Asto Ma Sadgaaya, Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya

From Darkness to Light With Science and Meditation

Science and Meditation are an intrinsic and interlocking part of Oshos vision; a fine balance of the outer and inner. We use technology to ensure our mercantile world goes on despite the lockdown. We practise social distancing to flaten the curve. We find space to light a candle and we say a prayer to end this Covid 19 challenge

These candles are symbolic of our longing for the light – to be the light -to be awake and truly know ourselves.

Osho reminds us we are deeply connected to each other from within. So when we lit a lamp or candle at 9 pm for 9 minutes on the 5th of April 2020 we showed both solidarity for the cause of healing ourselves of mental and physical illness and we also remembered something bigger in us. Don’t we all have a deep-held wish to be in a world united and at peace?

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