From Death to Deathlessness 09

Ninth Discourse from the series of 40 discourses - From Death to Deathlessness by Osho.
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I trust you unconditionally, and now I'm no longer a sannyasin simply to rid myself of my fears. I am now here without any need, hope, desire or expectation. I am no longer feeling dependent on you. I am with you without any reason, just for fun, and I trust you without belief. Is this the state of being a true disciple?
Yes and no. Yes, because what you have described is authentically the state of a disciple. No, because you cannot cheat me. The description is right, but it is not about you. And my logic is very simple. If you were really independent, trusting me unconditionally, not out of fear or greed, without any desire or expectation, then this question would not have arisen in the first place.
The implication of the question is that you still want my approval and that is dependence. You are asking me, “Is this the true state of a disciple?” Why are you asking me? If you are experiencing it, the experience itself will be the answer. But you are not experiencing it. You may be imagining and you need my approval, you want me to say, “Yes – great, groovy.” But that will make you dependent on me.
I would love you all to be independent of me, because if you are dependent on me, in some way you will go on resenting me. Nobody loves a man on whom you are dependent, who has taken away your freedom, your independence, who has possessed you. You are imprisoned. Who loves the jailer? And I don’t want to be anybody’s jailer.
Please, don’t be dependent on me, because your dependence is dangerous to me. Behind your dependence will be great resentment, hatred. It is poisonous. I want you to be completely independent of me, so that I can be completely free from any resentment, hatred – at least from my sannyasins. You should understand my situation.
The whole world is hostile toward me. All the religions are full of hate toward me. All the politicians are agreed upon one point: that I should be removed as quickly as possible, that I should not be allowed to wake people anymore. The American government and the government of the Soviet Union may be enemies on every point, but on one point they are friends – that is me. Just think of the hostility all over the world, of all kinds of people….
Your love is protecting me, keeping me alive. But if your love is that of a dependent person it is no longer love, it is hidden hostility. So if you become independent I am freed from your resentment at least.
And I am concerned only with my world of sannyasins. Their love is my nourishment, their love is keeping me in the body. Otherwise, as far as I am concerned my work has been completed long ago. There was no need after that to go on living in the body, with all its troubles. But looking at you, I feel to hang around a little more.
But your dependence hurts me, even your dependence on getting approval from me.
Who am I? Meditate over your question again and you will see the implication: why have you asked it? You may not have been aware that you were asking for approval. But if your state needs my approval, my certificate, it is not freedom.
The true disciple trusts, but has no resentment, because he trusts of his own accord. He is not being forced to trust. He loves because only love is left in him, he cannot do otherwise. He is free and independent because now he feels himself for the first time an integrated individual. He is no longer a beggar – he has become an emperor.
I want you all to be emperors.
The more you are independent of me, the more you can help me to continue to be in a fragile body. After enlightenment it is really difficult to remain in the body because the function of the body is finished.
You are born again and again into new forms, new bodies, only for one thing: because each time you go on missing the train. And existence is very compassionate. It will go on giving you new bodies, fresh bodies, and it trusts that sooner or later you will catch the train, you will become enlightened.
After enlightenment, nobody is born again. It is impossible. There is no way to be back in the cage. Experiencing the expanse of the whole sky, experiencing all the stars moving within you, sunrises within you, sunsets within you - all that is, is contained within you. Who would like to enter a cage and destroy the beautiful experience of continuous expansion?
After enlightenment nobody is born again. After enlightenment, to keep oneself in the body becomes more and more difficult. The reason is very simple. Enlightenment is exactly what the word means, as if a lightning has fallen upon you. Your being and your body are no longer bridged. You are in the body but your connections with the body are destroyed. That lightning destroyed all connections with the body.
