Hypnosis : The Art of Deconditioning

Osho says, “As far as I am concerned, hypnosis is going to be one of the most significant parts of the mystery school. Such a simple method which only demands a little trust, a little innocence can bring miraculous changes in your life…Slowly it can become the path of your meditation.”

Osho Dham Mystic Rose Group 13 Feb to 5 March 2023 by Ma Dharam Jyoti_597Hypnosis can be used as a method to decondition our many believes which do not let us open our heart when it is needed. Using hypnosis as a bridge, to look into our unconscious layer can help remove unwanted issues that often hinder our spiritual path.

Emotional issues that we are stuck with need sensitive response so that they do not hold us back through our journey; Issues like pain, fear, judgment, guilt and more are such psychological blocks that can be released through precise auto-hypnotic methods.

Hypnosis is simple if practiced with specific directives and instructions or imaginations. Many of Osho popular meditation methods also use auto-hypnosis to lead us onto desired rung of the ladder.

Osho wisdom helps us understand the very root of our issues and then through some simple methods of Hypnosis, we can tread the path of meditation very easily.

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