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TAROT - September 2017
Ma Prem Ritambhara Ma Prem Ritambhara is widely travelled and is the talented daughter and associate of the well known Tarot Card Reader, Ma Prem Usha. Ma Usha has been writing columns over the years for leading periodicals and web sites. Ritambhara has received training from her and has been assisting her in all her work. Ritambhara has been reading Tarot cards professionally in Mumbai, Pune, Zurich and New Delhi for the last seven years and continues to do so from her studio at the Taj Mansingh Hotel, New Delhi.
MESSAGE FROM THE MASTER : Donít be afraid, this existence is not your enemy. This existence mothers you; this existence is ready to support you in every possible way. Trust and you will start feeling a new upsurge of energy in you; that energy is love, says Osho, the Zen master.
ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

The Lord of Earned Success finally carries you through a difficult time towards achievement and fulfillment this month. Patience and loving care in personal relationships brings back self-esteem and love that may have been missing for a time. A clear perspective allows you to deal with professional and personal issues rationally. It's best to use your charm and gift of communication to win back family and friends whom you may have annoyed in the past. A therapeutic journey near the sea or an expanse of water is on the cards. You need to put in some hard work in business matters, as transactions are complicated and legalities are laborious. An associate is overcautious and slow in business dealings, so make your own decisions and plans. Your social life proves to be hectic and a bit tiring. A pleasant surprise is in store for you. Lucky number is 6. Good colour is sky blue.

TAURUS (April 21 Ė May 21)

You are motivated and enthusiastic to make changes in routines and patterns that have become meaningless and cumbersome in your life. However, you realize that making changes involves giving up or sacrificing something, which is worth it. Professional changes may involve new designations and systems. Business management or control is likely to shift and new methods adopted for greater benefit and profit. Personal relationships need to be assessed and attitudes transformed as you need more clarity and commitment therein. A journey by air is on the cards! Some business plans may change or be postponed due to lack of funds and availability of material so conserve energy and consolidate forces and resources. Loss or defeat at this point is illusory and needs to be viewed from a higher perspective. Favorable times and opportunities await you. Be patient in family situations that seem like endless ego battles. Lucky number is 12. Good colour is creamy white.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

You have the tiger by the tail this month as you take control of business and private affairs with confidence and dynamic strength. You are infused with youthful energy and enthusiasm in work situations and personal relationships. You are individualistic, brilliant and daring in professional ventures and make an impact in important meetings and seminars. A romantic involvement is likely to flower into commitment or marriage. Sporty pastimes and creative activity can be invigorating. Your ready wit and spontaneity are catching and endearing. A young woman close to you or a daughter is ready to embark on an independent professional journey. Beware of a superficial and domineering woman in the family. This is a good time to encounter difficult people or situations as you are received well and can bring about compromise and harmony. You are ready for fresh and new experiences that are waiting for you. Lucky number is 4. Good colours are reds.

CANCER (June22 - July 22)

You get in touch with great practical wisdom to handle finances and professional details this month. You are firm and aggressive when achieving goals and targets. Your subtlety and wisdom carry you smoothly through difficult situations at home and at work. Beware of a young woman who is revengeful and defeats others with destructive logic. You manage business affairs with dexterity and intelligence. Low cunning can be masked with frivolity when you meet a new person who collaborates with you in a professional project; look deeper for their real motives. You can be clear and sharp when things are confused around you at work. You are loving in personal relationships and considerate in family situations. A young woman or daughter is ready to make independent decisions. Intellectual activity is rewarding this month. It's best to stay clear of fanatical people or underhand propositions. Lucky number is 11. Good colour is turquoise.

LEO (July 23 - August 23)

Love and romance add a special flavor to your personal relationships this month. Being open and receptive, you attract some prestigious opportunities and interesting people around you. You also give and receive much love and attention from friends and family. You are happy and relaxed, as there is balance and harmony at home and synergy in the work area. A celebration brings nostalgia as you connect with old friends and business associates. You may start a new business project while rejuvenating an old one. A short vacation allows you to let your hair down and enjoy natural surroundings with a loved one. An old friend offers you an opportunity to work with him and make a quick buck, as they say. Creative occupations bring pleasure and gain. Beware of over indulgence in emotion, food or drink. Yoga and walking are great for you. Lucky number is 2. Good colour is buttercup yellow.