The body is affected by gravitation, but when all connections with the body are destroyed you are no longer under the law of gravitation. There is another law which science perhaps may never be able to discover. But the scientist has to understand according to his own rules, that every law has its opposite law to balance it. Everything has its contradiction, to keep the balance of existence. The law of gravitation they have discovered, because it is an objective phenomenon, but they know nothing about the law of levitation.
The moment you are disconnected with the body, your body is under the law of gravitation being pulled down, and your being under the totally contradictory law of levitation - it is being pulled upward. It becomes a tug-of-war. Hence most people die after enlightenment. There have been many enlightened people but very few masters, because just to be enlightened is not enough to be a master. You have to remain in the body, to have contacts, connections with other people who are in their bodies, who know only one law – the law of gravitation.
I have been able to remain in the body, with all the difficulties, in spite of all the difficulties that were bound to happen because the body is no longer in my control and I am no longer in the body’s control. If I have been able to remain in the body for these thirty-three years, it is because of your love – love which demands nothing, trust which is not based on any reason.
You are connected with the gravitation of the earth. Through you I can keep myself still connected with the gravitation of the earth. But through you it is possible only if you give me a passage, clear, and you don’t ask for any expectations, demands, desires to be fulfilled.
Your description of the disciple is absolutely true. But because you have asked it, you again missed the train. You are back to zero again. Don’t be sad, start the journey again. And when you start feeling what you are describing, please don’t ask for approval. Enjoy it!
Do you ask somebody, “Am I in love with you?” Either you are or you are not – no question of approval or disapproval. Do you ask, “Is this sunset really beautiful?” Your very question indicates that you are not feeling the beauty. You are asking others, as a support, so that your imaginary beautiful sunset becomes more real.
But nobody’s approval can make anything real. Even if the whole world denies your enlightenment you will still be enlightened, there will be no difference. Or vice versa: even if the whole world approves your enlightenment and you are not enlightened, all that approval is not going to make you enlightened.
You have beautifully described the real state of a disciple. But by asking the question you missed the mark.

The other day you spoke against homosexuality and lesbianism. What about bisexuality? A few years ago you said that bisexuality was the hope for the new man, the only freedom in sex. Is it still so?
There are many questions involved in that one question. First, never bother about what I have said before. My memory is not that good – and that has been a great blessing to me. I don’t know what I have said on the yesterdays stretching backward thirty years. I know only what I am saying to you now. This has given me freedom to tell you the truth even if it goes against my past.
I am not confined by my yesterdays. I have never read any of my books and I don’t know what kind of things I have been saying. But whatever has been said was true for that moment, and exactly the same is the case now.
Never compare my statements with the past statements; otherwise instead of getting enlightened you will find yourself in an insane asylum. I have contradicted myself so many times, that anybody working for a PhD thesis on me will go crazy. He will never get the PhD. Nobody can make a consistent philosophy out of my statements. I have been consistent only in one thing, and that is inconsistency.
So first you have to drop all the yesterdays. The past is dead. And I am dying every moment to the past so that I can live in the present. You cannot do both things together – living in the past and living – it is not possible. Existence gives you only one moment at a time. Either you can waste it in remembering the past or you can waste it in fantasizing about the future or you can live it now.
My most emphatic thing is that now is the only reality there is. Past is no more, future not yet.
But your question must be troubling you. I have to tell you the truth. First, homosexuality and lesbianism are both against nature. I have in the past not said it so clearly for a simple reason: not to hurt many gay people who are around me. I don’t want to hurt my people. Just to avoid wounding them, I can lie. That is not a problem, because my experience of truth is far above any lies: no lies can disturb it.
So I have been either silent or telling you that whatsoever you are – homosexual, a lesbian – accept it, don’t condemn it. I never want to create any guilt feelings in anybody, particularly my people. I want them to be completely guiltless, because all other religions have done just the opposite. They have created guilt in you, and through guilt they have enslaved you, because when you are guilty you want to be freed, saved from the guilt. The messiah, the savior is needed. His agents go on creating guilt in you and then he comes to save you.
