From the False to the Truth 24

TwentyFourth Discourse from the series of 34 discourses - From the False to the Truth by Osho.
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When you said that you are not celibate, I was shocked. I guess I thought you had transcended sex. Why did this disturb me?
I was also shocked, because I was thinking you all would be shocked and only one camel got the shock. But his question is meaningful.
You were shocked, Mr. Camel, because you had certain expectations of me. It is strange – I don’t expect anything from you, and you go on expecting how I should be, what I should do, what I should not. I am giving you total freedom, and you want me to be a prisoner of your expectations?
You were shocked because of the long, ancient tradition of a very surprising phenomenon: masters have been imposing their ideas on their disciples; in return the disciples were imposing their ideas on the masters. And it was not that the master was really a master – because he followed his own followers, he fulfilled their expectations.
If he does not fulfill their expectations all his respectability is gone, the followers will disperse. In fact, the same people who had respected him like a god will treat him like a dog. He will be condemned and cursed. And your old so-called masters were not courageous enough to remain free. What could they give you? They were imprisoned by you.
You both were doing the same thing. The follower was fulfilling the master’s ideas; otherwise he would be condemned – that is clear. The other thing is a little more subtle: the followers had certain criteria, expectations, and their so-called masters – they don’t deserve even to be called “so-called” masters – were fulfilling their expectations for centuries; it was a mutual slavery. That’s why you were shocked. It has nothing to do with my celibacy or my love. It has something to do with your rotten mind.
Who are you to expect anything from me?
We have no contract, no bargain.
You are here out of your own freedom, I am here out of my own freedom. Freedom is the only bridge between us. I don’t expect anything from you, still, what stupidity…you expect anything from me? I should follow your idea of enlightenment? Are you enlightened? An enlightened man should follow the idea of the unenlightened, how he has to behave? Do you see the absurdity of it? But the follower’s ego is fulfilled: his master is celibate, his master is this, that….
Every religion has created different kinds of expectations. The Jaina master has to remain naked, only then will Jainas recognize him as enlightened. I don’t see any relationship between nakedness and enlightenment. Do you see any relationship?
The Buddhists will not allow Gautam Buddha to touch a woman, to hold her hand and have a little dance with her, because the enlightened man does not touch a woman. In fact, he is expected not even to see a woman. The buddhist master walks looking only four feet ahead of him, so that his eyes are glued to the earth. At the most he may be able to see the feet of a woman, but not the face.
The Hindus have their expectation. The Hindu master is not supposed even to sit on the place where a woman has been sitting before. Even that part of the earth has become dangerous, because the woman has left her vibrations there, and those vibrations can destroy his celibacy.
All these people were fulfilling the desires of their followers. I don’t care a bit what you expect; that is your problem. I am going to shatter all your expectations of me. I am totally a free man. I don’t care even about whether you think me enlightened or not. I am, why should I care?
When I became enlightened I also had the idea, which has been there for centuries, that after enlightenment one transcends sex. So for a few days I waited for the transcendence. It was not coming; on the contrary, the grass was greener. The women were more beautiful than ever before, because my eyes were clear.
It has been traditionally understood that if an enlightened man makes love to a woman, his enlightenment is finished. So I was a little hesitant. But then I thought that if enlightenment is such a weak thing, it is not worth having. How can making love to a woman destroy enlightenment? And if it does destroy it, that means the love between a man and a woman is a far bigger, stronger and more vital force than your bogus so-called enlightenment.
And I am always attracted toward the unknown, untried, unexplored. I said to myself, “For five thousand years the enlightened people have perpetuated the idea. I have to experiment and to see.” And I have loved many women – my enlightenment has not changed. I have created a historical event! In the future, no enlightened man should be expected to be celibate. I have risked much. But in a way, after enlightenment something is transcended – it is not sex, but sexuality. After enlightenment I have not been able to look into the eyes of any woman with sexuality.
