire you can find. Witness anything and that thing soon disappears. And don’t be afraid that beautiful spaces will disappear. You don’t know yet what is really waiting ahead of you – when beautiful spaces and depressive moments both have gone, when that duality is no longer there.
You are not aware of what is going to happen to you. It is so profound and so deep that those who have found it have remained silent. They will not say a single word about it. There is no word in any language to express it. All these words – “beautiful,” “blissful” – fall too short. And the greatest thing is that there is no duality, that you have come to a point which remains with you always; there is no opposite to it.
This is something to be remembered, that whenever you experience something of which there is no opposite, you have come home. While the opposite exists you will be torn apart continuously.
Between those two experiences you will be just a football – sometimes feeling happy, sometimes feeling miserable; but never knowing yourself, that there is something beyond both the beautiful and the depressive. That’s why it cannot be brought into words, because all words are dualistic; otherwise they won’t have any meaning.
This is the nature of language: you cannot have a word without having its opposite. If you don’t have the opposite, then the word won’t have any meaning.
If somebody asks you, “What is light?,” you can say, “That which is not darkness.” How do you define light? – by its opposite; otherwise you don’t have any definition. How do you define health? – just by saying that it is opposite to sickness. How do you define life? – by saying it is opposite to death. Without the opposite you cannot even have meaning for any word.
So just try to reach into a wordless space.
Begin from the beautiful space, because in those moments you are more full of energy, and it is possible to get out of it. When you are depressed, all your energy is so dull, so sad, that you cannot get out of it.
So use those beautiful moments just for a jumping board into the wordless, non-dual experience of your own being. Once you have succeeded in doing it from the beautiful space, you will be able to succeed in the depressive part also, because now you know the way, now you understand that those were not anything significant. You were simply getting identified with fictions.
Now you have touched reality – and reality is strength, power. And then slowly the other spaces will disappear and you will remain in this wordless experience without falling out of it.
You can call it true meditation, the authentic experience of life. It only looks difficult if you have not tried. Once you have tried, it is a very simple experience.

The feeling of being even a little bit open is so fantastic that it feels irrelevant whether there is anything to be open for or not.
I know this is not a question, but I just wanted to say it.
It is a question, and a meaningful question too.
Opening to something is really a device. There is nothing to open for: the real thing is opening.
But people are such that if you say, “Just open,” they will think it crazy. They want to open for something. Their minds always function through motivation. They want to love someone. You simply say to them, “Love,” and it will be very difficult for them. It is absolutely certain they will ask, “Who?” That has happened with meditation for centuries.
Even the word “meditation” is not right, because in the English language there is no word which can really describe the Sanskrit word dhyan or the Japanese word zen. Japanese had no word, Chinese also had no word; the Sanskrit word dhyan became zhan because Buddha was not speaking Sanskrit, he was speaking Pali. In Pali the word becomes zhan, and from Pali, in China, it became ch’an. And in Japan, ch’an became zen. But it is the same word – dhyan.
In English it never happened. There are three words: concentration, contemplation, meditation – but none of the three is relevant because concentration immediately reminds you: “On what?” Contemplation immediately reminds you: “On what?” And meditation also reminds you: “On what?” You tell somebody to meditate, and the immediate question will be, “On what?” Just to meditate seems to be madness. How can you meditate without an object? How can you love without an object?
And the same is the situation about opening up. So devices which are false have been used: “Open to the master,” “Open to existence,” “Open to God” – but open to something. That makes sense to the mind. Just to say to the mind, “Open!” makes no sense. Why should I open myself? For what? Mind is essentially a motivated mechanism.
So what you are saying – that just opening a little bit is so beautiful that it seems irrelevant for what you are opening…. It is irrelevant. There is nobody, there is nothing for which you are told to open. It is just to manipulate your mind, to speak in a language that it can understand, knowing perfectly well that when it opens it will understand why a false device was used.
All devices are false.
The real question is your opening.
The more you are closed, the more you are in darkness; the more you are closed, the more you are dead. The dead person is completely closed.