VIRGO (August 24- September 23)

You surge forward progressively in personal and professional aspects this month. A major change is on the cards as you look at new opportunities and relationships. A residential move or change of work place is likely. Some of your business and personal plans are about to be actualized. Spiritual growth and awareness lead to new attitudes, priorities and values. Destiny plays an important role in your life at this point as it takes you to a new path, and on a journey unknown to you. A beloved is moody but supportive. It's best to move independently for now and then others join you in your march towards freedom and progress. You are family oriented, as well as, individualistic when making plans for the future. At this point change brings stability in material aspects and warmth in emotional relationships. Creative pastimes are healing. Trust your intuition. Lucky number is 7. Good colour is royal blue.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23)

You could be in conflict with people and authorities this month following a clash of professional ideas and interests. You have the courage of conviction and stand up for values and priorities. Ultimately victory will be yours in any battle, personal or professional, as people realize your talent, charisma, sincerity and expertise. A work associate could be laid back, leading to a delay in the actualizing of your plans. A professional hazard should be taken in your stride so that you may gain a higher perspective. Beware of confrontations or taking a legal stand as they could lead to tension and upheaval. Personal relationships must be rejuvenated with a dose of caring. Friends want to socialize and share hospitality, but you tend to be reclusive, withdrawing into your protective shell. If you divide your energies or interests, there will be depletion and strife - be aware. Lucky number is 5. Good colour is silver grey.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

You display an artful mastery of integrating forces and resources to achieve what you want in different situations this month. You put business collaborations together and balance personal relationships with your gift of communication and good judgment. Your actions in complicated business arrangements are effective since they are based on accurate calculation. You achieve difficult goals and targets with economy, good management and elaborate maneuvers. You need to be careful of what you say, how you say it and to whom you say it, as your words and statements can be used against you at some point. A loved one gives you good advice and leaves you to implement it independently. You are likely to be involved in multifarious activity and your social life is certainly not dull. Its best to encounter and face truths about yourself and your personal relationships to gain understanding. Children do you proud. Lucky number is 14. Good colour is turquoise.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 23)

You have the courage to stand up for values and priorities in personal relationships and opt for freedom and space in work situations this month. You find new and interesting ways to express your creativity and emotions. You are ready to take a quantum leap into the future. Travel and movement allow you a sense of release and freedom from routines and patterns. You are individualistic and strong when faced with competition at work or opposition at home. A new opportunity expands your vision and horizon. You are brilliant and original with new ideas in professional ventures. You delegate responsibility and allow people around you to flower and grow to their potential. You may not conform to social norms and patterns. Meditation and spiritual pursuit can be elevating. Physical exercise, movement or dancing can be therapeutic. Beware of sudden reactions from unexpected people. Lucky number is 5. Good colours are forest greens.

CAPRICORN (December 24 - January 20)

You stand in the middle of the doorway trying to make decisions about personal and professional matters this month. You can gain from being realistic in professional situations and authentic in personal relationships. The wisdom of the Tarot suggests you listen to your own heart, mind and good judgment to do what is good for you rather than be manipulated by others or what they think. You are about to make a final decision about the past and move into new opportunities, relationships and associations. This is not a time to maintain your image but to look at your own truths, values and priorities. You may be inspired to move residence or country and make a totally fresh start. Once you have taken the final step new dimensions and experiences on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels are waiting in the wings to embrace you. Lucky number is 20. Good colour is violet.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

Surprises and unexpected happenings are on the cards this month! A mystical and strange experience gives you a sense of wonder and elation. A business opportunity emerges from nowhere and helps you make a long sought after change. Love and romance blossom as personal relationships are rejuvenated. You take a trip spontaneously and connect with interesting new people. A professional collaboration comes together just when you give up all hope and abandon a business project. Since this is a month of happenings, just sit back and watch the magic in your life manifest opportunities and unfold events and relationships. A loved one may arrive without prior information to surprise you. Things generally turn around in a positive direction as breakthroughs are affected. You may surprise yourself by kicking old habits like smoking or drinking. It's futile to make extensive plans but rather go with the flow. Lucky number is 6. Good colour is ebony.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

A pure and exalted influence enters your life this month as there is balance in business partnerships and harmony in personal relationships. There is likely to be indecision and alternation of plans, changes in situations, increase and decrease in finances, and fluctuation of moods before stability is achieved in all aspects. You can be led away by enthusiasm if careful balance and awareness is not maintained. Collaborations, partnerships and affiliations are on the cards this month as you connect with friends, family and associates with an open and receptive attitude. Love and romance are on the cards! Women play significant roles at home and at work and their advice should be heeded at this point. You can trust your intuition about people and situations. Inner silence, meditation and centering within is possible now as your Yin (receptive) and Yang (dynamic) energies are finely tuned and balanced. Lucky number is 2. Good colour is sky blue.


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