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Ma Prem Ritambhara Ma Prem Ritambhara is widely travelled and is the talented daughter and associate of the well known Tarot Card Reader, Ma Prem Usha. Ma Usha has been writing columns over the years for leading periodicals and web sites. Ritambhara has received training from her and has been assisting her in all her work. Ritambhara has been reading Tarot cards professionally in Mumbai, Pune, Zurich and New Delhi for the last seven years and continues to do so from her studio at the Taj Mansingh Hotel, New Delhi.
MESSAGE FROM THE MASTER: To make others feel inferior is violent, it is a crime against God; and to make yourself feel inferior before somebody is again a crime against God. When you know the real self, both things disappear. Then you are you, and the other is the other, and there is no comparison nobody is superior and nobody is inferior, says Osho, the Zen master.
ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

You may be disappointed in relationships and disillusioned in work situations, as expectations are not fulfilled.  You may feel sad and mistreated for no valid reason, or feel betrayed by a friend as your confidence is disclosed in inappropriate circumstances.  It is best to move forward with self-esteem and confidence to avoid further disappointment as you prove to be right in your approach and achieve success independently. There can be a temporary delay in receiving finances or contracts but don’t allow that to dull your enthusiasm and spontaneity. You are rewarded with success and new opportunities around Durga Puja celebrations this month. A Scorpio person is determined to support you.  You have great energy and drive to achieve business goals and targets.  Do not allow emotions to influence professional decisions.  Your social connections are expansive and scintillating. Meditate on interdependent relationships.  Lucky number is 5.  Good colour is burnt orange.

TAURUS (April 21 May 21)

You are blessed with great energy and intensity in your professional projects and personal relationships this month. You make swift decisions, and act quickly to avail of lucrative opportunities that come your way. Since you act with dynamic energy and totality you make ripples in the waters around you at work, some will feel uplifted and refreshed by your presence and others may feel threatened or annoyed. You are proud but generous with family and friends when they need your support. But the opinions of others matter little and nothing can hold you back now. An older man may want to influence your future plans. You are intense in a personal relationship but have little time to devote to it due to workload and deadlines. You inspire and infuse enthusiasm and energy in whatever you do, especially around Durga Puja this month. Lucky number is 5. Good colour is fiery red.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

‘The Universe’ opens up new horizons as a host of business and personal opportunities flow in this month! Visitors, friends and communications can be expected without notice so be prepared. Your wisdom and mediation in family conflicts finally brings peace and understanding at this point. Your perseverance at work takes you towards actualization of plans and professional success. There is a synthesis of professional ideas and integration of different energies that makes a collective impact in your field of activity. You arrive at the root of a personal problem and deal with it effectively this month. Your security structure remains intact despite involvement in different projects and activities. Personal relationships are loving and supportive especially during Durga Puja celebrations. You are ready to move into progressive and positive changes in personal and professional aspects after a bit of contemplation and meditation. Lucky number is 21. Good colours are peacock blues and greens.

CANCER (June22 - July 22)

You display great cleverness and dexterity in managing practical details, finances and complex business affairs this month. You are diplomatic and understanding while mediating and settling conflicts and controversies in the family. You can be firm and aggressive when you need to make a point and instigate positive changes at work. Your wisdom and subtlety enables you to enter portals or meet important people, who are difficult to access. Beware of a disruptive young woman with low cunning in the work area. ‘The Princess of Swords’ is telling you that somebody somewhere, is stuck in a ‘head trip’. Take a look and make sure it isn’t you! Personal relationships are scintillating as you discuss important plans and share happy moments especially during Durga Puja celebrations. Health needs attention and care. Air signs are sympathetic to you. Children have their individual plans and ideas this month. Lucky number is 11. Good colour is peacock blue.

LEO (July 23 - August 23)

You tend to over react emotionally in personal relationships and over emphasize points in professional situations this month. Remain balanced and centered within to achieve a healthy state of mind, body and spirit. Your projections are confused by your emotions and you create hazy images of people and situations around you preventing yourself from seeing reality or the truth. It’s time to take responsibility for your own expectations, desires, and judgments rather than attributing them to others. Just as a movie is projected on the screen your mind projects what it wants on to others; if you want to see the truth look back at the projector or your own mind. It’s time to heal friendships and relationships with tender, loving care. A pleasure trip is on the cards around Durga Puja! Finances, health and balance are restored at the end of the month. Lucky number is 7. Good colour is sea green.

