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TAROT -November 2019
Ma Prem Ritambhara Ma Prem Ritambhara is widely travelled and is the talented daughter and associate of the well known Tarot Card Reader, Ma Prem Usha. Ma Usha has been writing columns over the years for leading periodicals and web sites. Ritambhara has received training from her and has been assisting her in all her work. Ritambhara has been reading Tarot cards professionally in Mumbai, Pune, Zurich and New Delhi for the last seven years and continues to do so from her studio at the Taj Mansingh Hotel, New Delhi.
MESSAGE FROM THE MASTER : Open up! Throw your doors and windows open. Let wind and rain and sun come in. let people enter into you and you enter into people's lives. That is the only way to become aware of the tremendous mystery of life, says Osho, the Zen master.
ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

Love, romance and pleasure mark this month as you celebrate with friends and family. You are greeted with emotional fulfillment and material luxury. As you abandon yourself to pleasure and desire, avoid over indulgence. Professional success leads to changes in your position and area of control. You stand up for values, justice and fair play in the to prevent things going wrong for some people. Everything you need to be happy is available to you at this point. A friend can be highly emotional and moody, donít depend on him. You are ready to be a witness and watch the emotional drama taking place inside and outside you without getting caught up with it. This turning in and meditating quality gives you freedom and a sense of peace. Beware of going over the top while celebrating, entertaining or shopping this month. Lucky number is 4. Good colour is golden yellow.

TAURUS (April 21 Ė May 21)

Only when we break through the cage of our conditioning and reach the truth of our own hearts can we begin to see life as it really is. You have a crystal clear mind and cut away masks and defenses to point to the truth this month. You can be ruthless when revealing truths in relationships and facts in professional situations. An older woman plays a significant role at work and fights for fair play and justice. You come up with brilliant ideas and actualize them with some cooperation from associates and staff. You are not about to make compromises in personal relationships and that can cause some strain and tension. Be aware and conscious to build your personal morality and value system rather than follow a certain borrowed system that was given to you. Health and finances need watching. Avoid mental tension to remain healthy. Lucky number is 14. Good colour is turquoise.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

You have to be a light unto yourself while guiding yourself and others in the path of life. You function best in an individual capacity and may not encourage or enjoy others interfering in your systems. You tend to be a perfectionist and find it irksome to have shoddy work or lazy people around you. Spending time by yourself meditating and introspecting in natural surroundings is therapeutic. You are highly creative and inspired when working with your hands specially while writing or playing a musical instrument. Its best to trust your intuition or wisdom when judging people or situations at work. Personal relationships are steady and meaningful. Spiritual reflection and growth is possible now as you are open, receptive and silent inside. The best answers come from within you so donít look for them outside. Health and finances need to be conserved. Lucky number is 9. Good colour is wine red.

CANCER (June22 - July 22)

You are enthused and excited by a professional venture that brings out your creative potential. The energy is of high velocity and you have to make quick decisions or you miss an opportunity. You actively and rapidly approach an ambitious professional goal. You are bold and free in personal relationships. Communications, visitors and news can be expected. Beware of applying too much force or being too pushy in personal involvements or it's a flash in the pan and has no desired effect. A friend has the gift of the gab and can influence your decisions. Unexpected happenings and reactions can throw you for a temporary period of time. Spend time with pets, children, parents and hobbies to be happy and relaxed as you tend to get speedy and stressed. Some business and travel plans actualize quickly while others take longer than you imagined. Lucky number is 6. Good colours are those of the rainbow.

LEO (July 23 - August 23)

Some good fortune and happiness spin into your life this month! Exciting business and professional opportunities come from nowhere and prove to be lucrative. Travel and change of climate are rejuvenating. Breakthroughs in tough professional situations and turnarounds in personal relationships are possible now. The past needs to be dropped if new beginnings are to be made. Its best to take advantage of this lucky period, to make important changes or new beginnings in any area of life. Awareness and alacrity are needed to move towards positive relationships and progressive opportunities as things happen quickly this season. A few pleasant surprises are on the cards! Love, romance, party fun, celebration and family reunions can keep you happy and busy. Beware of emotional over reactions and over indulgence in food or drink. Treat life as a wonderful adventure and it turns out to be so! Lucky number is 10. Good colour is royal blue.

