Dancing with Osho

Come, Let’s Go Dancing with Osho!
Yes, it’s possible to dance with Osho.
Dance happens when a dancer starts to dance. As the music gathers momentum and the dancer moves faster and faster, he/she is no more. You forget yourself whether you are a male or female, old or young. Now the dancer and dance are one. At some point, the dancer disappears as a performer and only the dance remains as a movement. That’s when you are dancing with Osho.
Osho says, “When you dance meditatively your dance starts having a new flavor — something of the divine enters into it — because if you are meditatively dancing then the ego disappears, the DANCER disappears. That is the whole art of meditation: disappearance of the ego, disappearance of the mind. The dancer becomes thoughtless, silent. The dance continues and the dancer disappears. This is what I call the divine quality: now it is as if God is dancing through you, you are no more there.”

Come! Experience this at Oshodham, New Delhi, during the meditation camp, Dancing with Osho.
Make a date with yourself to go dancing with Osho.