I am not a savior. Nobody has ever been a savior, that is all hocus-pocus. All that I can do is not to make you feel guilty. That’s why either I have been silent, or I have told you to accept.
I can lie for you. My love is enough to make me capable of lying for you. And it does not make any difference to me – I am beyond it. So once in a while I have even appreciated your homosexuality, your lesbianism-just to free you of the guilt. Homosexuality was not the point, the point was how to make you free from the guilt.
I have gone even to the extent of saying in the future the new man will be bisexual – neither heterosexual nor homosexual. A man who is heterosexual has a limitation: he cannot be homosexual. The man who is homosexual has a limitation: he does not feel any attraction to women. The bisexual man is one who has no limitation. He can be in love with a man, he can be in love with a woman.
Yes, I had gone even to that extent, knowing perfectly that it was a lie. But how to make you guilt-free? I have made statements as if homosexuality and lesbianism are progressive steps: the people who are not homosexual are still lagging far behind those who have entered the gay world. But all these are lies, used to erase your guilt from you. But how long can I go on lying to you? One day or other I have to tell you the truth: otherwise I might not have told it at all.
AIDS is the ultimate development of homosexuality, and it has no cure. You have gone so far away from nature that there is no way back, you have broken all the bridges behind you. That’s the disease AIDS.
Medical science cannot help you. It can only confirm that you have the disease, and at the most you have two years to live. That is at the most, because AIDS is a totally new kind of disease. It cannot be categorized with other diseases. Even cancer can be cured, can be operated on. But AIDS does not allow any treatment.
It has to be understood, what it is. AIDS somehow makes you drop, deep down, the desire to live. And the moment somebody gets to the point where he loses the desire to live, he becomes vulnerable to all kinds of infections: he does not create antibodies to fight with disease. He has dropped out of the game of life. No medicine can give back the desire to live. And when you are absolutely vulnerable to any kind of infection – two years is just the longest possibility guessed by the medical profession – most probably within six months you will be gone.
And the danger is, when you know that within six months or one year you are going to leave, you would like to make love to as many men, as many women, as possible – because now you cannot postpone, you may die tomorrow. Tomorrow has never been so uncertain. You have to do whatever you want to do now – today, as quickly as possible.
And when a man is going to die within six months he becomes irresponsible, careless. He starts making love and having contacts with many people – he has to compress his whole life of sexuality into six months. And there may be something biological in it also. It has been a known fact that when somebody is crucified, before he dies his semen escapes from his body immediately. The man is dying; those people who are there in your semen, millions of people, they don’t want to die; they have not even lived, they have not even been born.
Inevitably the dying man on the cross ejaculates before death. Perhaps those poor people hidden in his semen think they may find some way – at least there is no harm in making an effort. This fact has been known for centuries, because whenever a man was put on the gallows this has happened without any exception. Now, AIDS is almost the gallows. Yes, the time period is a little longer – six months, maybe one year. Perhaps if you happen to be in one of my communes, two years.
But knowing that you are going to live only for such a little time, why not make the most of it? And your biology also supports you: “Before you leave the body, let all the living beings hidden inside you be released. At least this favor you can do for the unborn.”
And the people who have AIDS outside my communes are capable of bribing the doctors so that their disease should not be made public…because just the knowledge that you have AIDS creates such a condemnation by the society – the same society that has created AIDS, the same society that has created homosexuality.
You will be condemned by the priests, by the bishops, by the pope. And these are the people who are behind AIDS. These people are the virus. Homosexuality is a religious discipline – putting men into one monastery, not allowing them to meet with women, creating all kinds of barriers so they can remain celibate; putting women into nunneries where no man can enter so that they can remain celibate…. Man is intelligent enough – if he cannot find the natural way, he is going to work out some unnatural way.
And we cannot condemn those monks and nuns who invented homosexuality and lesbianism. That was the only way left for them. That is why I say homosexuality is a religious discipline. It is a by-product of the stupid emphasis on celibacy.
