Disciple Day

Disciple Day : February 12

February 12th is celebrated as Disciple Day, for it is the Birthday of Ma Yog Laxmi, Osho’s first  disciple as well as His first secretary.  Hers is the journey of a devotee, a journey of surrender, a journey of awareness and a journey full of gratitude. We celebrate her birthday as Disciple Day as she was an epitome of surrender, devotion and a total Yes to Osho.

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Osho says , “Satisfaction comes only out of yes. Satisfaction comes only out of tremendous positivity. God is nothing but a deep yes towards existence.”

One can read the inspirational story of Ma Yog Laxmi’s transformation and witness the beauty of a master-disciple relationship in the book “The Only Life”. Below are few of the highlights about her from this book :


  • After her first meditation camp with Osho, Laxmi as a individual entity died and a devotee was born.
  • For Ma Laxmi, Osho was her only life. Her devotion to the Master and His work was total and absolute.
  • Ma Laxmi  would work for Osho with tireless energy on less than a banana and two cups of tea a day.
  • Ma Laxmi would be so enthusiastic and positive about Osho’s work that she would always say “We will put our total energy into it and it will surely happen.”
  • Osho showed the way and Ma Laxmi walked it.

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  • Ma Laxmi received everything from Master with utmost love and gratitude whether Zen stick or His Blessings.
  • A vital energy eminates from Ma Laxmi- mercurial and dynamic, yet at the same time, centered and alert.
  • Ma Laxmi said, “Every situation can be used for the growth of awareness. That is our responsibility. Trust the master and be aware.”
  • Ma Laxmi’s life had many twists and turns, ups & downs, many deaths and rebirths,

Yet she remained unaffected because of Master’s grace.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-03 at 3.16.58 PMOsho says, “Laxmi is right. And always remember that Laxmi never does anything on her own. She is a perfect vehicle. That’s why she has been chosen for that work.”

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