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The Greatest Challenge: the Golden Future

Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Chapter 20

The Greatest Synthesis

SCIENCE WILL BE for making life more comfortable, more luxurious, more beautiful; and meditation will become an absolute part of education all over the world. And the balance between the two will create the whole man.

Without meditation you cannot have the clarity, and a grounding within yourself, and a vision which is simple and innocent.

I want our place slowly to develop into a world academy of sciences for creativity. This will be perhaps the greatest synthesis ever.

The search for religious truth in no way hinders the search for the objective reality, because both areas are absolutely separate. They don't overlap: you can be a scientist and a meditator. In fact, the deeper you go into meditation, the more clarity, the more intelligence, the more genius you will find flowering in you. This can create a totally new science.

According to me, the new science will be only one science which has two dimensions: one dimension working in the outside world, the other dimension working in the inside world – and just one word is enough.

The word "science" is a beautiful word; it means knowing.

Science uses observation as its method. Religiousness also uses observation as its method, but calls it meditation. It is observation of your own subjectivity.

Science calls its work "experiment" and religiousness calls its work "experience." They both start from the same point but they move in the opposite directions: Science goes outwards and religiousness goes inwards.

I am utterly uninterested in anything that is not rooted in reason, in logic, in experiment, in experience.

The old science was created as a reaction against religion.

The new science I am talking about is not a reaction against anything, but an overflowing energy, intelligence, creativity. Politics corrupted science because its own interest was only in war. Religions could not accept science because they were all superstitious, and science was going to demolish all their gods and all their superstitions. Science has passed these three hundred years in a very difficult situation – on the one hand fighting with religion, and on the other hand unconsciously becoming a slave to the politicians.

I want this place to grow and I am making arrangements for a world academy of sciences and arts, totally devoted to life-affirmative goals.

The science that can create Hiroshima and Nagasaki and destroy thousands of people, birds, trees without any reason – just because the politicians wanted to see whether atomic energy works or not – that same science can create more food, more life, better health, more intelligence in all fields of life. But it has to be taken out of the hands of politicians. And it should not bother about religions.

Scientists bothered about religions in the past because they themselves were conditioned by the same religions.

I have been in contact with scientists, Nobel Prize winners, who have been fighting for my rights in other countries. These Nobel Prize winners, eminent scientists, artists of different dimensions, will constitute the academy, and they will make efforts to change science's whole trend of being destructive.

Our sannyasins – and there are many who are scientists, artists, physicians – will help the academy. We will arrange scholarships, and people from all over the world can come and study a new way of science, a new way of art that affirms life, that creates more love in humanity and that prepares for the ultimate revolution of a single world government.

And the World Academy of Creative Science, Arts and Consciousness will be the first step, because if the scientists from all over the world slowly get out of the grip of the politicians, all the politician's power will be finished. They are not powerful; the scientist is the power behind them. And the scientist is in a difficulty, because there is no institute in the world which will give the scientist enough of the materials, instruments, machines that he needs to work with.

The academy will have support from all over the world, from all the scientists without exception, because now everybody is seeing that they are serving death, not life.

We can have the greatest library for scientific research and we can have sannyasins working, studying. The synthesis will be that everybody who is working in the institute will also be meditating, because unless meditation goes deep in you, your love sources remain dormant. Your blissfulness, your joy remain unblossomed.

Man is not for science, science is for man.

But science can be of tremendous help if all the scientists of the world who are creating destructive power are removed from their positions. They want to move, but they have no place to move to. We have to create a place for them. They are all feeling guilty....

Albert Einstein died feeling utterly guilty because he had helped to create atomic bombs and those bombs were surrendered to President Roosevelt of America. Once those bombs were in the hands of the politicians, Albert Einstein went on writing letters saying: "These should not be used; they should be reserved as a last resort." But nobody bothered about those letters – who cares? And the bombs were used without rhyme or reason.

