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The Greatest Challenge: the Golden Future

Osho World: Past Events and Happenings
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Chapter 7

Priests and Politicians the Ancient Conspiracy

THAT SAME U.N. report, "Our Common Future," fails to deal with the real roots of the problems because that would go against our own governments and religions.

For instance, it says the economy and ecology are connected, but what about religion and politics?

You have to be made aware who the real criminals are. The problem is that those criminals are thought to be great leaders, great symbols of holiness and respectability. So I have to expose all these people because they are the causes.

For example, it is easier to understand that perhaps politicians are the causes of many problems – wars, murders, massacres – but it is more difficult when it comes to religious leaders, because nobody has raised his hand against them. They have remained respectable for centuries, and as time goes on their respectability goes on growing.

The most difficult job for me is to make you aware that these people – knowingly or unknowingly, that does not matter – have created this world.

The politicians and the priests have been constantly in conspiracy, working together, hand in hand.

The politician has the political power; the priest has the religious power. The politician protects the priest, the priest blesses the politician – and the masses are exploited, their blood is sucked by both.

Religions have made man's mind retarded by creating beliefs out of fictions. And politicians have destroyed man by creating as undignified a life as possible – because their power depends on your slavery. These barriers should be removed.

Rather, science should be employed not in the service of death and destruction, but in the service of life and love, affirmation, celebration.

We are in such a situation today that either we will let these rotten politicians and priests destroy the whole of humanity and the earth, or we will have to take the power from their hands and decentralize it into humanity.

For example, every religion goes on teaching against birth control, and no government is courageous enough to tell these religions that they are creating a situation in which the whole earth is in tremendous suffering. In forty of the poorest countries in the world today, one fifth of all children die before the age of five.

The politicians are afraid to say to the people anything in favor of birth control, in favor of abortion, because their whole interest is not whether the country survives or dies, their interest is that nobody should be offended.

People have their prejudices, but the politicians don't want to touch their prejudices because they need their votes. If they hurt their prejudices, these people are not going to give them their votes.

The population explosion is the problem.

All the religions are teaching: "Serve the poor," but not a single religion is ready to say: "Accept birth control so that the population is reduced."

The pope is continually interfering. He will not allow birth control: it is a sin, a sin against God. And what kind of God is this, who can't see that the earth is overburdened with the population?

Politics is a game of numbers.

How many Christians you have in the world – that is your power. The more Christians there are, the more power is in the hands of Christian priests, the priesthood. Nobody is interested in saving anybody, but just in increasing the population.

What Christianity has been doing is to continually issue orders from the Vatican against birth control, saying it is a sin to use birth control methods, that it is a sin to believe in abortion or to encourage abortion or to make it legal.

Do you think they are interested in the unborn children? They are not interested; they have nothing to do with those unborn children. They pursue their interest knowing perfectly well that if abortion is not practiced, if birth control methods are not practiced, this whole humanity is going to commit a global suicide.

And it is not so far away that you cannot see the situation. If things don't change, just within twelve years the world population will be such that it will be impossible to survive.

Just now, just recently, the Vatican has come out with a long message to humanity – one hundred and thirty-nine pages: "Abortion is sin; birth control is a sin." Now, nowhere in the bible is abortion a sin.

Nowhere in the bible is birth control a sin, because no birth control was needed.

Out of ten children, nine were going to die. That was the proportion, and that was the proportion in India just thirty or forty years ago: out of ten children, only one would survive. Then the population was not too great, not too heavy on the resources of the earth. Now, even in India – not to say anything about developed countries – even in India, out of ten children, only one dies.

So medical science goes on helping people to survive. And Christianity goes on opening hospitals and distributing medicines, while at the same time condemning birth control and preaching stupid ideas like: "children are God-sent," and Mother Teresa is there to praise and the pope is going to bless you....

They are even worried about Russia. There is, in America, a Christian association called Underground Evangelism, which works in communist countries to distribute the bible freely, and to distribute these stupid ideas that abortion is sin and birth control is sin.

Somehow Russia is not starving; they are not rich but they are not starving. Please, at least leave them alone. And it is because of birth control that they are not starving. If birth control is prohibited, if abortion is prohibited, Russia will be in the same position as Ethiopia. Then Mother Teresa and the pope will be very happy. The underground evangelists will come overground – a great opportunity to convert people to Christianity.

If some day this whole earth dies because of this explosion of population, then these people will be responsible for it – they are against birth control and abortion. Now, without birth control, without abortion, there is no possibility for this earth to be rich.


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