In all countries, in all traditions, when a person dies…if his eyes are open, they immediately close them, for the simple reason that it doesn’t suit a dead man to have open eyes: “You please keep them shut!” Now everything is closed.
I was concerned about it from my childhood when I saw that dead people’s eyes are immediately closed. I used to ask my father, my grandfather, “What harm are they doing? Let them see the world a little more. What is this taboo that you immediately close their eyes?”
They had no answer, they simply said, “This is the convention – it has always been done.”
Only later on with my own experience of opening did I understand something: that opening is life; to be fully open is enlightenment. Closing is death – to be completely closed. And then I remembered why people close the eyes, because that is the only part that remains open; everything is already closed. The man is dead – it is better to close his eyes.
Life is in opening – becoming broader and broader, becoming vaster and vaster – to a point where nothing in you remains unopened. It has nothing to do with anything else – why you are opening, for what you are opening. These are all nonsense. But tell people to do anything, and they will immediately ask, “For what?”
So there is no harm in giving them a false device if the false device can help.
Their opening will make them aware that the device was false, but they will be grateful to you that, for their sake, you even lied. And all masters have lied on many significant points. They had to lie; otherwise they could not help anybody. But the lie was just so that your mind could understand there was something to gain; and to gain it, it can allow your being to be open.
You are right: even just a little bit of opening is a great experience, and it does not matter at all that there is nothing to open to.
In the same way, the lie of God was created, the lie of paradise was created, the lie of heaven and hell was created, because your mind will not function, will not listen. The simple truth will not be challenging enough for it: just to open for nothing?
So that is the truth: opening for nothing…because the joy is in the opening, not in anything else; the ecstasy is in the opening, not in any object for which you are opening.

It occurs to me that the beauty of having a master is not so much that you find in him someone who really loves you, but that you have found someone who will let you really love them.
Do you have anything to say about this?
It is true in a way, and it is not true in another way.
The question has two parts. First, the real beauty of being with a master is not that he loves you. And the second: the real beauty is that he allows you to love him.
The second is certainly significant. That’s the function of the master, to create an atmosphere – or to be exactly right, a lovesphere – in which you can love, where love becomes almost like breathing, where love is not a problem, where love is not a business, where love is not a law…where love is just playfulness, with no guilt, with no motivation, with no end to be gained beyond it: Love for love’s sake.
That is really the function of the master: to create a lovesphere. And I call those masters fake, who have done just the opposite: they have created a hatesphere instead of a lovesphere. This can be a criterion to judge whether there is a real master or not: what kind of sphere is created around him?
But to create this sphere the first part is absolutely necessary.
You cannot say it is not important that a master loves you. It is absolutely important that a master loves you; otherwise he cannot create the lovesphere. It is created only by loving. If the master himself is not loving you, he cannot be capable of creating a sphere around him.
The same thing has to be remembered: when I say, “The master loves you,” I am talking to your mind mechanism. The truth is, the master is love. To say that he loves you is not the right thing – he is love.
So whoever is with him is showered with his love. If he is open, he will get more of it; if he is closed, he will not get any of it – because the love of the master is not addressed to somebody in particular. It is unaddressed: to whomsoever it may belong. Whoever is open will get it.
So the first part is also very essential; otherwise the second part will not be possible. The master is love, and in being love, he creates a certain sphere around himself. Those who come under his sphere, they will be loving. Slowly, slowly their love will also become unaddressed.
That is the perfection of love.
First they will love each other, their love will be towards a certain person. The work of the master is not to let them become attached to individuals, because he is not teaching them love for particular individuals, he is teaching the quality of love, the energy of love. The particular persons they love are just experiments for growing, maturing.
Slowly, slowly they will come to a point where they are just love – not addressed, but available.
Just as in the other question about opening – that just a little bit of opening is so ecstatic that it does not matter for whom you are opening – the same is true about all spiritual qualities. Love…it does not matter for whom, it does not matter at all whether there is anybody, but your heart is radiating with love. That will give you the greatest experience of love.