It is nothing on my part, I cannot take the credit for it. The whole experience of enlightenment has changed many things. Even making love to a woman is now totally different, absolutely different, has no connection with the love when I was unenlightened. It was not love, it was just a biological, chemical, hormonal attraction. It was just a kind of slavery; it was a need, and you were possessed by the need. That need has disappeared. Now making love to a woman is just pure fun – and I have never heard that after enlightenment fun is transcended.
In fact, only after enlightenment can you love. Before that you were just animals, camels. Have you seen two animals making love? Watch carefully – you will be surprised. They both look so sad, so depressed. A clear perception is there that they are feeling the bondage of biology, they are feeling the slavery of biology. Animals don’t enjoy making love. They have to do it; it is something that they cannot avoid – they are not conscious enough. When the season comes, they have to mate.
Man, even though unenlightened, has changed one thing: there is no season for mating for him, the whole year he is free to love. A certain freedom has come to humanity which is not available to the animals.
It is very strange to see animals: for one month or two months they become attracted to each other and then for ten months they are celibate; for ten months they remain enlightened! Just for two months those poor guys, under the impact of biological forces, have to make love. It is almost as if somebody is holding a gun behind you and telling you to make love. The biological gun is not visible, but it is very powerful. How can you enjoy? How can you be blissful?
No animal is happy making love. Only man has risen a little higher, and that height has made him capable of being freed from one thing: the biological period of mating. But still, it is biology that goes on forcing him to make love all the year round.
In the East, people make love only in the night. In the West, they have a little more intelligence, they make love early in the morning – of course they also make love in the night. The western mind has grown a little more toward freedom. Why make love in darkness? The reason was always because making love was a kind of enforcement, and the faces of the lovers looked distorted. It was better not to see the faces of each other. Not to spoil the game, the darkness was good. Under the blanket of darkness they could manage to believe that everything was going right.
It needed a little more intelligence to ask why you should remain bounded by the night. Animals are bounded by a certain period in the year. Man’s intelligence freed him for the whole year.
In the East they are bound to make love in the night, silently – nobody should know about it. In the West, intelligence has grown a little better. Why in the night only? In fact, a man who is tired after the whole day’s work, worries, tensions, anxieties – what kind of love is he going to make? His love is more or less like a sleeping pill. It gives him good sleep, it gives him relaxation. The whole day he was so burdened that his heart was not functioning normally. Making love, he loses energy; the heart starts cooling down, calming down.
Now it is a medically-established fact that people who make love never have heart attacks. The longer in their life they go on making love, the more powerful, relaxed their heart remains. Have you heard, in the millions of years of the past, that anybody has died while he was making love?
People have died in every kind of situation. People have died eating, people have died sleeping, people have died working, people have died walking, people have died talking, but strange – people have never died making love. It establishes something: that love is a relaxation. It is good for sleep and good for your heart, but after a tiring day it cannot be much of a joy. Just a last thing to do somehow, quickly, and then turn your back and go to sleep – a kind of duty.
Morning, perhaps, is the best time to make love. Energies are fresh, you are rested, there is no anxiety burdening you, it is the beginning of the day. And to make love in the beginning should be considered something auspicious, holy; you cannot begin the day religiously without making love. But still you are in a biological bondage.
After enlightenment, love is no longer a need. In that way there is a transcendence. Love becomes just like any game: playing cards, playing tennis…. I have loved many women, and I am the first enlightened person in the world who is being absolutely truthful to you. You could have never found out whether I am celibate or not. I thought, although I have not said I am celibate, you would consider me a celibate. I have not participated in this lying positively, but negatively I am responsible. And now I am not going to hide anything from you.
Once Gautam Buddha’s most intimate disciple, Ananda, asked him, “Bhagwan, can you tell me the essential quality of your philosophy in a very short statement?”
Buddha said, “My philosophy is like a fist; it is a secret. I have not told you everything. The most precious is hidden.”
