I AM A DRUNKARD. You may believe it or not, but I am a drunkard. You can look into my eyes and you can see it — I. am drunk with Jesus. And Jesus is a wine; he is not a man, he’s an intoxication. And once you have tasted of him, then nothing of this world will ever be meaningful to you. Once the meaning from the beyond enters into your life, this whole world becomes futile, immaterial, insignificant.
– Come Follow To You, Vol 3, Chapter #1

The Gospel starts in an incredibly beautiful way. No other book starts that way, no other book can start that way. The Bible is ‘the book of the books’: that is the exact meaning of the word ‘Bible’ — the Book. It is the most precious document that humanity has. That’s why it is called ‘The Testament’, because Jesus has witnessed to God in it: Jesus has become the witness to God, a testament. It is the only proof possible. God cannot be argued, but only a man like Jesus can become a proof for him.

The Gospel carries all that is beautiful in Jesus’ flowering, the Beatitudes. Those statements are the most beautiful ever made. Not even Buddha, not even Lao Tzu, have spoken that way. Buddha is very philosophic, very refined; Jesus is very plain, simple. Jesus speaks like a villager, a farmer, a fisherman. But because he speaks the way common people speak, his words have a solidity, a concreteness, a reality.

Buddha’s words are abstract; they are very very high words, philosophical. Jesus’ words are down-to-earth, very earthly. They have that fragrance of the earth that you come across when the rains have started and the earth is soaking up the rains and a great fragrance arises — the fragrance of the wet earth, the fragrance that you find on a sea beach, the fragrance of the ocean, the trees. Jesus’ words are very very earthbound, rooted in the earth. He is an earthly man, and that is his beauty. Nobody else can be compared with that beauty. The sky is good, but abstract, far away, distant.
– I Say Unto You, Vol 1, Chapter #1

Whenever a man like Jesus comes, the world is immediately divided between those who are for him and those who are against him. You cannot find a single person who is indifferent to Jesus. Whenever a Jesus-type is there, immediately the world is divided. Some are for him and some are against him, but nobody is indifferent. It is impossible to be indifferent to Jesus. If you hear the word, if you look at the Jesus, immediately you are divided: either you become a lover or you become a hater; either you fall in line or you go against; either you follow him or you start working against him.

Why does this happen? Because a man like Jesus is such a great phenomenon and he is not of this world. He brings to this world something from the beyond. Those who are afraid of the beyond immediately become the enemies — that is their way of protecting themselves. For those who have a desire, a seed hidden somewhere, who have been searching and searching and longing for the beyond, this man becomes charismatic, this man becomes a magnetic force — they fall in his love. They have been waiting for this man for many lives.

Immediately the world is divided: either you are for Christ or you are against him. There is no other alternative; you cannot be indifferent. You cannot say, “I’m not bothered”; that is impossible, because a person who can remain in the middle will become a Jesus himself. A person who can stand in the middle, in neither love nor hate, will go beyond the mind himself. You cannot stand in the middle; you will fall, you will become a ‘rightist’ or a ‘leftist’, you will be on this side or on that. He creates great turmoil — not only in individuals but in society too, on the earth; everything comes to be in a conflict, a great war starts. Since Jesus there has never been peace in the world. Jesus created a religion. He brought something into the world which created such a division, such a conflict in all minds, that he became the focus of all history. That is why we say ‘before Christ’, ‘after Christ’; he became the focal point.

History is divided, time is divided, with Jesus. He stands on the boundary. Before Jesus it is as if time was of a different quality; after Jesus time became of a different quality. With Jesus, history starts. His attitude, his approach towards the human mind, is very different from that of a Buddha or a Lao Tzu. The ultimate goal is one, the ultimate flowering is going to be one, but Jesus’ approach is absolutely different. He is unique.
– The Mustard Seed: My Most Loved Gospel on Jesus, Chapter #2

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