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Swami Yoga Chinmaya
Posted by OWF    Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 14:36
Swami Yoga Chinmaya who was living earlier in Bageshwar ( Himalayas) has settled in Goa for health reasons. He is one of the most adorable sannyasins who has not been in limelight for many many years. He prefered a life of seclusion and meditation with a select group of fellow travelers. I have always seen him fit and radiant as a real yogi, soft and serene as a real meditator. Now, he is nearing 80. About an year ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. He did get some chemo therapy but he came to a point where chemo was not proving good. He has decided to stop this medical treatment and live in a let go, surrendering to the divine will. On 5th of April, he took this decision and the message to Osho lovers started spreading like wild fire. They started pouring in Shiroda village in large number on the border of Goa where he lives now. The loving energy of hundreds of Osho disciples assembling here is doing him good, and his health is gradually stabilising. It is wonderful for Osho disciples to sit with him every evening in absolute silence, with gentle live music, followed by Oshos audio discourse. This area has become an energy-field filled with Oshos grace.

Most of the Osho disciples may already be knowing that Swami Yoga Chinmaya was initiated into Neo Sannyas by Osho in Manali in 1970, in the first group of sannyasins, which included Ma Yoga Laxmi and Ma Dharma jyoti. He had already been Oshos secretary for three years and had started coming to Osho since 1965, when Osho used to live in Jabalpur.

With Love from Goa
Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Here is more information about his life with Osho:

Yoga Chinmaya was already ordained as an old-style serious sannyasin (aka above) when he met Osho in 1966. He was among the first group to take sannyas from Osho in Manali in 1970. For three years in Mumbai he was Oshos secretary, sharing that role with Ma Yoga Laxmi and was in charge of Oshos Hindi publications, editing many of his books.

In 1971, Osho asked Chinmaya to find him a new name to replace "Acharya," which he did, settling on "Bhagwan" after numerous names which didnt work. In Pune One he received many blessings, aka zen sticks, from Osho for his "serious" and "esoteric" questions. A multi-page interview given by him in The Buddha Disease can be read as page scans starting with the two pages on the right.

When Osho went to Oregon, Chinmaya set up an ashram in Nepal but rejoined Osho in Pune Two until he left in 1989 for Bageshwar in the Indian Himalayas just west of Nepal, where he has had an ashram for many years. His role as a spiritual teacher is said to be low-key and low-profile. His is now living in Goa.

Source-: Sw Yoga Chinmaya - The Sannyas Wiki