A tremendous phenomenon

Is it a very good sign that one has no questions to ask?

If really it happens that you have no questions to ask, it is a tremendous phenomenon. It is one of the most beautiful states of mind; because when there are no questions, that non-questioning consciousness is the answer to all questions. Not that you get the answers, but, simply, questions dissolve. The mind becomes non-tense, because each question is a tension, is a worry; it is an anxiety.

And no answer is going to solve the question. The questioning mind is the problem, not the question. Your question can be answered, but from the answer your questioning mind will create a thousand and one more questions; you will reduce every answer into many more questions. It never helps. It helps only when all questions drop, when consciousness transcends questioning, when you understand that there is nothing to be asked, nothing to be answered.

Life is a mystery, not a problem – you cannot ask anything about it. If it really happens, this is samadhi. This is what my whole effort is all about. You should come to a point where no question arises. In that silence, in that total beatitude, in that peace, you are transformed: all anxiety, anguish, disappears.

But the question is if it is real, because you may not be asking questions and questions are there; then it is of no use. Then it is better to ask. If questions are in the mind and you don’t ask, then you feel shy, that won’t help. It is better to ask and be finished with them. Not that by asking you will get the answers – nobody has got the answer – nobody ever had it – nobody will ever have it. The answer is impossible because life is a mystery. It cannot be solved. The more you solve it, the more you find that it is impossible to solve it. But by questioning, by and by, you become aware of the futility of questioning.

Then one day in a subtle moment of awareness, in an integrated moment of consciousness, you transcend questions. Just as a snake goes out of the old skin –the old skin is dropped, the snake moves on – one day your consciousness moves and the old skin of questions is left behind. Suddenly, you are fresh and virgin – attained. You have become a buddha. A buddha-consciousness is not that consciousness which has all answers; it is a consciousness which has no questions.

Osho, Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 5, Ch 10, Q 1

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