From Darkness to Light 23

TwentyThird Discourse from the series of 30 discourses - From Darkness to Light by Osho.
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If people don't like what we are doing, why don't they just leave us alone to do it?
There are many reasons for it, and of great importance. First; why do people not like what we are doing here? It is none of their concern in fact. We are not doing anything to them. If we are doing anything at all, we are doing it to ourselves. Particularly my whole philosophy is selfish, self-centered. Why do they not like it?
There is tremendous fear behind it, because we are doing something they have stood against for the whole past history of humanity.
If we succeed, their whole history, all their religions, culture, civilizations, are proved to be wrong.
Our success is risky.
Our success is dangerous, it is a challenge – and not to a single individual, not to a single society, not a single religion, but to all that they have been doing; their philosophy, their religion…. If you just see the great implication: you are standing against the whole history of man – your success cannot be allowed. Somehow or other they want you to fail; in your failure is their success. That’s why they are against it. It is a great question – who is right?
We are a small commune. On their side is the whole history of man – millions and millions of men, thousands of cultures, civilizations; but they have all lived according to some basic principles and we are against those basic principles.
The trouble arises because they have not succeeded; otherwise they would not have bothered about you. If they had succeeded they would have pitied you, they would not have been against you. But they have not succeeded, that’s where the real trouble lies. They have failed, utterly failed. On every single point they have failed, and they cannot allow anybody else to succeed because that success will make them a thousandfold miserable.
Right now at least they have the consolation that “this is the way things happen.” There has never been real opposition to them. Hindus against Mohammedans – that is not real opposition; Jews against Christianity – that is not real opposition, because on fundamental points they are all in agreement.
We are in total disagreement on every step, on every single point. This has never happened before; naturally, they are freaking out. We can’t help that. They are facing a great danger: our success will make their whole history a history of stupidity. And we are succeeding. Every day we are succeeding, and we are proving to them that they have been wrong.
And now it is not just an argument. For thirty years I have been arguing; finally I decided that just argumentation is not going to help. They have no answer, but argument just disappears into the air. It may remain in the books, but it won’t transform the whole life of man. It will not make a complete break with the past and a totally new beginning, fresh, as if man has arrived on the earth for the first time.
That realization slowly, slowly made me decide to create a commune – a reality, not just an argument; a reality which they cannot ignore, not just a philosophy.
Philosophies – ninety-nine percent of people remain unaware of them. The one percent who become aware are the professional philosophers. Philosophy is any easy-chair affair; you enjoy it but gives you no challenge. It became clear to me that I have to translate my argument into a real phenomenon or people are not going to be affected by what I am saying. In the first place they cannot understand it because their whole past is against it. Their mind is conditioned by the past. When they listen to me they cannot listen with an open mind.
I have seen people listening to me nodding their heads when something is in agreement with them, or shaking their heads sideways if something is not in agreement. They are not aware that their heads are showing that which is going on within.
Only with Japanese was I in trouble. They are the rarest people in the whole world. They just do the opposite: when they want to say no they say yes! So when I came in contact with a Japanese then I was really confused – what to make of it? In the beginning I thought they were saying yes, but what I was asking them…they were supposed to say no, and they were saying yes. When they were supposed to say yes, they were saying no…. Only Japanese do it in a different way.
Except Japan – but why did it happen in Japan? – the whole world nods in the same way. You can read their minds just by their facial expressions, their heads nodding, their eyes, their hands, even their posture of sitting. When somebody is interested, he leans toward you. When somebody simply wants to show his arrogance, he leans away from you.
Arguments cannot penetrate their thick minds, and they go on becoming thicker and thicker, because as time passes more and more dust goes on gathering on the mirror. Now the mirror is nowhere to be seen; it is only a thick layer of dust. Still, I tried my best, for the simple reason that I am a lazy man. I never wanted to do such a thing as I had to do: create a commune.