It is not possible. You go on eating food, you go on drinking water, you go on doing exercises; your body goes on creating blood, new cells, bones, and in the same way it goes on creating semen. Your body has never heard about celibacy; celibacy is not a program in your body. Your mind has decided to be celibate, but what has the mind to do with it?
Your mind may decide never to urinate again. What then? There is going to be trouble. You go on drinking water, and the mind has fallen into the hands of a certain religion where urination is the worst sin. So you pretend that you don’t urinate. And the people who follow you for the simple reason that you don’t urinate make a great saint of you, because what is impossible for them you have made possible; you have done it.
Now you will have to find some way – perhaps a tube inserted from your side to the bladder so that secretly you can manage to release all that has accumulated in the bladder; otherwise you will go insane. Your urine contains many chemicals, eight chemicals. If they go on accumulating and no way out is given, they will poison you. Urination is a way of getting rid of all these poisons that you are unknowingly eating, breathing; anything that is against your life, urination takes out.
Celibacy is absolutely absurd. Nobody except the impotent have been celibate. And one thing to be remembered: no impotent person has been known all down history to have become enlightened. Very strange! In fact, all impotent people should become enlightened before anybody else; they are naturally celibate, with no effort. Even if they don’t want to be celibate they have to be celibate. Their bodies don’t create possibilities for sexual relationship. But impotent people have not become enlightened, not a single one. On the contrary, the people who became enlightened were oversexual.
Sex is energy, and when you are oversexual then just sexual relationships cannot give you contentment. They are not enough, you have more energy than they can absorb. That superfluous energy takes you into new inquiries, new spaces, which ultimately culminate in enlightenment.
You will be shocked to know that Buddha was oversexual, Mohammed was oversexual. About Jesus I am not so certain, for the simple reason that he was a Jew, most probably a homosexual. And those twelve apostles always hanging around him, day in, day out…. It was a playboy club. And as far as Jews are concerned, homosexuality is their contribution to the world. They have contributed many things. In the Old Testament, which in the West is the oldest scripture available, there is a story about two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom has become in your language “sodomy.” Sodomy means making love to animals. In the city of Sodom people were making love to animals.
The Jewish god is not love, compassion – no. The Jewish god himself declares, “I am a very jealous god – I am not nice, I am not your uncle” – exactly these words. He became very angry at Sodom and Gomorrah.
I wonder why Gomorrah has not become a name for a certain type of sexuality. In Gomorrah there was homosexuality, lesbianism. Whenever I think of the word Gomorrah, I am reminded of gonorrhea.
God became so frustrated with these two big cities that he decided to destroy them; and the Old Testament says those two cities were absolutely destroyed. They had come to a culmination of perversion. God is a myth, but Sodom and Gomorrah are historical facts. It was not God who destroyed those two cities, it was their perverted sex.
Perhaps those two cities are the pioneers in experiencing AIDS. It is not mentioned, but just a little reasoning can make it clear. There is no God to destroy anything – but those two cities have existed, their ruins are still there. What happened to those two cities? – because in those days nuclear weapons were not available, atom bombs were not there.
What happened to those two big cities? They suddenly evaporated. My conclusion is that they suffered from AIDS. Certainly their medical profession was three thousand years behind ours; they may not have been able to figure out what was happening, but people went on dying.
By the way, if you allow me a little drift…. There is a Hassidic story…. Hassids are Jews, but not accepted by the orthodox Jews. There is something in Hassids which I appreciate. Hassids are the only people who can be said to be our predecessors. Their religion consists of celebration, dancing, drinking. And their dances are really graceful, their singing is beautiful. Their being drunk cannot be called a sin because out of their drinking they have never committed any crime. They have just danced more joyously, more fully.
