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Osho Birthday Celebration
Posted by OWF    Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 23:29
Osho Birthday Celebration Camp was conducted by Ma Yog Neelam and Ma Dharm Jyoti, from December 06 till 12, 2010.

December 11 was celebrated with various meditation techniques, music, dance and videos where disciples and lovers of Osho participated. The evening concluded with Sannyas initiation and celebration.

Gautama the Buddha says: BLESSED IS HIS BIRTH. BLESSED IS THE TEACHING OF THE WAY. A man who one day becomes a Buddha, even his birth is blessed. His coming into the world is a blessing to the world, to himself and to others too. BLESSED IS THE TEACHING OF THE WAY. And then spontaneously he starts teaching; it is a sharing. He has come home and he starts calling others who are still wandering in