It is easy for me to talk about everything in the world. Whether I know about something or not, it does not matter, I don’t care at all. I simply enjoy talking. So it is not a question of whether I know about it or not, I enjoy in both cases. Talking is easy; that I have done from my very childhood.
I used to sleep in the room with my grandfather. I asked him, “You always cover your head with the blanket, even when it is not so cold….”
He said, “It is not a question of the cold, it is you. You tell stories even in your sleep, and you talk so relevantly that I become interested.”
It is that old man who gave me also the habit of covering my head, because I said, “This is not good, to disturb the old man in the night.” Since then, I also sleep with my head covered, so even if I start talking nobody is disturbed.
Talking has been to me just like breathing. That’s the only thing I have done in my whole life. So I recognized the problem, but it took years for me to collect myself and get involved – not just to go on standing on the bank of the river, talking, talking, while the river goes on flowing without listening…. I had to decide that I would jump in and do something, although it was against my nature; this flow of the river had to be disturbed.
So even though I have created communes, I am almost outside the commune. But I have found the rarest people in the contemporary world, the very cream, intelligent…. There is no need for me to do anything, I just have to give a hint. And sometimes even a hint is not necessary. Everything goes on happening exactly the way I would have liked it to happen.
I can love you but I cannot dictate to you.
I cannot say to you, “Do this,” and I cannot nag you if you don’t do it.
But I have found my people.
Now it is no longer a question of my two hands; millions of hands are with me around the world. They are all my hands. I can now afford to be absolutely lazy.
And you know that I am lazy. I don’t do anything, or I do things which only lazy people like me can afford: two hours in the morning taking a bath – I don’t think even Alexander the Great was able to afford that – two hours again in the evening taking a bath. You should one day come and see my bath. Vivek does not allow anybody to enter – it is enough that she allows me! She is otherwise a very strict manager, but she allows me.
Vivek and Hasya together have made my bath really pleasant, because they must be thinking: that two hours this man takes in the morning, and two hours in the evening…just with the water! So now you must see my bathroom; they have arranged so many things there, that two hours are falling short. Now I am thinking to start a third bath at night, because two more hours are needed.
And the remaining time I just sit with closed eyes listening to music – and mostly I fall asleep, to be frank with you, because I have been listening to the same music for thirty years. There is a limit to patience too.
It is strange: as the music starts I start dozing and I wake up immediately as the music stops. I am myself surprised; this is something strange, I should be awake when the music is on. I am awake before it is put on, and I am immediately awake when it is going to stop; I just hear the last line and the first line. But I know the middle so there is no problem in it; nothing, nothing is missed.
And this is just in the morning. The whole night I have been asleep. And I must be sleeping…just as I finish talking with you, I go to sleep within half an hour. And I sleep up to seven, just because there is nothing else to do; sleeping is a great activity. And I cannot believe it, that at seven I have got out of bed and by nine, after my bath, listening to the music I am again asleep.
Up to eleven this goes on with music; then I take my lunch and go to sleep again. And I had to tell Vivek, “Remember, I have to go for the two o’clock ride to see my people. So wake me up, because I may continue to sleep.” I can sleep twenty-four hours – and not one day, every day. When I came from India to here I was completely asleep the whole time. I enjoyed it very much – such a long sleep!
After the ride I come back…and again that music. it seems to have something to do with my past karmas that I have to listen to the same music again and again…and I fall asleep again. It is good that there is nobody, I am alone. I wake up at four-thirty and again my bath time….
Now do you think this kind of a man can create a revolution? But somehow it is happening.
People think walking on water is a miracle – idiots! I just saw last week’s Stern magazine. They have a cartoon about me. The cartoon has the outlines of Krishnamurti Lake and sannyasins are standing on one side, and my Rolls Royce is moving on the lake! One of the sannyasins says, “It must be Osho!” That is not much of a miracle.
What is really happening here is a miracle.
I do nothing but, I don’t know why, you have fallen in love with me.
I don’t deserve it either because I have never done anything; how can I deserve so many people’s love?