The story is…it must be a creation of the Hassids because their history is not that old, only three hundred years. Gomorrah and Sodom are three thousand years old. But the story is beautiful – that’s why I wanted to drift. The story says that when God decided to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, one Hassid – now this is pure fiction because Hassids were not in existence there. One Hassid approached God and told him, “I have a few questions, and you have to answer them, because it is a question of the lives of thousands of people.”
God was willing; he said, “You can ask.” The Hassid said, “You have decided to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, but have you thought that there are a few people in both cities who are absolutely innocent? I know them, I am one of them. There are one hundred Hassids in both of the cities – are you going to destroy these innocent people too? They have not committed any crime. Are you ready to take this responsibility? Won’t you feel guilty?”
God said, “I have never thought about it: one hundred Hassids, innocent people…Perhaps I will have to change my decision to destroy Gomorrah and Sodom.”
The Hassid said, “I have to ask another question. For a hundred innocent people you are ready to change your decision, but in fact there are only ten Hassids. Does the quantity make any difference? Will not ten innocent people be enough to save Sodom and Gomorrah?”
God thought for a moment, and said, “You are right. It is the quality, not the quantity. Even if there are ten people who are innocent, I am not going to destroy the cities.”
The Hassid said, “I have a third question. In fact there is only me who is innocent. Six months I live in Gomorrah and six months in Sodom. Is that going to change your mind? Again it is a question of quantity: from one hundred to ten, from ten to one – the same proportion. And how can I give a guarantee for a hundred people, that they are innocent? How am I to know about ten people that they are innocent? You are asking me inhuman questions. I can absolutely guarantee one thing: that I am innocent. Now tell me what you are going to do.”
The Hassidic story says God had to concede to the Hassid – because it is the quality that matters. Millions of criminals can be saved, but one innocent person should not be destroyed. Innocence is so valuable, it is so rare and unique. This is a Hassidic story. It is not in the Old Testament, but it is a beautiful story.
A single man of innocence can change the course of existence. Gomorrah and Sodom certainly were destroyed. No Hassid interfered – no Hassid was there.
There is no God, so it creates many problems for me and for the queen of England. For me, because I cannot find out what could have destroyed these two cities, except AIDS. And I don’t think the queen of England can find even that much explanation. If there is no God, then who is going to save the queen of England? I don’t think anybody is going to save the queen of England – so homely, so ugly. It is better that she is not saved. And now it is possible, because there is no God; the queen of England has to disappear soon.
Because of AIDS which is a new development in human sexuality – I condemn all perversions concerning sex. And I can do it now, because now I have my own people. Even if they are gay they will not feel guilty. They are only victims of history. They will not feel that they are condemned. I am condemning the popes, the priests, Ayatollah Khomeiniacs.
And if you are homosexual or lesbian, it is simply a question of changing your mind. And the change is simple because you are changing from the unnatural toward the natural. If you could manage to change yourself from the natural into the unnatural, I trust you, that you can do the opposite very easily. You have done almost the impossible, you have changed the natural into the unnatural – now, please, come back to the natural.
I find it absolutely berserk – a man making love to another man while there are so many beautiful women. Love needs contrast, polarity. Man and woman are two polarities of sexual energy. Just as love will go out if there is no polarity between plus sexuality and minus sexuality, between positive sexuality and negative sexuality, the same is true about electricity: the positive electricity and negative electricity. They both have to be there for the lights to remain on. If you want just one pole, the positive electricity or the negative electricity, there is going to be no electricity at all.
Sexual energy is very close to electrical energy. Perhaps for sexual energy the right word is “bioelectricity.” And it has been known at least in one case, but one case is enough proof…. A woman in Sweden became a problem: she was very beautiful, but whosoever made love to her got electric shocks. And one shock was enough, nobody wanted to make love to the woman. Soon it became common knowledge to avoid that woman. The shock was so much that one felt one was almost dying.
