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I am always in love
Posted by OWF    Friday, June 26, 2020 at 01:05
Q: Have you ever been in love?

I am always in love. I will have to explain to you, otherwise you are going to misunderstand me.

There are two kinds of love. One is biological infatuation. You fall into it, and then it is difficult to fall out of it. It is just like any ditch; falling in is easy, but getting out is very difficult unless another ditch helps you. I have never been in biological love. Biological love is a relationship.

There is another kind of love which is not relationship. In short it can be said, I am love. Whoever comes to me, I have only love to offer. I dont have anything else to offer, and I have loved millions of people.

Biological love sooner or later drives you crazy. You can go to any psychiatrist, any psychoanalyst, and you will see the victims of biological love. Suicides, rapes, murders, every crime is committed because of biological love.

Meditation helps love to be freed from biology. Then it is more like a fragrance. You feel it, it is heart to heart. And there is no question of jealousy. Now so many people love me, I love so many people, there is no question of jealousy. Because biological love is very tiny, you have only so much of it. If you give it to one person you cannot give it to another. The moment you are just love, you are as infinite as the sky, you can fill the whole universe with your love without spending anything.

So I am always in love. I love my friends, I love my enemies. Even if there is nobody, I am still radiating my love. It is just like breathing to me.

And godliness is every mans birth right. He may claim it, he may not claim it. If all the people of the world claim their godliness, their highest consciousness, then this whole world will become a valley of the gods - not only Kulu Manali.

And as for your asking me about believing in reincarnation, I dont believe in anything. I am against belief as such, but I know that reincarnation is true. It is not my belief; it is my knowing, but I will not enforce on anybody that you have to believe it just because I know it. I will only inspire you to find it on your own, and unless you have found it, dont believe.

Osho, The Last Testament, Vol 4, Ch 24 (excerpt)