But your love is doing the miracle.
You are here for no other reason.
Sometimes you also must be wondering why you are here. I also wonder why; but love is such a thing, that you go on wondering why, and it goes on happening.
I don’t know where your office is, I don’t know how your finances are managed. I don’t know who is doing what. What to say about the commune? – I don’t know even in this house what is going on, where my kitchen is; I have not seen it.
People are afraid because they have never seen love at work. They have tried by force to create culture, civilization, by violence, and they have failed.
Here love is at work. And when love is at work, it attracts intelligence. There is an inner attunement between love and intelligence.
It is not accidental that so many intelligent people from all over the world have become interested in me – who is against everything that they have been brought up to believe in: who is against their culture, who is against their country, who is against their religion, who is against their parents; who is against even their children who are not born yet, who won’t allow them to be born. If it were in my power I would not have allowed your parents to be born. It is too late; but your children I am not going to allow.
This is the only place in the whole world where love is doing things; and love never says, it never dictates.
Love is the most mysterious energy in the whole world.
It makes things happen.
Perhaps love is the very center of all that moves, of all the stars that are moving.
Scientists are searching for the center; there must be a center to the universe. I am not a scientist but I know the center. Let them search, they will never find it, because their very methodology will not allow them to find love.
Love is the center of the whole universe; the suns, the moons, the planets, the stars – all are moving around it. And we have created this small commune on the same existential principle.
Everybody feels responsible. I don’t say to you that you are responsible toward the commune, toward me, toward my philosophy; I have never said anything like that.
But you feel to be responsible because somebody trusts you. Somebody loves you in spite of yourself. Somebody accepts you in your totality, as you are.
I never judge anybody – love knows no judgment. I don’t see that somebody is good and somebody is bad. To me you are all one energy, different manifestations, and all are needed to make an organic unity.
Sheela comes again and again to me and says, “These are the topmost workers, ace workers. These are second class, these are third class, and these are just to be thrown out.”
I say to her, “You don’t understand. If the fourth class disappears you will start thinking of throwing out the third class – naturally, it is a simple logic. If the third class disappears you will start throwing out the second class. And if you throw out the second class, how are you going to know the ace workers, the first class? They are all one organic whole – they are all needed.”
The first class needs the second class, they support each other. If the second class disappears the first class will be in a limbo, hanging in the air, there will be no support for it. Somebody is needed to support it. It is just like a staircase; every step is needed. The lowest step is the support of the highest step.
Don’t judge that the lowest is in any way lower as a value. It can be the lowest as a physical status but there should be no evaluation involved, it is not “lower”. The highest…that is simply a way of measuring things, but it is not higher.
Nobody is lower and nobody is higher. There may be lower steps and there may be higher steps but they are all connected in one symphony.
Love knows no judgment, that’s why love can do miracles.
What humanity has not been able to do is happening here without anybody doing it. About nobody can it be said, “He is doing it.” Everybody is involved except me.
So I am always grateful to you all that you allow me to remain just a guest, and I am grateful to the American government that they allow me just to be a tourist. And I hope I will die just as a tourist. People have only said that life is a journey; I am going to prove it! It is not only a journey, it is a tour, without a visa, without a passport; it is a tour.
People are afraid because they can see things they have tried so hard to do and they have not worked…and nobody is trying here; still somehow they are working. Three thousand people are here…no management, but some inner feeling keeps you all connected. No fanaticism – because when there is love to connect you, you need not have ugly substitutes for it.
A fanatic Mohammedan is connected by his fanaticism to other Mohammedans. A fanatic Christian is connected by his fanaticism to other fanatic Christians, it is the fanatic element that connects them. Here, nobody is a fanatic.
How can you be a fanatic with a man like me, who takes nothing seriously?
I have never in my whole life taken anything seriously because I don’t see the point, why one should take things seriously. Life is really such a joke, so hilarious.
