Lata Mangeshkar – Music was her prayer

SNS | New Delhi | February 18, 2022 2:51 pm

Lataji’s religion was singing; it was her prayer. She worshiped to the very end of her life and left her body to move forward in her journey towards herself.

Lataji’s melodious voice, her passion for singing, her joy, art and her creativity are with us forever.

We lost her body but she remains alive in our hearts. Lataji’s songs have given expression to the emotions of many of us and it will continue for generations to come. Such is the genius in the sound of her voice.

Osho says, “Remaining uncreative is almost a sin, because you exist and you don’t contribute. You eat, you occupy space, and you don’t contribute anything. My sannyasins have to be creators. And when you are indeep creative you are close to God. That’s what prayer really is, that’s what meditation is. God is the creator, and if you are not creators you will be far away from God. God knows only one language, the language of creativity. That’s why when you compose music, when you are utterly lost in it, something to the divine starts filtering out of your being. That is the joy of creativity, that’s the ecstasy

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