Guru Purnima Celebrations

Guru Purnima is a sacred day of the Hindu-Buddhist-Jain spiritual traditions. It is marked as an occasion when disciple express gratitude and reverence to their Guru (Master). The full moon night of the Hindu calendar month of Ashadh (June-July) is celebrated as Guru Purnima every year. Osho has talked about Guru Purnima that it is a symbolic day. It represents disciple dying and resurrecting into the Master.

Osho says, “The disciple starts melting into the master. The disciple destroys all distance between himself and the master; the disciple yields, the disciple surrenders, the disciple effaces himself. He becomes a nonentity, he becomes a nothingness. And in that nothingness his heart opens. In that absence his ego has disappeared and the master can penetrate into his being. The disciple is receptive, vulnerable, unguarded; he drops all armor. He drops all defense measures. He is ready to die. If the master says, “Die!” he will not wait for a single moment. The master is his soul, his very being; his devotion is unconditional and absolute. And to know absolute devotion is to know God. To know absolute surrender is to know the secret-most mystery of life.”

Osho says, “The disciple losing himself in the master becomes a master; he attains to his true identity. And the master is only a door: from the master he moves into God himself. That’s why in the East, the master is conceived of as a god. That is very difficult for non-Easterners to understand, why the master is conceived of as a god…because he is the door into the divine.”

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