I have heard of a man who was sitting in a railway station waiting room; sometimes he was sitting alone, sometimes there were other passengers also. Sometimes he would gesture as if to throw something with his hands. Everybody was interested in what he was doing because there seemed to be nothing that he was throwing away. Sometimes he would giggle and sometimes he would even laugh. Finally he was driving everybody crazy – although it was nobody’s business. It was his hand; if he wants to make some gesture, who are you to be bothered by it? And if he wants to giggle, that is his business. And if he wants to laugh….
But the whole place became very tense, hot. Only that man was enjoying, with his eyes closed. Finally it was too much: one man stood up and he said, “I have to ask, because he is driving us crazy, what he is doing.” So he shook him and told him, “You are driving the whole waiting room crazy; nobody can take his eyes off you. What are you doing? Why are you giggling? There is nothing happening here, on this ugly platform, in this dirty waiting room – and you laugh?”
The man said, “It is something…just an old habit. You need not be worried. I am in the habit of telling jokes to myself. When some very old joke that I have told many times comes by, I just shake it off: ‘Get lost again!’ And when some juicy one comes, I have to giggle – although I know the joke, it is an old joke, but so juicy that even to hear it a thousand times…still, I have to go the whole way.
“I know everything that is going to happen in the joke but that doesn’t matter, it is so juicy. And sometimes the joke is so great that I cannot just giggle, I have to laugh out loud. I know that perhaps it may disturb others, but what can I do?”
I think this man is no one but me; because this is how I have lived my whole life. I have never taken anything seriously. This was not a decision on my part; otherwise that decision would have become serious. Just looking at life I found it was so humorous, so ridiculous, that if you cannot make yourself giggle and laugh you are just an idiot, and missing such a great opportunity.
People come here, and when they see you working twelve hours a day, fourteen hours a day and still laughing and giggling and dancing, they cannot believe it. They have to believe, but they cannot. And of course they have to find some explanation – perhaps you are all hypnotized; perhaps it is all just show business, you are just trying to show those idiot spectators your laughter, your dance, your song. They think it is just managed for them; once they are gone, you will be crying and hurting all over from so much jumping.
Back home that’s what they think, that it was all made up. They write articles, they have written books about me, that all my people are trained in such a way that the moment they see any spectators immediately they start laughing, singing, dancing, hugging…. They are poor fellows just trying to console themselves that this is not for real; otherwise how will they explain to themselves their misery, their suffering?
If it is for real – if your laughter, your joy, your dance, your song, is for real – then they have missed the train. Then their whole life is nothing but foolishness. And this is too much to accept. Only very intelligent people will be able to accept it. And in that very acceptance there will be a change, the beginning of a revolution.
But people are mediocre. Intelligent people are few and far between, they are not all over the place. Ninety-nine percent, the crowd, is just mediocre. And with the mediocre mind the problem is, how to console oneself?
You are enjoying so much you don’t know how much it hurts those who have never enjoyed.
You say we are doing our thing, why are they angry, why are they against us? Can’t you see a simple fact? They are not against you; just be miserable like them, be in suffering, in anguish, and they will be very sympathetic to you. They will donate to your commune. All opposition to you will disappear. The opposition is for a certain consolation: they want to believe that you are pretending, they want to convince themselves and others that this cannot be true. Yes, it may be true in paradise, but it cannot be true in Oregon. It is against their whole way of misery.
Our way is of humor, our way is of bliss.
We don’t care about gods and heaven and theories of karma and hell. We have dropped all that crap – and they are carrying that crap as holy scripture. When they see you so light, and they look at themselves carrying mountains of crap…. And you say they should not be angry at you, they should not be against you.
They are crying, and you are laughing. Their hearts are full of wounds, and you are hugging each other. This is too much! That’s why they are against you. And they will become more and more angry, more and more against you because as you become more successful – which you are going to become…. Love knows no failure. Intelligence knows no failure, failure is only for fools.
Humor knows no failure.