VIRGO (August 24- September 23)

A positive and creative approach changes attitudes and heals old wounds. This is the most beneficial time for personal relationships, family and friendship. Pleasure and happiness in personal relationships is assured. Physical well-being and youthful energy allows you to indulge in busy schedules and social happenings. Complete success in a business venture is reassuring and invites further opportunity. Happiness is almost perfect at this point but perhaps temporary as you go through mood swings and indecision. Beware of vanity, self-praise, conceit and over indulgence in anything. A Pisces person brings you gifts and surprises with some news. Beware of a conceited and ambitious person who takes advantage of your good name and goodwill. You may blow your budget while splurging on a luxury to enhance your lifestyle. You are lucky and win in a gamble. You donít have a good excuse to be unhappy this month! Lucky number is 9. Good colour is rose pink.

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23)

You are individualistic and brilliant while handling business ventures and collaborations. A promotion at work or a position of power may be assigned to you. Success in a current venture brings you material gain and professional stability. Personal relationships are rejuvenated with love and romance. You make plans for a brief vacation as you feel the need to share time and energy with children and family. You may consider a residential change or redecorate the home to infuse fresh energy and ambiance. Spending time in natural surroundings and meditating can be therapeutic. Its best to trust and go with the flow rather than swim against it as life is taking you where it has to. Plans and ideas actualize as your work is accepted and appreciated. This is a time of movement, change and letting go for progress in every aspect. A Cancerian is a strong ally. Lucky number is 7. Good colour is royal blue.

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

Swords are crossed in inner and outer conflict this month but the lotus flower in the middle brings peace, compromise and harmony. Strife in professional situations and anger in personal relationships is diffused through mediation, discussion and positive attitudes. Relationships and partnerships become stronger and more resilient after a period of conflict. Duality and differences are on a mental level and they have to be accepted but the love and common goals are more important, keeping you together and in harmony. Indecision and inaction can lead to bigger problems in business so avoid procrastination and delay. This is a time of sharing love and hospitality with friends and family. Love and romance are on the cards during a brief vacation. You need to be aware of your own mood swings in relationships and partnerships to keep them in balance. Children bring joy! Lucky number is 2. Good colour is creamy white.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 23)

You are totally immersed in business ventures and professional activity this month as there is a lot happening around you which needs your personal attention. Its best to split your work in three departments and delegate responsibility or you may find it hard to cope with goals and targets. Three-way business partnerships or collaborations prove to be lucrative while triangular personal relationships are sensitive and need to be handled separately. Financial transactions and business deals are conducted smoothly and honestly. You may start a long term venture that actualizes your potential and brings you fame. You may spend time in three different places and travel back and forth to attend to business projects and details. Multifarious activity and involvement is scintillating at this point. You need to be aware and maintain balance on all levels of consciousness, that is, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Lucky number is 3. Good colour is brick red.

CAPRICORN (December 24 - January 20)

Good fortune and exposure are on the cards as you are seen, noted and heard. You are likely to work with or do business with people from overseas. Your connections with America or Australia are progressive and lucrative. The planets around the Sun bless you with good luck, happiness and success which you are able to share with a soul-mate or partner. You express creative ideas and plans through media. This is a time of endings and beginnings in relationships or friendships as values, priorities and attitudes change. Health and energy need to be conserved as you have too much to do this month. It's important to spend time by yourself and meditate in natural surroundings after a busy day spent with people in multifarious activity. Witnessing the drama of life from a higher view-point gives you fresh insight and perspective. Lucky number is 19. Good colours are Sun yellows.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

You are likely to travel and make important changes at work and at home. New ideas and plans set the pace at work as you implement them with enthusiasm and determination. You make an impact in media with original and creative expression. Visitors bearing opportunities from overseas are worth considering. You can expect a few pleasant surprises as the magic of life starts manifesting interesting situations in your personal and professional ventures. You work well with people and handle difficult situations brilliantly. As you view life from a higher perspective you are able to visualize and foresee future trends in relationships and business accurately. It's advisable to retain balance and harmony in the family or you may touch some sensitive chords. Healthy diets and fitness programs can keep you in good condition for busy times ahead. This is the right time to explore creative potential. Lucky number is 1. Good colour is royal blue.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

Your playfulness and spontaneity charms and draws some interesting people around you. A romantic and dreamy space takes you on a sentimental journey into the past. You are gracious and gentle in family matters and sensitive issues. Stormy scenes and emotional outbursts are defused with your mediation. You make enthusiastic and spontaneous decisions to make new beginnings at work. You are free to experiment and be adventurous as new dimensions in creativity are waiting to be discovered. Sporty activity and the social whirl keeps you busy this month. Listen to your heart rather than the head for the right answers. Beware of an indolent and selfish woman in the work area. Visitors can roll in unexpectedly so keep your larder full. A vacation is in the pipeline. Meditation and Yoga are recommended to achieve inner and outer balance. Lucky number is 15. Good colours are rainbow pastels.


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