Things are happening, they always happen

Beloved Osho,

Who are you and what are you doing?

Krishna Prem, I am not, and I am not doing anything at all. But something is happening, something tremendous is happening – that is another matter, it has nothing to do with my doing it.

“I am not.” When I say this, I mean that there is no personality, no person, but just a presence. And the presence without the person looks almost like an absence. It is. The person is absent.

I am only a hollow bamboo, and if you hear some music then it must be from God, it is not from me; it has nothing to do with me. I am not there, I have utterly disappeared. Thats what enlightenment is all about. Thats what Atisha calls bodhichitta.

But things are happening, they always happen. Whenever a person disappears and becomes a presence, immensely valuable things happen around him. A great synchronicity starts functioning. Those who are courageous enough to come close to such a presence start changing, with no effort, just sheer grace, start becoming totally different beings by just being in the buddhafield, in the energy field of a master.

I am not doing anything, Krishna Prem, and I am not. But still you see me coming, going, talking to you, doing this and that. For that, I will tell you a story.

A Hollywood director once sent out word that he was looking for an actor to play the role of Shakespeares Hamlet. The actor was to be over six feet tall, young and vigorous and have an excellent command of the language.
On the day of the casting call, many fine tall young men showed up, but among them was a little old Jewish man with a heavy Yiddish accent. The director picked him out immediately and asked, “What do you want?”

The man answered “I vant to be an hector. I vant to play Hemlet!”

“Are you kidding or just crazy?” the director asked. “You are only five feet tall and you have an accent so thick I could cut it with a knife. What can you possibly do?”

The little man said, “I vant to hect. Giff me a chance.”

Finally the director gave in. “Get up on stage and try it.”

The little man stepped out onto the stage. Somehow he looked much taller and full of energy. He began to speak with a booming voice and the perfect kings English: “To be or not to be….”

When he was finished, there was a hush. Everyone was amazed.

The director said, “Thats unbelievable.”

The other actors said, “Thats wonderful.”

The little Jew just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Dats HECTING!”

Enough for today.

Osho, The Book of Wisdom, Ch 28, Ch

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