Dance Your Way to God

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Make this Dance Group a gift for yourself. Have a distance from your day to day routine, it’s time for celebration and relaxation thus discovering your inner being. Experiencing meditations at Osho Dham is like entering Osho Energyfield, if you are open and receptive you will be touched and transformed by it.

Osho has given many meditation techniques for transforming one’s consciousness and taking it to higher levels. Of all the techniques, dance techniques comes closest and easiest to man. They are so simple and yet so powerful that if done in totality there is no reason why one would not be transformed.

In Osho’s vision Dance seems to be one of the most penetrating things, in which one falls into a harmony. Your body, your mind, your soul all fall into a harmony in dancing. Dancing is one of the most spiritual things there is. If you really dance, you cannot think. If you really dance, the body is used so deeply that the whole energy becomes fluid. A dancer loses shape, fixity. A dancer becomes a movement, a process… A real dancer loses his ego in it. He forgets that he is. The dancer is lost; only the dance remains.”

 As Osho says “Remain herenow in this world, and continue on your way, and continue with deep laughter in your being. Dance your way to God! Laugh your way to God! Sing your way to God!”

This is the motto. Will move on this beautiful, blissful inner journey through dance, songs, laughter. Many of Osho Dance based meditations will be conducted during the group apart from main regular meditations. One just has to regularly practice any of the meditation techniques conducted during the group with totality to live in this chaotic world and yet remain centered.

“The whole life, moment to moment has to be lived as a celebration. That is the only religious life. You have every potential and every opportunity. Just a little relaxed effortless melting into the ocean that surrounds you – and the dance begins. And the dance never ends.”


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