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Not talking about it
Posted by OWF    Monday, April 22, 2019 at 13:30
Kyorai wrote:


Kyorai was not only a poet, but also a master. Saying this - "WHATEVER HAPPENS, NOT TALKING ABOUT IT MAKES FOR PEACE" - he is talking about his own commune.

I have been asked again and again why I declare people enlightened only when they die. This is simply to keep the peace of the commune. If I declare somebody to be enlightened, you will kill him. You will not be able to tolerate that this man has become enlightened. You will find a thousand faults in him, you will condemn him, and you will be very jealous.

I have made it a point that I will declare people enlightened only when you cannot be jealous, and you cannot quarrel, because they are already gone.

And when I leave the world, I will leave a note about the people who are enlightened, but in deep secrecy. The note will remain with Nirvano, so whenever somebody out of the list dies, declare it.

Declaring anybody enlightened while he is alive is certainly going to create great trouble for the man who is declared enlightened. Now he will feel very much embarrassed smoking cigarettes. And what to do with the girlfriends?Enlightened, and you have a girlfriend?

Only Sardar Gurudayal Singh is an exception.

But ordinarily you will feel very much in difficulty, drinking wine, going to the pub - even just ordinary beer. And particularly my Germans, what will they do without beer? For Germans I will have to make an exception.

I dont want you to be embarrassed. It is good that you are trying to be enlightened. On the way enjoy everything, and I will declare you enlightened when you are completely at rest in the grave. Nobody can disturb you - no beer, no cigarettes, no girlfriends, nothing. At the most you can toss and turn inside there. If you want, I can put some chewing-gum in every grave, so whenever you feel too much upset, just start chewing gum!

Kyorai is right: WHATEVER HAPPENS, NOT TALKING ABOUT IT MAKES FOR PEACE. And I want my commune to be absolutely peaceful.

Osho, Yakusan: Straight to the Point of Enlightenment, Ch 4, (excerpt)