The doctors became interested – what was happening? They persuaded somebody for experimental purposes – in the service of humanity – to make love to the woman. They put a five watt bulb in the hands of the woman, and they were shocked, because the bulb lit up. The man got a shock and fell out of the bed, but the bulb lit up! Sex is bioelectricity.
You have to come back to your natural polarities. If you want to avoid a catastrophe destroying the whole humanity, you have – just in the service of humanity – to change your mode of making love man to man, woman to woman. That is not right, and it can never be satisfying.
Yes, it is less complex, that is why people have fallen for it. Two men in love are happier than a man with a woman. It is not accidental that these people are called “gay.” They are the only happy people on the earth. Wife and husband – you cannot call them gay. They are tortured by each other so much, nagged, harassed…pillow fights every night – that finally a few intelligent people decided that this arrangement was not working. And man is an experimenting animal. They started trying man with man, woman with woman, and found that this is less troublesome.
Yes, there cannot be any orgasmic experience because there is no polarity. There are not two opposites attracted toward each other and meeting. The meeting of the opposites creates orgasm. But you have to pay for that orgasm twenty-four hours a day. And one gets tired, one thinks, “Forget all about that orgasm.”
It is good with two men. Of course there is no orgasmic experience; they settle for less but there is no trouble. They don’t harass each other, they don’t nag each other. A woman in love with another woman, a man in love with another man, are more understanding about each other – naturally, because both are men, both have the male energy, the male mind. There is much more understanding between two men.
Between man and woman understanding is impossible. Misunderstanding is the law, because they are opposite polarities. The woman has a totally different kind of functioning than the man. You can see it in any dialogue between a husband and wife….
I have been a guest in hundreds of homes, and I have been a witness to many couples’ conversations. And I was surprised: the man says one thing, the woman understands something else; the woman says something, the man understands something else. They are both using the same language, the same words, but their interpretations differ.
Every talk ends in a fight. Every talk becomes argumentation. It seems as if there is no possibility between man and woman for beautiful conversation. Conversation I have never seen between men and women – only fight, argument. And they are so different, their reactions are so different. The woman cannot argue as well as the man. But she can scream better than the man.
People ask me, “Why are there so many women in your communes?” Today I tell you the truth – it is because of dynamic meditation. One hour of huffing and puffing and screaming and throwing tantrums releases the woman for twenty-three hours; she has done enough.
The man can argue, and argue rationally, but the woman does not bother about argument. Her counterargument is throwing things, breaking plates, screaming loudly. And you can be sure she is the winner. All that rationality and argumentation the man forgets. He simply starts cooling the woman down: “The neighbors will wake up…. I’m sorry, I was wrong.”
Every man, every day, is saying that to the woman, “I am sorry, forgive me – but keep quiet.” He knows he is right. The woman knows he is right. But who bothers about right? The question is might, and the woman has real might for making tantrums, throwing things, screaming, shouting, doing Dynamic Meditation in the middle of the night.
For centuries upon centuries this has been going on. Finally, a few people decided that this was too much; it is better for a woman to love another woman because they understand each other’s mind, they can have a conversation very beautifully. And they both know screaming won’t help because they can both scream better than the other. Throwing things will not make any difference because both can throw things better than the other. It is useless.
Two men find friendship very easily because they understand each other’s mind, reasoning, argument. They can converse. But this conversation between man and man, woman and woman, has brought AIDS into the world.
My people at least – because I can only ask my people – can make the effort of going back to the natural way. And I can ask my sannyasins not to repeat the old pattern, settled for centuries, of fighting. Be friendly to each other.
A man and woman in deep friendship will give the best result of two persons meeting. Their love will be orgasmic because they are polar opposites. Their conversation will become more and more friendly, understanding that their minds function differently, that they have different strategies to win. They should both drop their strategies and open their hearts to each other. And if lovers cannot open their hearts to each other, then who is going to do it?