If you ask me, I will say my philosophy is both hands open before you. I am not going to keep anything private, anything secret. For the first time, an enlightened man is trusting the people who love him. But I would not like to be loved by you according to your conceptions, your conditions. I don’t need that kind of love, it is poisonous. I would like you to learn to be open to me the way I am open to you.
I am not a fist, but an open hand – and not only one hand, but both hands. And if you can love me still, then that love will be meaningful.
It is a strange phenomenon that you have never considered. Why do you want the enlightened man, your master, to be naked, to be celibate, to be eating one time only in a day, sleeping on a hard bed, not allowing women any closeness, eating only certain things?
If you see Gautam Buddha drinking even a Coca Cola, you will not anymore consider him enlightened – he has not even transcended Coca Cola. I don’t drink Coca Cola, but I love it. I cannot drink it because of my physicians; Devaraj is after me, Shunyo is after me. I cannot drink Coca Cola, I had to transcend it. But it is not enlightenment that helped me to transcend it, it is diabetes!
Your old religious leaders were captives of your expectations. I am nobody’s prisoner. And I feel very light, because I am not burdened. I can say to you everything; there is nothing being withheld. All your masters were withholding things from you. I do not consider them authentic, open, sincere. Even to their own disciples they were not true.
If enlightenment does not make you transcend hunger, thirst, urination, then why should it make you transcend your sex? Sex is part of your whole being, it is not something separate. You eat, you drink, you exercise. Your body has nothing to do with your enlightenment; the body will go on functioning in the same way. It will create blood, it will create semen. How can enlightenment make you transcend sex? You will have to stop eating, you will have to stop drinking. In fact, you will have to stop breathing; only then will there be a transcendence – in your death.
Sex is a natural phenomenon. Yes, it takes fourteen years to make your sexual energy mature. And if you enjoy it blissfully, without any condemnation, without any Christ standing between you and your beloved….
I think this is very disgusting of these enlightened people – always poking their nose into your affairs, always watching you from the keyhole, what you are doing. And naturally, because they go on watching you from the keyhole, you also go on watching them even more carefully, because you may be following a wrong man. You have to be certain that his is a twenty-four carat enlightenment.
It fulfills your ego that you are a follower of an enlightened master. That’s why, Mr. Camel, you got shocked. I am sorry for you. You are a fellow traveler of a simple, natural, authentic, open person. You are not my followers, because to make you my followers I would have to follow you! Then I would have to keep continuously alert that something is not found out by you.
Celibacy is unnatural – at least, up to the age of forty-two. Between fourteen years and forty-two, celibacy is absolutely unnatural, and if you force yourself to remain a celibate, you will become just a pervert. Your sexual energy will find ways. It is very simple….
How long can you keep your bladder full? Sooner or later either you have to rush toward the toilet or the bladder will drop any idea of your support and will start functioning on its own. Semen is a similar phenomenon. It is manufactured in you, by your food, by your breathing, by your exercise, by your very living. How long can you hold it? And holding it is such a painful job! That’s why you see your saints so sad.
It is natural, if your bladder is full and you are afraid that, “Now I am coming near the boundary when there will be no control….” Semen is a natural by-product of your life. Yes, after enlightenment there is a tremendous change. To me, that is transcendence. That does not mean you stop making love. That simply means it is no longer a need, you are no longer a slave to it. Just, in moments when you want to play with the energy that you have, you can make love. And if the other person is also of the same quality, or even is moving in the same direction, your love will become meditation.
All other religions have forced you to become perverts. In your monasteries there is masturbation but no meditation. And I want to say the thing as it is: Transcendence simply means slavery is transcended. Now I am not making any love to anybody, for the simple reason that I am no longer healthy, my body is fragile. It is not ready to play tennis! It is nothing spiritual – if I get my health back again, which I have wasted for you….
Just think of me for thirty years continuously wandering in India, and in return getting stones, shoes and knives thrown at me. And you don’t know Indian railways, waiting rooms, you don’t know the way Indians live. It is unhygienic, ugly, but they are accustomed to it. I had suffered for those thirty years as much – perhaps more – than Jesus suffered on the cross. To be on the cross is a question only of a few hours. To be assassinated is even quicker. But to be a wandering master in India is no joke.