Scientists are in a difficulty. They cannot work individually; they have to work under a government. The government's interest is war. And no religion is going to support the scientists because their findings go on destroying religious superstitions. There is an immense vacuum which I want to fill by creating a World Academy of Creative Science, Arts and Consciousness, absolutely devoted to life, love, laughter – absolutely devoted to creating a better humanity, a better and more pure, healthy atmosphere, to restoring the disturbed ecology.

The most important thing for the academy will be to create pure science, just the way I am making every effort to create pure religiousness.

Man can have inside him a pure religiousness – that means love, that means silence, that means meditation – and also a sense of pure science, so that no branches of science go on doing work unnecessarily which is destructive to other parts.

The second great thing the academy has to do.... Up to now science has developed accidentally. There has been no sense of direction; people just went on discovering anything without any idea for what. Even moving accidentally, they have created much, but it is in the service of destruction. Pure science will give a sense of direction and a unity to all the sciences, so that science works as a whole, not as different branches.

As it exists now, every science has become so specialized that no science knows anything about another science. This is a dangerous situation, but this can be avoided. It has not been possible to avoid it just by using human intelligence. Even to know all the information about one branch of science is an impossible task, but to know about all the sciences and their details – mind is certainly not capable of it. But the computer opens a new door.

Through the computer all the sciences can be accumulated into one science as such.

And the computer can even sort out what is contradictory in different branches of science. It can help to make the whole of science organic, so that some branches do not go against other branches.

There are so many things that the world academy has to do. It has to spread around the world the idea that misery is unnatural, that sadness is sickness, that the lust for power needs psychiatric treatment, that a man who goes on gathering money is mad.

And once we make the whole of humanity aware of the dangers of our past ways of life and where the whole past is leading us – to a global suicide – it will not be difficult to convince the intelligent, the young, to drop the past and to accept the greatest challenge of creating a golden future. The world academy, devoted in every sphere to creativity, is going to happen.

This world is not going to be finished by idiotic politicians.

All over the world that's all they are doing – preparing the funeral pyre for the whole of humanity. We are going to stop it. And if they insist, we will tell them: "Jump into the funeral pyre yourself!"

Once we can get rid of the priests and the politicians, the whole earth will become so full of peace, silence, love...so many flowers and so many rainbows. We have been in the wrong hands; the world academy has to create an atmosphere so that these wrong hands are no longer powerful.

The world academy is a conscious effort to do everything perfectly aware of what the consequences will be. Small experiments can be done which will give us the idea of the consequences. Right now there are thousands of inventions of scientists which have been purchased by the vested interests and are lying down in their basements; they have never been brought into the market for the people to use.

Because we are behaving so insanely – exploiting, polluting the earth – any invention is bound to change many things. Perhaps many industries will be closed because a better product, more life-affirmative, is available. Now those industrialists will try to purchase the rights and keep those scientific discoveries hidden from humanity.

I want our place to be the first synthesis between religiousness and a scientific approach to life.

This will fulfill my dream that the inner and the outer of man are not separate. And it is absolutely possible, there is no difficulty in it. I have found the right sources, so you can rejoice in the fact that soon this place is going to become the world capital of science and religion. And once governments see their scientists disappearing, the world government will become a possibility.

Science should not be the monopoly of any one nation, any country. The whole idea is stupid. How can science be monopolized? And every country is trying to monopolize the scientists, keep their inventions secret. This is against humanity, against nature, against existence.

Whatsoever a genius discovers should be in the service of the whole.

It will be a great revolution in the history of man. The whole power will be in the hands of the scientists, who have never done any harm to anybody. And once all the power is in the hands of the scientists, politicians will fade away of their own accord. They have been exploiting scientists for their own purposes, and to be exploited by anybody is not an act of dignity.

The scientists should recognize their dignity, they should recognize their individuality. They should recognize that they have been exploited down the ages by the priests and the politicians.

Now it is time to declare that science is going to stand on its own feet. Scientists have to be courageous enough and declare that they don't belong to any nation, to any religion, and that whatsoever they will be doing will be for the whole humanity. This will be a great freedom – and I don't see that there is anything impossible in it.


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