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Osho on Celebration and Buddhafield




Prem Vanya, remember one thing: that

each of my sannyasins carries something of me, each of my sannyasins becomes a part of me, spiritually, physically, in every possible way. My sannyasins are not believers, my sannyasins are in a love affair. It is a MAD phenomenon! So wherever my sannyasins meet, my presence will be felt. Wherever my sannyasins celebrate, my message is realized, because celebration is my message. Rejoice! Sing! Dance! Dance so totally that your egos melt and disappear. Dance so totally that the dancer is no longer there, but only the dance remains. Then you will find me wherever you are.

And it has now to be a known and recognized fact that my buddhafield is not going to be confined to the small place where I will be living with a few thousand sannyasins. All the small communes, ashrams, centers, all over the world will become little buddhafields. We have to fill the whole earth with buddhafields! We have to create a chain of buddhafields. And it can be done: if you can take some of my joy and some of my love and some of my laughter with you wherever you go, you will be taking the fragrance of the buddhafield there. You will be taking seeds.

Scientists say that in the beginning only one seed must have reached the earth by some coincidence — maybe a collision of stars, the explosion of a star. One seed, and the whole earth slowly slowly became green.

One seed is enough to transform the whole earth into a garden.

The same is true on higher planes too. Just a single seed of love, awareness, joy, is enough to create the buddhafield. So wherever you go, wherever you are, never forget for a moment that you are not far away from me. Between a master and the disciple the question is not of physical distance at all. You can be sitting here physically, but you may not be in tune with me; then you are not here. You may be thousands of miles away, maybe on the moon, on Mars, it does not make any difference. But if your heart is beating with me, if you are attuned to me, if there is an inner connection, then you are in my physical presence. Neither time makes any difference nor space. The thing that makes the difference is love.

Vanya, next time when you celebrate, celebrate with the full recognition that I am there amongst you. Just a recognition is needed and you will find me there.

Jesus is reported to have said, “Wherever four of my disciples are gathered together, I will be there.” And he was not so fortunate as I am — his disciples were very ordinary people. I am fortunate in many ways: my disciples are in many ways very creative, talented, very intelligent, exploding in love. So I can say to you that not even four are needed; just a single sannyasin is enough to make my presence felt by others. So next time you are celebrating, Vanya, make it a point that I am there, and you will feel it. It only needs a recognition. If the recognition is not there, and even if I suddenly reach your celebration, you will not recognize me at all.

It happened with Jesus…the story is:

When he escaped from the cave in which his body was kept, when he resurrected after three days, obviously he tried to find out where his followers were. He found two followers who had lived with him for years, and he waited for them to recognize him. He walked with them for miles, because they were going to another town. They talked — they talked about Jesus, they talked about the crucifixion, they talked about many things — but those two disciples could not recognize that the man they were talking to was Jesus himself. It was as if a cloud prevented them. The cloud was that they were thinking that he was dead, finished, so there was no question of even asking, thinking, reconsidering who this man was. They recognized him only when they sat in a small hotel to eat their lunch. When Jesus poured the wine and served the bread and the sweets to the disciples, then suddenly a recognition arose in them. This was the way Jesus always used to serve them — the way he poured the wine, the way he gave them the bread and the butter and the sweets. The gestures, the very gestures were so unique to Jesus that suddenly a cloud disappeared and they fell at his feet.

And Jesus said, “Why could you not recognize me? For two hours we walked together and talked about every kind of thing and gossiped, and yet you could not recognize me?”

They said, “There was no question of it, because a cloud was there in our eyes that you are dead. We did not even ask the question to ourselves.”

Remember, we take note only of things if we are consciously ready to take note. If you are not consciously ready to take note, somebody may pass by your side and you may not see him at all. Vanya,

next time you are celebrating, make it a known fact to all the sannyasins that I am there. And those who are in tune with me, those who really love me, those who are surrendered, those who have known some trust, will immediately feel the presence. The presence can even be felt more there than here, because here you take it for granted that I am present; you need not make any effort. But there you will have to make a conscious effort to feel it. That very effort will make my presence more penetrating.

And these are a few jokes for you to laugh at:

A Frenchman who recently arrived in New York was invited to a golden wedding anniversary. He didn’t understand the celebration and asked his American friend about it.

“Do you see those two old people?” asked his friend. “Well, they have been living together for fifty years and now they are celebrating their golden wedding.”

“Ah, ah!” exclaimed the Frenchman. “He live with the lady fifty years, and now he marry her. How noble!”

It was morning, and she was still in her robe. Pausing in the half-open entrance door of her home, she called to the milkman who had just then pulled up to the curb.

“Pardon me, but do you have the time?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said, “but not the inclination.”

The Polish Police Department send their officers for an examination before giving them promotion. Kazowinsky came back from the examination with his extra stripe and was warmly congratulated by his commanding officer.

“Good work! Tell us all about it!” said the inspector.

“Well,” replied Kazowinsky, “we were all close until the final question of the mathematics paper. They asked us to add two and two — I said five!” he announced proudly.

“But Kazowinsky, two and two are four, not five!” said the inspector.

“I know that now,” he grinned, “but I was the closest!”

A Polack answered a nationwide quiz program that gave away money even to the dumbest people.

“Okay, Mr Kozakowsky, for one thousand dollars, tell us, which famous French general was defeated at the battle of Waterloo?”

The Polack looked puzzled.

“We’ll give you a clue,” smiled the questioner, and opened the door of a large refrigerator. Inside was a bottle of Napoleon brandy. Kozakowsky still looked bewildered and scratched his head.

“Just read the name you see and you win one thousand dollars. Now, what was the name of the general?”

The Polack stared for a moment, then smiled.

“Of course,” he said, “it must have been General Electric!”

An Italian frog was traveling to America. On his way he passed a beautiful swamp where he met a big fat American frog. He said, “How-a are you doing-a?”

“Great!” replied the frog. “In swamp, out swamp, lots of food. Far out!”

The Italian leaped on and met another big American frog. “How-a are you doing-a?” he asked.

“Groovy, man, just great!” came the reply. “In swamp, out swamp, lots of food — great!”

The Italian began to feel very happy about his new land. He leaped on and met a tiny, skinny little girl frog.

“What’s-a wrong-a here?” he asked. “I have-a met-a two big-a fat-a frogs who said, `In-a swamp-a, out-a swamp-a, lots-a of food-a!’ But what-a has happened to you?”

The tiny frog whispered in answer, “I am Swamp!”…


Listen to complete discourse at mentioned below link.

Discourse Series: Come, Come, Yet Again Come, Chapter #14

Chapter title: The Forgotten But Not the Lost

9 November 1980 am in Buddha Hall


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