If a man who has some sense of humor slips on a banana skin and falls down, even he will laugh – he is capable of laughing at himself too. That is a true sense of humor. To laugh at somebody else slipping on the banana skin is not much – anybody can do it, any Tom, Dick, Harry…. I think for the first time I am right, and the reason that I am right is because of our poor Harry.
Last time, when I was told the correct sequence I tried hard – how to remember it? Then I remembered poor Harry. He is the last. And he is a man so simple that he will stand at the last. He will not try to push himself ahead, he will not try to be the first. Whosoever invented the sequence must have been a man of tremendous insight, putting our Harry at the last.
Then it became easy for me: Dick comes in the middle. What can I do? – it simply comes in the middle. And then only Tom is there. And this Tom who is standing first must be the most idiotic person.
Now I think I will not forget the sequence – but you cannot rely on me, I can forget. The whole credit goes to Harry, because he was last; that made things very clear.
These Toms, Dicks, Harrys…the world is full of mediocre people who are in great suffering and who have no way to get out of it, who cannot conceive that there is any way out. And when they see you, that you are out – when they see the goose is out – they are naturally offended. They have been worshipping in the churches, in the temples, in the mosques, in the synagogues, and God has not heard them yet – and these godless people are living in the lotus paradise!
They have been doing all the virtuous acts: serving the poor, opening hospitals, schools, doing everything that is thought to be good, but it doesn’t heal their wounds. It does not change anything in their miserable lives. In fact they go on becoming more and more miserable, because slowly, slowly even the hope that by being virtuous, religious, they will get over this dark night of the soul…. But they have done everything that their scriptures prescribe. They have followed all the recipes that their priests and so-called wise people have given them. Nothing works. Their hope starts dwindling.
And then they see you; no prayer, no god, no temple, no synagogue, no church; strange people! – and yet without wounds, yet without tears, yet without any misery.
I saw an interview: one Oregonian woman was being asked, on the television, “What do you think about Osho?” She said, “I hate him! He is not a gentleman. He is not even a Christian!”
That made me so happy. It was really something great that she said. First she said, “I hate him.” That’s perfectly good because at least she relates with me, she has some relationship with me. And if today it is hate, tomorrow it can be love. At least one woman hates me. Do you think that is something small? I was thinking that women had forgotten me but at least one women hates me; she must be thinking of me.
I enjoyed it – because how can you hate me without thinking of me? In fact, how can you hate me without loving me? Hate is secondary; you cannot hate directly, first you have to love. It is a simple thing: if you want somebody to be your enemy you cannot directly make him your enemy, there is no way. First you have to make him your friend; friendship is a necessary bridge if you want him to be your enemy. The woman, knowingly or unknowingly, loves me; otherwise from where can the hate arise? And the way she said, emphatically, “I hate him….”
And the second thing was even more important: “He is not a gentleman.” This is true, absolutely true. I agree with her. I am not a gentleman because all the gentlemen of your whole history have simply dragged you into hell. I am not part of that company.
And the third thing is even more significant: she said, “He is not even a Christian.” I started thinking, can somebody be a Christian without being a gentleman? – because first she says, “He is not a gentleman” And then she says, “He is not even a Christian.” That simply shows a Christian need not be a gentleman. And she is not interested in my being a gentleman. If I were a Christian, then gentleman or not, she would not have hated me; I just had to be a Christian.
But what was she going to gain by my being a Christian? There are millions of Christians, what has she gained out of them?
What is going to be added to her happiness if I am a Christian?
I am such a non-serious person that if somebody can convince me that my being Christian is going to help the poor woman, I will become a Christian. What does it matter? I can be a Christian, I can be a Jew, I can be a Hindu…if it can help some woman. But I don’t see that it can help, because there are so many Christians already and they are not helpful. And a man who is not even a gentleman….
But the point is: my not being a Christian and yet being happy, hurts. It is not necessary to be a Christian to be happy, it is not necessary to be a Christian to be blissful. It is not necessary to be a Christian to be loved by so many people. Christ was not loved by so many people. If he is anywhere he must be feeling jealous, just like this woman. He must be saying, “I hate this man. He is not a gentleman, he is not even a Christian!”