VIRGO (August 24- September 23)

You extend love, care and hospitality to family, friends and loved ones this month. A gracious and exalted influence enters your life at this point as personal relationships flower into lasting and happy commitments. You are relaxed at work, content at home, receptive to new people and open to opportunities. Women play significant and positive roles in your life and you get on well with them especially around Durga Puja this month. Children can be demanding and also bring joy in your life. You may work closely with women and children or deal with issues related to them professionally. Aesthetics and creativity are expressed as you redecorate home and office spaces. Parents need your time and support. You indulge in shopping for presents, elegant clothes and luxuries, which dislodges your budget for the month. A gentle and friendly approach can resolve an old conflict. Lucky number is 3. Good colour is lotus pink.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23)

Gift yourself the knack of responding totally to whatever comes, as it comes in life! Taking one step at a time with complete attention and energy brings vitality and creativity to all you do. You are likely to face opposition in the work area and rivalry or competition in personal and professional situations this month. Quarreling and infighting can be detrimental to production in business or harmony at home. Avoid cruel and violent people, as they tend to take up cudgels with you on non-issues. Friends, family and loved ones are generous and supportive. Your personal affairs may take time to resolve, be patient and persistent. A Leo person lends energy and resources to your business venture especially around Durga Puja this month. Delay and complication in financial matters can be expected. Beware of an unwelcome visitor or admirer who may take advantage of you. Lucky number is 5. Good colour is old rose.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

Travel and business opportunities are your focus this month since you are ready to make new beginnings. You meet new people and make exciting professional and personal connections. People who matter appreciate the skill and wisdom you display in your craft. Messages and visitors from overseas can be expected. Business transactions and meetings can keep you busy and preoccupied. You tend to get mentally stressed and over analyze situations. It’s best not to confuse or complicate difficult situations. Happy surprises in personal relationships add a silver lining to dark clouds this month. Children, loved ones and family bring joy and celebration in your life especially around Durga Puja. Your social life is likely to be busy and a bit tiring at this point. Don’t wait for people and opportunities to come to you but meet them half way. Brilliant ideas and minds inspire you. Lucky number is 1. Good colour is royal blue.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 23)

It's important to be clear and decisive in personal and professional matters this month! You tend to worry about finances or health unnecessarily. Limitations and restrictions at work can be oppressive, as you need space and freedom to be creative and productive. Express your needs and views and make people concerned aware of your problems. Avoid over analyzing family situations and personal relationships as this creates tension and stress. Personal relationships are supportive and caring so don’t allow fears and illusions to get you. Friends and family tend to be sensitive and easily hurt so be diplomatic and gentle. Two situations demand your time and attention around Durga Puja. A close friend is undecided at this point. Your staff and associates are faithful and patient as you accomplish a difficult task. When the heart and head pull you in different directions, follow your heart. Lucky number is 9. Good colour is sea green.

CAPRICORN (December 24 - January 20)

You retain a balanced perspective and clarity in situations with your intelligent mind. You gain from your communication skills and creativity as business projects are revived and sponsored by powerful forces this month.  You need a logical approach to bring order in chaos and achieve your objectives.  A short and gainful trip is on the cards! A brilliant idea or person can confuse you; stick to your own plans. Visitors from overseas are encouraging. An Aquarius person offers you assistance in a creative project.  Do not allow emotions to come in the way of professional decisions. A socially busy time combined with a hectic work schedule keeps you looking for breaks and breathers.  Awareness and balance need to be maintained in food, drink, work and leisure especially during Durga Puja celebrations.  A shopping spree could ruin your budget and financial plans, so watch out. Lucky number is 6.  Good colour is turquoise.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

Things happen very quickly at work and at home this month! It’s important to keep your wits about you as you may need to make snap decisions and take up professional opportunities and challenges! Love, romance and excitement in your life can be expected! You fall in love this month with a new person or idea, which changes your priorities and perspective for a while. Visitors and communications are cheering. Surprises related with family and friends are on the cards, especially around Durga Puja! Your social life picks up momentum again after you come out of your proverbial shell. A Sagittarian supports you in a professional venture. This is a time of change on many levels and it promises adventure and growth. Don’t struggle or make plans but go with the flow of life as it is taking you in the right direction. Lucky number is 8. Good colours are rainbow pastels.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

You ride the tiger of success to victory this month, as professional ventures prove to be lucrative and satisfying. Since you have been open to opportunities and challenges that life offered you, new experiences and achievements have elevated you to greater heights.  There is a positive change in your lifestyle and attitude with the advent and influence of new people around you. Welcome and enjoy this wonderful time and share your joy with friends and family as nothing lasts forever. Personal relationships are full of happiness and contentment as you share special moments with a loved one.  A Leo person adds a bit of spice to your life. You stand firmly against personal rivalry and professional competition. When going through ups and downs at work, and experiencing emotional valleys and peaks, remember that, ‘This too shall pass’. You are seen noted and heard around Durga Puja. Lucky number is 6.  Good colour is saffron.


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