And they are all joined; all spiritual qualities are joined. The opening without any object, the love without any object, are exactly the same; they are not different. As the opening will grow, the love will grow – or vice versa. All spiritual qualities grow together in the same proportion.
It is not that one quality – truth – grows ahead, and then comes love and then comes compassion. No – in fact they are not different things, just different expressions of one, ecstatic experience. You can call that ecstatic experience any name. “Opening” is perfectly good; so is “love” – and all other qualities will be there.
It is not that first you have to practice this and then you have to practice that. If you can simply manage being loving and not being attached…it is attachment that kills love, because it is attachment that destroys freedom, and love cannot exist in a state of bondage.
Love can exist only in total freedom.
Freedom is also part of the spiritual qualities; you cannot separate them. But in the beginning one has to start from very raw material, so that if one is alert one can sort out what is wrong. If people are not alert, they start doing very stupid things.
Seeing that love brings a certain kind of bondage, rather than destroying the bondage and its causes, they start becoming afraid of love. After a few experiences of getting into love and getting caught in bondage, they become certain that love is going to create chains for them, an imprisonment; it is better to live without love.
They harden their hearts. But they have misunderstood the whole thing. It was not love that was creating the bondage; it was attachment, it was jealousy.
If you can love without jealousy, if you can love without attachment, if you can love a person so much that his happiness is your happiness…. Even if he is with some other woman and he is happy, it makes you happy because you love him so much: his happiness is your happiness. You will be happy because he is happy, and you will be grateful to the woman who made the person you love, happy – you will not be jealous. Then love has come to a purity.
This love cannot create any bondage. And this love is simply the opening of the heart to all the winds, to the whole sky. It looks a little strange; but we have been taught continually that love is a relationship, so we have become accustomed to the idea that love is a relationship. But that is not true. That is the lowest kind – very polluted.
Love is a state of being. So a master can sit silently in his room; nobody is there. That does not mean that he is no longer loving because there is nobody whom he can love.
Love is his heartbeat.
Love is his song.
Love is his silence.
Love is his radiation – whether there is anybody to receive it or not does not matter.
So your question is good; the second part is perfectly right – but you are not aware that without the first, the second will not be possible. The master has to be pure love; then only can he create a vibe around himself to purify you, to raise the level of your love, and to make love your only religion.

Whenever you talk about Western psychology, you describe the failings of psychoanalysis in detail. Many modern psychologists and psychiatrists distance themselves from this tradition and claim to be doing something different. For example: the current fashions in this field are Neuro-linguistic programming and Ericksonian hypnosis. At root, don't your main points still apply? That these techniques are still ways of manipulating the mind and enhancing the ego, with no understanding of the possibilities of transcending both?
Yes, my basic criticism still applies. Because hypnosis is not anything new, it is far older than Freudian psychoanalysis. Just the name has changed. It was known as mesmerism. Because the man who was the first in the West to practice this, his name was Mesmer. Freud himself had gone to learn the methods of hypnosis, in fact he came to the analysis of dreams through his studies of hypnosis.
He found that in hypnosis a man falls asleep to the whole world, except to the person who has hypnotized him, who has suggested to him to go into deep sleep. He has been receptive to him. Even in his sleep when he cannot hear anybody else, he remains open to the person who has hypnotized him and whatever that person asks, he answers, and those answers are more pure than the answers the man gives while he is awake. This gave the idea to Freud that why not look into dreams, if in sleep created by hypnosis the person is more truer, more sincere, less a hypocrite, then perhaps there is no need for hypnosis. We can directly go into his dreams. If he relates his dreams, that will be far better, because we don’t know what to ask him. We are not aware what is lying down in his basement of the mind, but in his dreams those things surface by themselves and that is a more natural thing. It was hypnosis that gave him the idea of dream analysis and he found it very successful.
But it is…if anybody else is practicing hypnosis, and many are practicing hypnosis, it does not go deeper than the unconscious mind. Even if it goes into the unconscious mind – only to the extent that the person is willing to participate.