I was the healthiest person you could find. Before I started these journeys, knowing perfectly well my health was going to be destroyed…. I had to eat all kinds of food, and in India the food pattern changes just within a few miles. I had to live with dirt, uncleanliness, and I had to be ready for all these rewards – stones, shoes, knives being thrown at me. And India is a vast country, almost a continent – I was always on the train.
There are places which take forty-eight hours to reach by the train. And aeroplanes reach only to a few capital cities. If you want to reach the people you have to go in a train. And if you want to enter the very central parts of the country, you have to use even worse trains. Of course, I went on and on destroying my health, knowing perfectly well what I was doing.
But what I had found I wanted at any cost – at the cost of my life – to share with a few people, to make them afire. My body may die in the effort, but I have made a few other bodies lighted with the same flame, and they will go on spreading the fire around the earth.
People used to say to me, “Your body is like a marble statue.” It was. My weight was one hundred and ninety pounds, and it was not fatness – I have never been fat. It was immensely solid, like a rock. I was never sick, I was unaware what it means to be sick. But as my body went on deteriorating, I became aware what headache is, what migraine is, what stomach upset is, what finally became my diabetes and my asthma. Now I am only one hundred and thirty-one pounds, down from one hundred and ninety.
Now I don’t have any energy for any game. Whatsoever energy I have got, I want it to be devoted to you and to my people around the world. I want to say so many things to you, and life is so short – one cannot be certain even of tomorrow. But I am determined that death will have to wait till I have fulfilled my task, because it is no longer my task; I have disappeared long ago. Now it is existence meeting you, existence trying to reach you. I am only a vehicle.
But one fact I have proved absolutely and forever – that making love does not destroy enlightenment. On the contrary, it makes it richer, more beautiful – new flowers in it, new colors in it, new fragrances in it, new laughter, new smiles. The whole idea that the enlightened man cannot make love is absolutely wrong.
But you got shocked because of your expectation. You are unenlightened, you don’t know enlightenment. First, to become enlightened is so arduous – the camel changing into the lion, the lion changing into the child. And when you have passed this whole long track, you are not courageous enough to do something that may spoil the whole pilgrimage.
But, forgive me, I am a different type of man. When I became enlightened, I wanted to test it in every fire: if it passes through all fire tests, then only is it real. Otherwise, I was hallucinating, I was just imagining that I had become enlightened. And I can say to you now that I have done everything that no enlightened person is expected to do – even things in which I was not interested at all, but just to test that I was not hallucinating….
After my enlightenment I smoked my first cigarette. I had never had any interest in doing such a silly thing. When you can breathe fresh air and exhale, why should you pollute it with smoke, with dangerous nicotine? But I did smoke, for almost one month. It was difficult, I was coughing; it was a hard thing to do.
I used to live with one of my friends. He was puzzled; he said, “You are mad! You were never interested in cigarettes, and now you are smoking continually.”
Coughing, tears coming to my eyes, I said, “I have to see whether the cigarette is stronger than the enlightenment. I have to give it a chance.”
I have done everything after enlightenment which has been thought would destroy enlightenment. And I tell you now that nothing can destroy enlightenment, because enlightenment is not just an experience, it is a transformation. It is not that it happens once and you see the light, and then the whole of your life you remember with joy that vision, that opening of the window to existence. It is not like that. Enlightenment transforms you. You are totally a new man.
But of course, if I start smoking here while I am speaking to you, many camels are going to be shocked. But I am an unreliable man, I live moment to moment. If it happens to me, tomorrow you will see a table by my side with the best cigarettes in the world – what is it? Five-Five-Five? – and a bottle of champagne, and my Gudia, one of the most beautiful girls I have come across, pouring champagne into the glass for me. I can do that, it is just a question of the idea arising in me. Then nobody can prevent me.
