From Poverty to Richness

My community is so much more intelligent that there is no need for nature to balance it. In four years’ time here, not a single baby has been born. Four sannyasins have died. I am not going to overburden the earth. It is simply a way of nature to establish harmony. It is in fact absolutely true that service to the poor has been the basic cause of poverty remaining for centuries.

You go on throwing a few crumbs off your table, and those poor people go on hoping for more, and your priests go on telling them, “Just wait a little. After death you are going to be in paradise.” And in paradise, even a camel can pass through the eye of a needle, but no rich man can enter the gates.

They console the poor to remain poor. They make him happy because the rich man will suffer in hell. They make the rich man happy because their consolation of the poor prevents revolution. The happy rich man goes on contributing to make big cathedrals, churches, because he knows that if he can manage here, he will be able to manage there too — if even a camel can manage, do you think Rockefeller, Morgan or Ford will not be able to manage? They are certainly far more intelligent than a camel.

I am certainly against poverty, and I want to destroy it completely. But to destroy it completely one thing has to be understood, that all preventive measures should be taken.

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People who are not giving birth to children should be rewarded. People who are giving birth to children — their income taxes should go higher and higher. People are doing just the opposite. If you have more children, you have less income tax. This is strange. The government policy is family planning, and on the other hand if the family is bigger you support the bigger family, you don’t support the person who has no family.

These priests and politicians are responsible for keeping poverty somehow alive. They are still doing that. Send help to Ethiopia, send help to India. It fulfills the ego of the super-rich countries, and it also keeps those poor countries in a subtle, mental slavery, always dependent on you.

If I am listened to, it is so simple a matter. We just need one world government; we don’t need any countries. We need one government, one world, and that government, that world can easily see where the problem is. Even a poor country like India, where people are starving, is exporting wheat to other countries. It seems we are living in a madhouse! Indians are dying, starving, and they are exporting wheat. But they have to export, because they want to make nuclear weapons. From where are they going to get nuclear plants? They need money for that. Seventy-five percent of the national incomes of all the countries goes to war, either fighting or preparing for fighting. If the world is one, seventy-five percent of the income of the whole world is immediately released. Poverty disappears like a dewdrop in the early morning sun.


This is an excerpt from the transcript of a public discourse by Osho in Buddha Hall, Shree Rajneesh Ashram, Pune. 

Discourse name: The Last Testament, Vol 1

Chapter title: The Fruits Are Ripe

Chapter #3

20 July 1985 pm in Jesus Grove


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