Joy knows no Control

Osho on Joy

Yes, joy is mad. And only mad people can afford it. The ordinary sane person is so clever, so cunning, calculating, he cannot afford joy, because you cannot control joy. Just as I said a joyful man cannot be controlled by the society, let me say this also to you: that you cannot control your joy, you cannot control your ecstasy. If you want to remain in control, you will never be joyful; then you can only be miserable. Only misery can be controlled — by the society or even by you!

Many people come to me, and they say they would like to get out of their miseries, but they are not ready to move into a state of uncontrol. They want to control joy too. They always want to remain in control. They always want to remain the master, the boss. That is not possible. The boss has to go. The joy can erupt into your being only when all control has been removed. Joy knows no control. It is wild.

And I say to you God is wild, and joy is the first step towards God. Ecstasy is wild. You cannot control it. You have to lose all control. You have to drop into it, into the very abyss of it — and it is a bottomless abyss. You go on dropping and dropping and dropping and you never arrive to the bottom because there is no end to joy. It is a nonending process, it is eternal. And it so huge, how can you control it? The very idea is stupid.

“MAD WITH JOY, LIFE AND DEATH DANCE TO THE RHYTHM OF THIS MUSIC.” And when you are madly dancing, madly singing, when you are joyful without any control, without your presence, when the joy is so full, overflowing — you are flooded with it and all control is abandoned — then you will see a miracle: death and life dancing together. Because then all duality disappears. If you are dual, duality appears. If you are nondual, duality disappears. When you are split, the whole world is split. It is your own split that is projected onto the screen of the universe. When you are in a nonsplit state, integrated, one, organic, orgasmic, then all duality disappears.

Then life and death are not two, not opposites, but complementaries dancing with each other hand in hand. Then bad and good are not two — they are dancing with each other hand in hand. Then matter and consciousness are not two. This is what is happening inside you: the soul is dancing with the body; the body is dancing with the soul. They are not two. They are one, they are absolutely one, manifestations of one. The body is nothing but visible soul, and the soul is nothing but invisible body.

And God is not somewhere above in the heavens. He is here-now in the trees, in the rocks, in you, in me, in everything. God is the soul of existence, the invisible the innermost core. And the inner is dancing with the outer. And the sublime is dancing with the profane. And the holy is dancing with the unholy. And the sinner is dancing with the saint.

Once you have become one, suddenly all duality disappears. That’s why I say a really wise man is also a fool, has to be, because foolishness and wisdom dance together. And a really sage person, a saint, is also a rascal, has to be, it cannot be avoided. God and devil are not two. Have you ever thought about the word “devil”? It comes from the same root as “divine”; they belong to the same root. They both come from a Sanskrit root, DIVA; from it comes DEVA, from it comes “divine,” from it comes “devil.”

Deep down, the tree is one. Branches are many, moving in different dimensions, directions; leaves are millions; but the deeper you go, you come to one, one tree.

Mad with joy, life and death dance to the rhythm of this music.


When you are in a dance, everything dances with you. Yes, the old saying is true: when you weep, you weep alone; when you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. When you are miserable, you are separate.


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Discourse Series: Ecstasy – The Forgotten Language Chapter #9

Chapter title: Dance today with joy

19 December 1976 am in Buddha Hall


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