I had a cousin-brother and he was a very good hypnotic medium. There are thirty-three percent people, one-third of the population, who are the best hypnotic mediums. The others take much hard work and a long time – and very frustrating. But one-third of humanity simply slips into hypnosis without any difficulty. Just for two or three minutes you have to give the suggestion. I have been hypnotizing him for years, and he has been telling everything as truthfully as possible. When he was awake he will not say anything of it. He will simply forget, he will say, “I don’t know.” But what he was saying under hypnosis was found true by other means too.
After his masters degree he became a head clerk in a company. The owner was my friend, and he said that we will give him as good salary as possible and he will be almost the chief of the whole staff. I allowed him, but I found that the work was too much. He was a very sincere boy. He will work the whole day in the office, then he will come home with files and he will continue late night working. I said this is not right. And I will ask my friend that “He cannot work in this way, office hours are okay…” But he prevented me, he said, “No – the salary is good and the man is good, and everybody respects me because I am connected with the owner.”
This was his basic habit: any change was very difficult for him, to change the job…. And I was telling him that “I have found a better job, to be a head clerk is not very creditable, I have managed a lectureship for you in a college. You will be getting more salary, less work, almost half the year are holidays, you have to teach only five days in the week. At the most, the maximum is four hours per day, but that is maximum. Nobody teaches four hours every day. Three hours, two hours….”
But he will not listen, he will not resolve…. Finally I thought it would be good to hypnotize him, and then give him the idea to resolve, because he has done many things before which were said in hypnosis. I hypnotized him, I took longer time…he was perfectly under hypnosis. I asked other things and he was perfectly right, and the moment I said “Tomorrow you have to resign from your post,” he simply sat up. He said, “I was afraid you are going to do that.”
Then with many other experiments I became aware you can, with the participation, with his willingness, you can have an acquaintance with his unconsciousness, but finally he is still the master. His conscious mind can still censure. Of course, when somebody is sick he is willing to participate, to get rid of the sickness. And many sicknesses are just mind creations, so hypnosis can be helpful.
There are other therapies, other schools who in some way are different from the founders of psychoanalysis – analytical psychology and others – but the basic point remains the same. They are still working with the unconscious mind which is just an everyday recidium – repressed parts, continuing, collecting, and they are still working below the conscious. More psychologists have come off with the idea that just as there are steps below the conscious, there are steps above the conscious. And to have the full spectrum of the mind – conscious mind and three steps below it which are darker and darker and darkest; and three steps above it which are more light, still more light and then full light – but still all these seven steps are the mind.
The witness which is your real being is not even touched, not even thought about. That witness remains behind these seven layers. And that witness is capable of witnessing all the seven layers at any time; but it is an exercise in futility. If you can get to the witness, the mind with all its circus simply disappears. It loses its grip over you.
Gurdjieff used to tell a story

A very rich man had a very great palace. He told to his servants that “I’m going for a pilgrimage, it may take years,” and those were dangerous days, “perhaps I may come back, I may not come back, but you have to keep the palace ready as if I’m coming tomorrow. It has to be maintained exactly as it is, the garden, the palace, everything.”
There were fifty servants in the palace, they said, “We are here, you need not worry, we will keep everything as you are leaving.”
Then years passed. Those servants slowly started thinking that “He must have died. Now he is not going to come back.” This idea became slowly slowly stronger and stronger. Whenever somebody knocked on the door and asked about the master – any servant opened and he would say “ I am the master. What do you want.”
But the man will say, “I know the master.”
And the servant will insist, “He is dead, I am the master now, what do you want.”
And this was happening with all the servants. Whoever was on the duty at the door became the master for that day.
One day the master appeared. They were all very much embarrassed. All fifty were standing with their eyes looking down, ashamed. The master said, “Why are you feeling so sad, so ashamed; you have kept the palace beautifully, you have even made the garden more beautiful.
They said, “Master, we want to be forgiven, because a very wrong idea entered into our minds. When you did not come back for many years, we started thinking you must be dead and we were happy, that now we are the owners, not the servants. And we decided that whoever’s duty is on the gate – and it was in rotation – that day he is the master. Whoever calls, he should tell him, “I am the master.” So it was a rotation. All fifty servants were getting their time of being a master for twenty four hours.
