Celebrating the Sound of Silence


We are all beings of Vibrations, Frequencies and Energy.

In this group we shall work on all these aspects with wonderful and effective meditation techniques.

With Live Music we shall celebrate tuning and turning in working on physical and spiritual levels with active and passive meditations by working with breath, with chakras, dance meditations, nature walks, creativity, chanting and more.

Live music Sessions will include Evening Satsang, Stop Dance, Natraj Meditation, No Dimensions Meditation and Morning Satsang.

Through various techniques we shall work on many levels from physical to spiritual and subconscious to conscious.

When such clarity happens in our life, decision making becomes easy, energy starts to flow in the right direction and we start attracting abundance in all areas of our life like positivity, health, wealth and wisdom.

Bringing balance, reducing somatic stress, increasing self care and love, healing the inner issues like anger, stress, insomania, depression, anxiety, fear etc.

Much joy, celebration and laughter awaits you!

Let’s move together in bliss!!

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