In the outside world you can be certain, either they are going to be destroyed by nuclear weapons – that is the heritage of all the politicians of the past – or they are going to die and disappear by the other alternative, that is AIDS. And that is the ultimate conclusion of all your religions. Politics has brought nuclear weapons, religions have brought AIDS.
There is a possibility that nuclear weapons may not be used, because all politicians are trembling; because the war is not going to decide who is the winner and who is the loser. The nuclear war will be total war; the victorious and defeated both will die. Not only man, but life as such on earth will disappear. There will not be trees anymore, nor roses anymore, nor birds singing in the morning, nor animals. Anything that has life will be destroyed. It is pointless.
I am happy that they have come to nuclear weapons. That way, war has committed suicide. It is impossible for politicians to go for a nuclear war; it is meaningless. One goes into war to be victorious, to come back with glory. But in this war there will be nobody left behind even to write the history as to who was the winner, America or the Soviet Union.
This war will be the end, the end of all that man has created for centuries – the poetry, the painting, the music, the dance. All that millions of people have created for thousands of years to make this earth beautiful will be simply erased.
Nuclear weapons – just because of their total danger, their total death – are out of the question. They cannot be used. I challenge the politicians to use them, start the third world war. They cannot do that. But AIDS is a different matter. Politicians can see the danger. But the viruses that spread AIDS are worse than politicians: they don’t understand what they are doing.
In the outside world, anybody who has AIDS will try to hide it because he will be condemned by the priests – who are really the cause of it – and he will be condemned by the society. People with AIDS will become untouchables. Everybody will avoid them. This will be worse than death.
So in the outside world everybody is going to hide the fact that he has AIDS. And that is very dangerous, that means he will go on spreading it. it can be caught through sexual contact. It can be caught just by kissing. Kissing should be absolutely prohibited, it should be declared the most criminal act possible.
I know the French will suffer the most, but what can we do? French kissing is the worst. But there are already people on the earth…. Eskimos rub their noses, they don’t kiss. In India there are tribes, aboriginal tribes, very primitive, five thousand years back – they don’t kiss. They became aware of kissing only when Christian missionaries reached their mountains and forests to convert them.
They could not stop laughing, seeing these idiots kissing each other. They are not civilized people, they don’t know much, nothing about medicine, but this much they know, that saliva carries all kinds of germs. And when two persons are kissing each other it means they are mixing their saliva and transferring sicknesses to each other.
I suggest to my people: stop kissing completely. And don’t be worried that rubbing noses will not be so exciting. It is more exciting because it is a novelty, something new, a discovery. So two things: become natural and stop kissing. Rub noses, it is good exercise for noses. Jews are going to defeat you – they will be known as the best lovers. Chinese, Nepalese, the Mongol races will not find it exciting. Flat noses…what can you rub? They will have to find something else.
Because men’s and women’s bodies have many erotic parts, there is no problem. For example, you may not be aware that Vatsyayana, the first sexologist of the world, has written five thousand years ago that the earlobes are the best erotic points. Try it! Rub each other’s earlobes, and you will be surprised that Vatsyayana is never wrong. Whatever he has written in his book has proved right. If your noses are flat, don’t be worried. I am here to suggest something else to you.
And in our communes all over the world no sannyasin should try to hide that he has AIDS, because there is no condemnation. In fact, the moment we find that somebody has AIDS, he becomes the focus of all our love. He is going to live a very short time, he deserves all our kindness, friendship, all our compassion.
All sannyasins should go through medical tests to find out whether they have any possibility of AIDS and spreading it to our own people. And if they are found to have AIDS, then they have to do two things: one, they have to give the names of all the contacts they had so all those other people can also be checked if they are here.
And we are making a beautiful place, the most scenic place, in Desiderata, where two people who have AIDS are already living. There is no condemnation for them, there is only tremendous compassion. We are giving them everything that they need, because they are going to live so short a time. They should know the best of everything. If they smoke they should get the best cigars. If they drink they should get the best wine, not the wine that Jesus created out of water; that wine was bogus. They should get everything they need.