They said, “We have committed a crime and we have betrayed you. We need punishment.”
The master laughed. He said, “Don’t be worried. Now I am here, just go on and do your duty.”

Gurdjieff used to tell this story, that mind has become master, because we have completely forgotten the real master. So the question is not to settle things with mind. You can go on settling…nothing will be settled because they are servants, they don’t have the authority to settle. They can only pretend; and they are in a rotation. One day one idea is the master, another day another idea is the master. One day sadness is the master, another day happiness is the master. This is absolutely meaningless work. All the energies should be put to discover the real master. And he is inside you, just behind the mind.
So meditation does not work with mind, and all psychoanalysis and psychotherapies work with the mind. They are working with servants, thinking they are masters. Meditation directly works with the master and once the master comes into the palace, all the servants start behaving rightly. Otherwise you cannot manage them. One servant may be trained, but there are still forty-nine servants. And tomorrow, when you come for training, that man is no longer master, somebody else is there. You go on rotating with these people, by the time the first man’s time will come, he will have forgotten about you and your training and everything. So much time has passed.
Meditation’s whole approach is that to work with mind is wasting time. Go directly to the master, and the moment the master comes in all the servants will be found immediately ashamed, asking for apology, ready to do their work perfectly. Just the presence of the master is needed. And that presence is meditation.
So my basic points remain the same. The therapies may be different, but their differences are very superficial. One thing fundamental remains, they all go on working with the mind. And they don’t even think that there is anything beyond mind.
That is where the East differs from the West. It starts with the master. And I think that is a right start. Why waste time with stupid servants. Go directly to the master. And the miracle is, just his presence; once it is felt by the mind and the body, things change. What you wanted to change for years and could not, simply disappears.
All those diseases that psychoanalysts are trying to remove – they are fighting with shadows, and you can never win with shadows. If you want to do anything with a shadow, then find out the person whose shadow it is. And then you can manage the shadow to do anything. If you want the shadow to dance, the man dances and the shadow dances. You cannot do vice versa. The shadow cannot dance; howsoever you persuade, hypnotize, analyze, the shadow cannot dance. The mind is simply a shadow. Its existence is not very solid. We should start with the master.
It is a strange thing that for five thousand years the East has been working on the mind, but has never bothered about psychoanalysis. It is not that it was not aware of dreams, dreamless sleep, it was aware of all the layers, but it never bothered about it. It simply tried to reach to the being. And once you are centered in the being, all these things have no power over you. They will simply disappear. This is the most short-cut and the most practical way.
And the East managed to create many awakened people. The Western psychology has not even been able to create a fully psychoanalyzed person. It is beyond the question that it will ever reach to being successful in discovering the awakened man. There is no possibility. It will go on shifting the rubbish of the mind from here to there. It is great work, it pays well. And my feeling is that psychoanalysts and therapists will be the people who will fight against meditation, because meditation means their profession is finished. Now they are the highly paid, perhaps the highest-paid profession in the world. And they are doing nothing, just befooling themselves and old ladies; whoever has money has to end up with a psychoanalyst.
And you will be surprised, these psychoanalysts go for their own psychoanalysis to other psychoanalysts, because they are having the same rubbish in their own heads. The East, without going into this, has managed to create the most awakened people – with no mental sickness, no schizophrenia, no madness. My feeling is that if we make a great effort to bring to the notice of psychoanalysts that what they are doing is wrong and the starting point should be meditation, they will be the one to fight against meditation. They will a thousand and one reasons to fight against it. For the simple reason, because their whole profession, which has become a big profession all around the world…. Jews are very good in founding professions. Jesus founded Christianity, Sigmund Freud founded psychoanalysis. But Jews have a quality, to create a profession out of nothing. Neither Jesus has anything to offer, nor Sigmund Freud. Now half the world is behind Jesus and most of the intelligentsia is behind Sigmund Freud.
My basic criticism remains the same.

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