I have found freedom in dropping being respectable. Respectability is a social strategy to keep you imprisoned. Around the world there are so many rumors…. I don’t care a bit. Sometimes I have been told by my friends and lovers, “Why don’t you contradict them? These are absolutely absurd, they destroy your respectability with people.”
I said, “I don’t want to be respected by anyone, because if he respects me he will expect me to remain respectable” – and that I cannot promise. It is better to be notorious, because it gives you immense freedom. I am a notorious man. Jesus, Mohammed, Mahavira, Buddha, Lao Tzu – none of them was courageous enough to drop the desire for respectability.
People go on condemning me. The moment I come to know that they are condemning me for a certain thing, then I go on doing the same thing on a bigger scale. I had only one Rolls Royce. They started condemning me, so I told my secretary, “Arrange for two.”
In India it was very difficult, because the Rolls Royce after 1965 became a banned item, it could not enter the country. I was the only man who managed to have two Rolls Royces enter the country.
When I came to America, I said to my secretary, “Now there is no limit.” I had seven, and they were condemning me – a spiritual man, an enlightened person, having seven Rolls Royces when people are dying of starvation? Now I have ninety. Now they don’t condemn me. They know that if they continue condemning me, I will go on having more and more Rolls Royces until they are satisfied.
I have my own individuality. I don’t need anybody’s respect, because I am so full there is no space for anything else. And it has been a tremendous experience to be so notorious and yet to be loved by millions of people. That gives a great hope, that even an ordinary man can be loved; you need not to be extraordinary to be loved.
How much love I have received! I don’t think anybody before me has received so much love. And certainly I have received more hostility, anger, condemnation than anybody else. I am richest man in the world – I receive everything!
Love I have received – nobody can come even close to me. Hatred I have received – nobody can come close to me. And just for a single, simple thing: that I dropped the idea of respectability.
If you ask me, my enlightenment made me transcend only one thing, and that is the opinion of others. That is their business. They cannot disturb my sleep by their opinions. And I don’t have to be concerned about what they are thinking. I am living absolutely alone, but utterly fulfilled.
You ask me why you were shocked – because you are still a camel. The lions were not shocked. They must have roared! They must have found a synchronicity between me and themselves. They must have been rejoiced and danced: “Our master is not celibate, so we need not be unnecessarily depressed that we are not celibate.”
Those who have reached the stage of being a child, they must have enjoyed knowing that at least in this whole world there is one man who can say everything truly without taking an oath that, “Whatever I say, I will say only the truth.”
I am not one who has taken an oath to speak the truth. I simply want you to understand what a beauty it is to be truthful, authentic, just the way you are. I have put my heart in front of you. Now it is up to you whether to be shocked, or to rejoice. It will depend on your mind. But you cannot influence me; nobody in my whole life has influenced me. Anybody who has tried has found that he was forcing me to do just the opposite. Slowly, slowly people dropped the idea.
In India, Jainas were a great majority of my lovers, but the day I spoke on sex that majority – camels – simply disappeared. Yes, a few remained, a few of them are even here. They proved to be lions; they could see and connect themselves with my truth.
There were many Gandhians – until the day I spoke against Gandhi and said that he was the most cunning politician, not only of this century but of the whole history, that all his religion was mumbo-jumbo; it was a curtain to dominate the whole country. And although he was saying that he was in search of truth, he was continually lying, just like a politician.
He was saying that when the country becomes free, all the armies will be dissolved; there will be no military, there will be no weapons, because a nonviolent country has no need of such things. One American author, Louis Fisher, asked him, “If you dissolve all the armies and the military, and you don’t have any weapons, and somebody attacks you, what will you do?”
He said, “We will welcome them. We will say to them, ‘There is no need for any bloodshed. If you want to live here in this country, come, be our guests. You are welcome.’”
But this was before freedom came to India. When India became independent, everything changed. The army was not dissolved, but increased. The military was not dissolved – now India has one of the biggest military forces. Weapons were not dissolved. India has atomic plants and is now making every effort to have nuclear weapons – at the cost of half of the country dying, without food! India is exporting wheat to other countries, because the politicians need money to make a nuclear plant. And these are all Gandhians.
