Easy as pie!

The last question: Listen to it very carefully. It is very important.

Osho, how do you manage it to have always the right anecdote at the right moment?

Let me answer you by an anecdote.

A king, passing through a small town, saw what he took to be indications of amazing marksmanship. On trees, barns and fences there were numbers of bulls-eyes, each with a bullet-hole in the exact center. He could not believe his eyes. It was superb marksmanship, almost a miracle of achievement. He himself was a good marksman, and he had known many great marksmen in his life, but never anything like this. He asked to meet the expert shot. It turned out to be a madman.

This is sensational! How in the world do you do it? he asked the madman. I myself am a good shot, but nothing compared to your skill and art. Please tell me.

Easy as pie! said the madman and laughed uproariously. I shoot first and draw the circles in later!

Dig?! I choose the anecdotes first, and then draw the circles! I am just like that madman.

There are other people who use anecdotes to illustrate some theoretical point. I do just the opposite. I use theoretical points to illustrate the anecdotes.

Osho, Ancient Music in the Pines, Ch 6, Q 5

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