But even if the whole world hates me that makes no difference to me. I will remain just as blissful as I am. This is what troubles them.
Jesus was not a happy man. Have you seen any of Jesus’ pictures, statues, where he looks smiling, happy, blissful? No, he always looks tortured, he always looks to be on the cross. He was not always on the cross because for thirty-three years he lived without being on the cross. What was this man doing for thirty-three years?
In the Christian gospels there is not a single reference that he laughed, that he smiled, that he joked. No, he is always serious, he is always with a long face. And it seems if Jews had not crucified him it would not have made any difference; he himself was always on the cross – the Jews simply fulfilled his desire. They said, “Okay, if you are going to remain this way let us fulfill your desire. Once and for all be finished” – because even before his crucifixion he was telling his disciples, “Each one has to carry his cross.”
Why a cross? Why not a flute? or a guitar? “Everyone has to carry his own guitar….” That is natural – you cannot play on somebody else’s guitar, two persons cannot play on one flute. You may even be lovers, that does not matter; you cannot play on the same flute together, simultaneously. You have to carry your flute yourself.
But Jesus chooses the cross. In this whole world he could not find anything else to carry! This man must have been utterly miserable. My feeling is the Jews finally got fed up with his misery. They said, “This man is not going to change. This man is never going to be satisfied unless he is crucified.”
He had not gathered intelligent people around him. Those who had come were very mediocre, below average. They were also miserable. They had come in the hope that with him…he is the son of God, so “one day, when we reach the kingdom of God, the world of bliss, he is going to be helpful.” They had gathered around him, in deep misery, with a hope….
All miserable people go on living, tolerating misery because they have a hallucination of hope somewhere: “Today is bad, yesterday was bad, but tomorrow? – things are going to change. And we are with the messiah, we are with the only begotten son of God. Tomorrow things are going to be different.”
Jesus’ disciples were again and again asking him, “How long will it take?” You can understand it – the same way a patient asks the doctor in the hospital, “How long will it take? How much longer do I have to remain in the hospital?” And the doctor goes on saying, “Soon you will be released.” But his face says something else. He has not even courage enough to look eye to eye with the patient. The doctor goes on saying to the patient, “Soon you will be all right,” and goes on looking at the chart of the patient’s disease; and his face goes on becoming sadder and sadder because the patient’s health is falling every day.
The doctor cannot say that to the patient. He has to say, “You will be okay, soon you will be okay.” But the patient can see the face of the doctor. He can see the eyes, that the doctor is avoiding him. He can see the silence on the face of the nurse. He cannot believe what he is being told, because there is much more, tangibly present, which says his time is limited, his days are finished. But yet he goes on asking; and knowing perfectly well that the doctor’s face is saying something else, he goes on believing what he says – knowing it is not true. But he wants it to be true.
Those disciples of Jesus knew perfectly well, deep down, that this whole paradise is just a mirage. Yes, it is helpful for the time being, it helps them to tolerate misery. They want to believe in it, that it is true. That’s why religious people become fanatics.
What is fanaticism? Have you looked into it? The fanatic person is saying he knows perfectly well that what he believes is not true. That’s why he shouts loudly that it is true, and the only truth. He is not shouting at you, he is shouting against his own still, small voice. He wants to drown that voice in his shouting. But he knows perfectly well it is not true.
When such people see you, you can understand how much it hurts that, for a few people it is really true, and true now.
Nobody here is asking about paradise, nobody is asking about life after death, nobody is asking about God and how to find Him. Nobody is bothered by all this.
This shows something so glaringly – that you are happy where you are, as you are.
You are not bothered about the future.
You are not hoping, because you are not miserable. You are not fanatic, because you don’t have any belief. You are simply living sincerely, honestly, totally; and for whatever small joys this life provides, you are grateful to it. You don’t ask for more.