When Gandhi was alive, after independence, Pakistan attacked one part of Kashmir. India had to fight with the invaders, and you cannot believe that Gandhi blessed the first fighter planes to go and destroy Pakistanis – who were Indians just a few days before! Where had his nonviolence gone? He was blessing fighting planes, sending them to destroy the same people for whom he had been fighting for freedom his whole life.
When I said that his nonviolence was a political strategy…. It was clear that to fight against the British government with weapons was impossible. From where are you going to get all those weapons against the empire? – perhaps the biggest empire that has existed ever. It was said that the sun never sets on the British empire. It was true: if it sets in one country, it rises in another, but as far as the whole British empire is concerned, it never sets. This was the biggest empire of man’s history. Against this empire how can you fight?
And not only can you not fight, you don’t have the means to fight. You don’t have even men to fight – Indians are so lousy, so cowardly, so superstitious, and so faithful to the idea that nothing happens without God’s will. “It is God’s will that Britain is ruling our country. To fight against Britain and its empire is to fight against God’s will.” That was the Indian conditioning.
Naturally Gandhi invented a new strategy – nonviolence, which was always respected by the Indians as the most significant religious quality. But his nonviolence was not that of a religious man.
I am nonviolent. You see the guards around me with weapons…and now they are being criticized. Remember, that criticism will create more and more guards and more and more weapons. But I know that those weapons are just toys. Against nuclear powers, you are carrying a small gun. I know it, I know it makes no sense, but the gun is not the point! And I have not arranged those guards either. I don’t know even who my guards are, what their names are.
It is you, the people who love me – a person who never fulfills any of your expectations – you are worried about my life. It is your love; otherwise those guards are just of no use. Just a bomb will finish…it can become another Nagasaki, Hiroshima. But I am nonviolent.
People have been asking me, if I am nonviolent then why are these weapons here? Those weapons are your love, and I respect your love, knowingly perfectly well those weapons are toys. But I know the person who is carrying the weapon is carrying it out of love. There is no other reason. I cannot tell him to throw the weapon, because that would be an insult to his love. I cannot insult love, I have tremendous respect for love.
You have to come out of your shock; otherwise the bridge between me and you will be broken.
Remember perfectly, I am not going to change in any way. If change has to come, it has to come to you and your mind, because it is your disturbance, your shock. It is your problem – take the responsibility for it. See the simple fact that you were carrying some expectations – that means some chains for me. It is time: throw those chains.
I am an absolutely free man. There is no bondage for me. I can do anything, you just have to suggest it to me!

I love your vision, but whenever I listen to you speaking about the future of the world, I feel like politicians and priests are too powerful and too deeply asleep for our songs and our laughter to turn the world around. Is this skepticism?
It is not skepticism – for that a little more intelligence is needed. It is simply stupidity.
I also know that the powers of the politicians and the priests are so vast. What can our laughter, our song, our dances, our love, do against these big powers?
I have to tell you one thing, that if an atom of hydrogen gas can release so much energy that it becomes the hydrogen bomb, a hundred times more powerful than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima or Nagasaki, why do you think that authentic love – which is the most precious thing in the world – that a real rejoicing, that a total laughter when you are not laughing but you are laughter, that a dance in which the dancer disappears cannot release a totally different kind of energy?
All these priests and politicians have the energy derived from matter. I am trying to tell you that if material energy can be so big, spiritual energy can be a million or billion times bigger. It just has not been tried, ever. This is a good opportunity.
Remember, the “opportunist” has been used always in a condemnatory sense. I want it to be freed from that association. A really intelligent person is always an opportunist. To me, an opportunist means one who takes the challenge of the opportunity and risks himself.