And in Desiderata we will create more places. If there are other AIDS victims, we will keep them together. They can be very creative while they are living. They can paint, they can sculpt, they can write poetry. They can read, they can see films, they can read novels.
And one thing more, if they want to make love to each other they are free to, because nothing more can happen. Only one thing is possible…. Medical science has not yet been able to find any cure, and they think there is no possibility of finding it either; they are not hopeful.
As I see it, if people having AIDS start making love to each other, perhaps their AIDS will disappear. If these people live longer than two years we have proved the point. And perhaps we will be the people to give the cure to the world. No medicine is needed, just put two AIDS victims together. Make a small colony of AIDS victims. Let them make love, let them do whatsoever they want among themselves. And I have this certainty – I know not from where it comes – that that is the only possibility of the disease disappearing.
So whatever I have said in the past, forget all about it. What I am saying today, listen to it.
Act with responsibility.
Act with consciousness.
Act with compassion.
And remain absolutely certain that the commune is going to take care of you with respect, because you are a victim of the priests, monasteries, nunneries. They are the criminals, you are the victims. So by having AIDS nobody loses respect, he gains more respectability. And we will take care of you. We will see that you live more luxuriously than anybody in the commune, because you are going to live for such a short period. Every luxury should be made available to you – the best scenic spot, the best houses, the best food; everything for you.
I am trying to make it possible that around the world all sannyasins should move to the communes. No sannyasins should live outside the commune anymore, it is not safe. I am congregating small centers into bigger communes. There are centers, there are ashrams, and there are communes. Centers are very small; they are where people simply come to meditate, or a few sannyasins live. Ashrams are bigger; many sannyasins live and work there. And the commune is the whole society, self-sufficient. So I am dissolving the centers and ashrams and turning them into bigger communes where we can take care of everything. And we will make all these communes exactly the same – the same standard of living, the same facilities. And now, because I am speaking, I am available around the world on the screen. They are not missing me anymore. Perhaps they can see me better than you can, far away. If I cannot see your face, I know you cannot see my face. But these communes will be having the largest screens possible; they are not going to miss me.
Here, I have told Sheela that it is sad that I see people sitting so far away – they cannot see me, they cannot see my eyes, and the changes that come into my eyes. They cannot see my gestures. They can only hear my words which is one-third of the whole thing, because my hands are speaking, they are not silent. My eyes are speaking. When I am speaking, my whole being is involved in it.
I had asked Sheela, “Why don’t you put a big screen also by the side?” But the problem was that it would be a distraction: to look at me, or to look at the screen? So you have to make this compensation. Here I am alive. There I will be on the screen, available to everybody – but it will be only a picture. So you are both compensated: they can see me, you can feel me. And every commune is going exactly the way we are going.
This commune is the prototype for all the communes around the world. I can help you to save yourself from AIDS.
And I am not worried any more about nuclear weapons and the third world war. I was worried in the beginning because there was a possibility four years ago that either America or Russia could have won – at a very great cost. Most of humanity would have gone. But four years ago there was a possibility of somebody becoming victorious. Now that possibility is finished. They are going on piling up more and more nuclear weapons. Already they have so much that they can kill every single individual seven hundred times.
And you know, even the only begotten son of God, Jesus Christ, missed resurrection. We are ordinary people, we are not in any special relationship with God. Your mothers were not made pregnant by the Holy Ghost. Dying one time is enough. Seven hundred times seems to be just stupidity. Whom are you going to kill? Who is going to kill seven hundred times? So now a third world war is out of the question. Forget about it, it is not going to happen.
Now the only problem that is facing us is AIDS. And from that we can manage to save at least our people. So spread the message to all the sannyasins who are still living in the outside world. Perhaps they have their vested interests there – salaries, positions, employment; forget all about that because AIDS is also there. And it will catch you sooner or later – more probably sooner than later.

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