Once you ask for more you become miserable. Hence all the religions have been telling you, “Ask for less.” But that is not going to help. It is the same logic, the same line, the same continuity: seeing that asking for more creates misery, ask for less. But you are simply reacting. Nothing will be changed in your consciousness because you will ask again for less, for more less; the more will come back. All your monks are doing that; they start by asking for less, but then it becomes for more less. The “more” never leaves you – and more is misery.
In fact, more or less, the moment you ask, you ask for misery.
The people who are blissful simply don’t ask. They live, and they thank existence; they don’t ask either for more or for less. They don’t make any demands on existence, that is ugly. They simply drop demanding.
And the miracle of life is that the moment you don’t demand, the whole existence is yours; all its joys and beauties are yours – and the people surrounding you can see it.
So don’t be disturbed because they are angry. Why shouldn’t they be? But if they are intelligent they should be angry with themselves their society, their culture and their religion, their history and their past. But if they are idiots they will be angry against you. Now, if they are idiots what can I do? What can you do? Let them enjoy their anger, hate. But they are simply punishing themselves.
This is one of the fundamentals of life:
If you hate, you punish yourself. If you are angry you punish yourself.
If you are loving, you reward yourself. If you are happy, you create possibilities for more happiness.
They have a saying that money attracts money. It is true. It is true on other levels of life too.
Happiness attracts happiness.
Lovingness attracts more love.
Blissfulness attracts more bliss.
Giggle, and soon you will be laughing. Just try to move your hands and legs and soon you will be dancing – what else to do? I see it happen every day during the drive-by. First people just try, because it is so much against their upbringing. But then they see that others are also doing it; they look to both sides, people are doing it. Against themselves, reluctantly, they start moving a little bit – and soon they are dancing.
One old man is there: at first he used to just stand. I went on watching him, what happens. He is old, has a thick past, but by and by he started moving. One day I saw – he had brought a flute, but he was keeping the flute under his arm. Then he started playing the flute. Then he started dancing and playing on the flute, together.
And today he was just dancing with the flute above his head, in his hand; he had dropped everything. He had forgotten he is old; he forgot that he is not supposed to do such a thing – and he was so happy! Just to see his face…it was a beautiful moment. He again became a child, again the same innocence was in his eyes.
So those outside the commune who are intelligent are sooner or later going to be part of you. And it is good that idiots remain against us because that is a great safety: they will never enter.
To me it is of great significance that idiots don’t get interested in me. They get angry at me, that’s very good. And I try my best to keep them angry, hating me, against me, because I don’t want them to be here. I don’t want this place to turn into a commune of idiots.
Sometimes an idiot comes by accident. But soon he escapes, it is too much for him, to look so high. He has always crawled on the earth; he is a creature who, by some accident, started walking on two legs. He should be walking on all fours – that’s where he belongs. I am not interested in that kind of people. And of course they are the majority – so I am not interested in the majority.
I am perfectly happy that they are angry. Please keep them angry. And I will go on doing things so that they will remain angry and will not come in. We are not afraid of people going out. Those who go out we are very happy, relieved of a burden. We are worried about people coming in, people who cannot really belong to an intelligent, loving, responsible commune.
I want you to be just the chosen few, because if the chosen few are really transformed, that will be the only proof for the millions – no other argument can convince them. That will be the only possibility for their mutation.
So my interest is not in the mob, in the crowd. My interest is in a few individuals – and I have found them. That’s why I stopped traveling. I had a certain number in my mind, and when that number was complete I stopped traveling. I have taken account how many of them will fall out; those who remain, that is my number, and they are going to become a magnetic force. They will attract new generations immensely.
You are going to become the world’s most significant people because there is no other alternative. All other ways are finished. This is the only living way arriving right now.
This is the birth of a new man that you are witnessing. You should rejoice that you are witnessing something which is going to be the most significant factor in human history, which is going to divide the past and the future.

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