What are we going to lose? If my sannyasins all around the world go on spreading songs and dances and love, these politicians will look stupid. Right now, they cannot be much bothered with the humanity that is there. If it is destroyed, so what? – it is not worth anything. But if we can make the earth blossom with new people, the politicians will have heart attacks. The very idea of destroying these people, this earth, will become inconceivable.
And the man of laughter, the man who can dance in tune with the wind and the sun and the moon, is far more powerful than any nuclear weapon can be, because his is life energy. They are playing with dead matter. If dead matter can release so much energy, a living being…it is inconceivable how much energy he can release.
We can create of this whole world a celebration.
And I tell you, your politicians will commit suicide, because they will be the only sad people, they will be the only ones who are unfit. And I don’t think, howsoever idiotic they are, they can think of destroying the laughter, the songs, the beauty of love, the innocence of a child, and the authenticity of enlightened people.
Just take the challenge of the time. They are going to destroy you anyway – why not celebrate before they do it? Let them create death for the whole earth. But what are we going to lose? We will die laughing, dancing, singing. We are not going to be like Hiroshima or Nagasaki.
In the first place, it is impossible. If we really work for the New Man to go on spreading like wildfire, it is impossible for them to destroy this earth. Even their conscience – which is not much – will not allow them to destroy this beautiful garden of people.
And the laughter is not American or Soviet, it is not Indian or English. Rejoicing has no nations. Songs, dances, and disappearing into your dances and your songs, don’t belong to any religion.
The New Man will declare this whole earth his own. Politicians will simply fall by the way. They will not be able to figure out what to do with these people. They know how to deal with the sad slaves – slaves of theologies, political ideologies, they know how to deal with them.
My effort is to create a man that they simply have never seen. They will simply stagger and fall wherever they are. And I don’t see that a world full of flowers and fragrance can be destroyed. But just for argument’s sake, even if it is destroyed, that is the best way to go away from this earth to some other planet – dancing, singing, rejoicing. Yes, they can destroy your body, but they cannot destroy your spirit. And I am trying to create a man who has spirit, ecstasy.
You can ride upon your ecstasy to other planets; rockets are not needed. And remember, only bodies die, the soul within you is immortal. No nuclear weapons can destroy it. You have something indestructible in you; you just have to become aware of it, and you have to make others aware of it.
I am not concerned about the future. I am concerned with you, with people who have been given a chance of drinking the wine of life, squeezing the whole juice of it every moment. The future makes no sense to me, but it is going to come whether it makes sense to me or not.
And I am not worried about myself. I died thirty-two years ago, and the one who is speaking to you is beyond any nuclear weapon. I would like you also to be beyond nuclear weapons. And these are the methods: the laughter, the joy, love, rejoicing, making your life a beautiful garden.
The last moment of your life is very decisive. Nothing is more decisive in your whole life. The last moment of your life…if it is a dance, you will join other dancers in some other planet. If it is love, you will join some planet where love is no longer sin, where love is religion.
So what I am saying to you is double-edged. On the one hand it can stop the third world war; on the other hand it can take you to the right place among right people. Whatever happens in the future is not my concern. My concern is with this moment, because the next moment may be the last moment on the earth.
Remember this: when you go to sleep, say goodbye to life with great gratitude. It has given you so much – never forget it. I don’t say to you, go to sleep praying to Jesus Christ on your knees, or Gautam Buddha or some other guy. I say to you, go to your sleep with a thankful heart for all that life has given to you: all the laughter, all the loves, all the beautiful flowers, the songs of the birds, the colorful rainbows, the amazing sunsets, sunrises. It has given you so much that if there is not going to be tomorrow you have not missed anything.
Let there be no tomorrow; you are already fulfilled. And if by chance you wake up again tomorrow morning, don’t start with any mantra-chanting or prayer – these are all irreligious ways. Again, start the day with gratitude, love, joy.
People say that you should not get out of the bed with the wrong leg, wrong foot, because then you spoil your whole day. As for as I know, legs have nothing to do with your day. I would like you, when you get up, to get up with laughter. Any leg will do, but go to your bathroom dancing!

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